What is eNavFit?

eNavFit is the Navy’s new interface for conducting evaluations and fitness reports. It is now available for all Sailors (Reserve and Active Components). As a replacement for NAVFIT98A, eNavFit is the initial step in transforming the Navy’s performance evaluation process and serves as a bridge to future improvements. eNavFit is hosted on Navy Personnel Command Document Services via BUPERS Online (BOL). NAVFIT98A will continue to be accepted through FY22; however, maximum adoption of eNavFit is HIGHLY encouraged.

First Steps
  • Reporting seniors: Acknowledge your role. This step must be completed FIRST. It is only required once per command/rank. Refer to Module 3 below. If this step is not completed, the reporting senior will not be found in the interface. 

  • All hands: Verify and update your email in BOL. To do this, login to BOL and select "Update Info" at the top. Notifications from eNavFit will go to that email, and it is also the email by which your command can find you in the eNavFit interface. BOL updates every Saturday.  

  • All administrative personnel: Familiarize yourself with all of the training materials on this page so that you can help your command with eNavFit.


Many resources are available, and more are forthcoming. These resources are where you should come first to answer questions while using eNavFit.

1. Start by downloading the comprehensive eNavFit User Guide Version 2.0 (updated 21 April 2022). Also check out the eNavFit FAQs (updated 15 June 2022) and the eNavFit Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices (updated 15 June 2022)

2. NEW resource: If you anticipate using eNavFit in an area with intermittent or no Internet access, download this brief to understand the basics of eNavFit's intermittent and disconnected operations. This brief is also what the eNavFit team is using for training on every Friday in May and June 2022 (1100 PDT / 1300 CDT / 1400 EDT). You can join that training via Flank Speed Teams (see the instructions at the bottom of this page) or you can call in (1-410-874-6751, passcode 226 637 341#). If you call in, it would be helpful for you to have the brief open in front of you during the session. 

3. Also be sure to download the most recent Navy Performance Evaluation System Manual, BUPERSINST 1610.10F.

4. Then, view the eNavFit training tutorial videos below, offered in both YouTube and DVIDS platforms (use DVIDS if you do not have YouTube access). 

  • Module 1: Understanding the Essentials - YouTube or DVIDS          

  • Module 2: Accessing the Interface - YouTube or DVIDS

  • Module 3: Reporting Senior Acknowledgement - YouTube or DVIDS

  • Module 4: Appointing Trusted Agent - YouTube or DVIDS

  • Module 5: Online Summary Group Creation - YouTube or DVIDS

  • Module 6: Routing Reports and Reviewer Inputs - YouTube or DVIDS

  • Module 7: Digital and Alternative Signature - YouTube or DVIDS

  • Module 8: Submission to NPC - YouTube or DVIDS

  • Module 9: Intermittent/Offline Operations-Appraisal Manager - coming soon to YouTube or DVIDS

  • Module 10: Intermittent/Offline Operations-Appraisal - YouTube or DVIDS

  • Module 11: Printing/Saving Reports - YouTube or DVIDS

  • Module 12: End-to-End Process Workflow Online - YouTube or DVIDS


eNavFit features many benefits for Sailors. In contrast to NAVFIT98A, eNavFit supports real-time spell check, policy-driven error validation on the user end, general information auto-population, the ability to search for members by DODID number or e-mail address, digital signatures, electronic routing, electronic submission (with no summary sheets), reduction in the use of CUI/PII, and entry into Sailors' official records within 96 hours after submission. NAVFIT98A resulted in a high rate of rejected reports (24% of all reports submitted in FY2020), required manual entry into Sailors' official records (up to 45 days), and required manual quality control for all reports. 


eNavFit offers three capability options as described below:

  • Online: User has access to the internet and requisite browser. Can draft, route, validate, digitally sign, and submit to NPC for submission to OMPF.

  • Intermittent: User has sporadic access to the internet/requisite browser. May be capable of drafting, digitally signing, and submitting an appraisal to NPC using the built-in tools of eNavFit, but are also capable of downloading blank .PDF reports for completion offline and uploading into eNavFit for electronic submission. May also download reports that are currently in development to work on offline to wet-sign and mail if unable to reconnect to the internet.

  • Disconnected: User has no access to the internet and/or a recommended internet browser. Capable of drafting, wet-signing, and completing a dynamic .PDF form that has built-in error validation. User submits a wet-signed appraisal to NPC via the mail.

Engage and Learn More

To learn more from fellow eNavFit users, ask questions, and participate in training, join the eNavFit Training Team on Flank Speed Teams. Here's how:

1. While logged into Flank Speed Teams, click on the "Teams" Icon on the left, then "Join or create a team" in the bottom left corner.

2. Then, enter the code mkxap2m (all lowercase) in the space provided and click "Join Team."



For additional help with eNavFit, please contact the MyNavy Career Center (MNCC) at 1-833-330-MNCC(6622), 901-874-MNCC (DSN 882-6622), or askmncc@navy.mil.

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