Expanded Operational Stress Control (E-OSC):  A New Beginning

"The E-OSC Activity Center is being migrated to a new server. There may be times of intermittent interruption or slow load times as the system stabilize. We expect that everything will be running as usual by 5 JUL 2022. If you need to register for the training, please contact us at eosc.fect@navy.mil, and we will be happy to assist."

"Our people are our strength. According to NAVADMIN 332/20, commands must establish an E-OSC program no later than January 2022. While E-OSC training has been provided in each of 29 type commands (TYCOMs), there are still some commands who were unable to complete the training due to operational requirements. The links to register for that needed training are found on this page, under "resources" in the right column. "

NOTE:  We apologize for any confusion while attempting to register for the E-OSC course.  
The initial website posted on NAVADMIN 115/21 was found to be in error and should read:  
https://esportal.med.navy.mil/bumed/rh/m3/m33/ncco se/programs/e-osc/supportcenter/index.aspx 
Additionally, Naval Center – Combat Operational Stress Control (NC-COSC) created a link that gave the Fleet direct access to the Activity Center: https://esportal.med.navy.mil/bumed/rh/m3/M33/nccosc/activity/center/index.aspx
Either link will work. 

E-OSC and the Culture of Excellence
Expanded Operational Stress Control (E-OSC) is an important part of the Navy’s Culture of Excellence. Every great culture benefits from people working together to accomplish significant goals, and also to look after each other along the way. E-OSC is a peer-to-peer program which is built from evidence-based practices to build and sustain toughness and resilience.
The E-OSC Team leader works within the Command Resilience Team to identify factors that affect crew resilience. They have been trained in tools which will help them to enhance those factors which support resilience and to mitigate those factors which reduce resilience.  
There truly is strength in numbers, and when people work together to partner in building resilience, it will improve everyone’s ability to persevere, adapt, and grow through the challenges they face.
“Mission one for every sailor, active and reserve, uniformed and civilian, is the operational readiness of today’s Navy. That means being ready in both out personal and professional lives.” -NAVADMIN 254/19
 CNP Mental Health Awareness Video                         EOSC Command Indoc Video 
               EOSC in Action
The ability to persevere, adapt, and grow through adversity.

A Navy team well versed in recognizing, addressing and navigating stress in order to mitigate undesired outcomes and grow in the face of challenges.
To build Navy resilience through toughness, trust, and connectedness while educating on stress management to maintain mission and personnel readiness.
1. To build resilience, self-care, and buddy care techniques.
2. To identify and manage stress in order to support positive reactions and mitigate negative reactions
3. To connect sailors in ways that support growth.


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