Reporting Guidelines


Reporting Guidelines
Initial report sent to:  General Court Martial Convening Authority (GCMCA), as outlined in OPNAVINST F3100.6K (Series). Include the following Info addressees:

Command's Echelon II Commander 

The next naval message must be sent to the same addressees and info addressees listed above, 20 days following the date on which the investigation commenced.  The naval message must describe the results of the investigation, whether the case was substantiated or unsubstantiated, and details of the outcome of the case.  If the investigation remains open after 20 days, follow-on naval messages must be submitted every 14 days until the case is closed, outlining the reasons for the delay in resolution.  NOTE:  The command from which the initial report was filed will file the close-out report, even if the complainant has transferred.

As per these guidelines, a minimum of two (2) naval messages (Initial and Closeout) will be sent for each incident.

Reporting Criteria
Incidents will be reported by the command to which the complainant is assigned.

Definition of Substantiated Cases
The following circumstances will result in the case being considered substantiated, list is not all inclusive: 

NJP:  The Commanding Officer finds the complaint substantiated and awards punishment.

Court Martial:  The accused is found guilty.

A UCMJ Art. 138 complaint has been substantiated.

A NAVREGS Art. 1150 complaint has been substantiated.

A report using the Navy Equal Opportunity (EO) Formal Complaint Form (NAVPERS 5354/2 (REV 08-2017) has been substantiated.  

An administrative separation has been approved, even if there was no court-martial conviction or awarding of punishment at NJP. 

The case has been substantiated and meets the criteria for administrative separation processing but the service member is retained.  

The report has been substantiated through a student board (USNA, NROTC).  

Any cases not concluded as described above will be closed out as unsubstantiated.

Definition of Formal Report
Formal reports include, but are not limited to, the following:

Navy Equal Opportunity (EO) and Sexual Harassment Formal Complaint Form (NAVPERS 5354/2 (Rev.08-2017))

Report and Disposition of Offenses (NAVPERS 1636/7)

NAVREGS Article 1150 - Redress of Wrong Committed by a Superior

UCMJ Article 138 - Complaint of Wrongs Against the Commanding Officer

Congressional Requests

Inspector General Inquiry
  Veterans Crisis Line - Dial 988  Safe Helpline  NCIS Tips  Sexual Assault Prevention & Response  NFAAS

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