Physical Readiness


Our Mission
Set the foundation to instill a Culture of Fitness that assists Sailors in developing their ability to complete tasks that supports the command mission and Navy operational readiness.
Primary Objectives
Establish Navy standards for maintaining optimum health, physical, and mental stamina. 
Focus on Wellness of Sailors and their families by providing the skills and tools for fitness and nutrition.
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Physical Readiness Program InstructionOPNAVINST 6110.1K 

CFL Information
For more information regarding the Command Fitness Leader (CFL) Certification Course, choose the below link.


CFL Course Dates
Should you have difficulties linking to the information, email the CFL Course Administrator at:  CFLTraining@Navy.Mil

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June 21, 2022

CFL/ACFL PRIMS ACCESS.  Due to an overwhelming number of SAAR-N applications, CFL/ACFLs are kindly reminded NOT to submit multiple request for PRIMS-2 access.  When doing so, it slows down the process for the entire Fleet.  Please be patient as we are working diligently on each request submitted. 
Additionally, SAAR-N requests not properly completed (with errors) will be rejected, resulting in a complete resubmission.  Some of the common SAAR-N errors are missing the following information (blocks):  4-Phone, 10-IA Training Requirements, 11- Justification Access, 13-Unclassified, and 14-Verfication of Need to Know.
A complete step-by-step guide is located on the PRP Website on the right side under “PRIMS-2 – HOW TO:  CFL PRIMS Account Request (SAAR-N Process)”

June 15,2022

CFL/ACFLs, when signing into PRIMS-2, are you stuck on a page that displays an elephant avatar holding flowers or a gentleman avatar surfing?  If so, this could mean your system is set to block the website.  To correct this situation, have your Information Technology (IT) Office add a catch all of “” to the exceptions list.

June 8, 2022

An updated PARFQ is now available under the Forms section.  The update modified the COVID months to 3 months vice 6 months in Question #5.
Additionally, members who make an error on their PARFQ in MyNavy Portal (MNP), can request their CFL make the correction in PRIMS.  CFLs will only have one attempt to make the correction.  Again, the CFL will only get one attempt to modify the PARFQ in PRIMS.  If any additional changes are required to the PARFQ, the CFL will have to submit an LOC (signed by the CO) to the PRP Office.

June 2, 2022

Updated male and female plank standards

May 26, 2022

ATTN:  All Users 

As you all have experienced, getting your Sales Force PRIMS 2 accounts takes time to accomplish and we do not want you to loose access.  When your account goes dormant for 45+ days it will require the validation of the SAAR N to make sure the user is still entitled to the account access.  So to prevent additional churn on you or your command set a monthly reminder to log into PRIMS 2.  You will avoid access issues this way.  When and if you go dormant, as long as the previous SAAR is still within the current year and the cyber awareness training period has not expired,  the user can resubmit that original SAAR. 

For example: 
      1.  Users original SAAR was summited in Dec 2021 with current FY Cyber Awareness date for FY22 (any date after Oct 2021) and was found to be valid and account was created. 
      2.  User allows account to deactivate after 45 days 
User reaches out to Account Branch in May 2022 to notify that they cannot access eCRM/Salesforce/PRIMS 2 
      4.  Account Creation Branch looks up users account to see the account creation date. 
      5.  If account creation date is within the date range above a case gets submitted to eCRM Tier 2 Help Desk for account reactivation. Users DoDID is provided as the source of validation for account reactivation. 
      6.  eCRM Tier 2 Help Desk will re-active users account and provision with ICAM (CAC) as necessary. 
      7.  If users SAAR N or FY Cyber Awareness date are outside the one year, the user will need to submit a modification SAAR N with new Cyber awareness dates to regain access.  
eCRM is releasing a minor change on 30 May 2022 to better incorporate the PRIM-2 application into the eCRM eco-system and allow users with access to multiple-applications to be able to select PRIMS-2 during the login process.
Starting 31May, during the login process, all multi-application users will be presented with the options of HRSC, PERSPAY, and PRIMS2.
Current users that have access to more than one application will not have to perform any actions and their accounts will be transferred automatically and enabled for the correct access.
Going forward, users will annotate in Block 11 of the SAAR-N Form, they are requesting multi-application access.  This SAAR-N Form has to be approved by all Programs to which the user is requesting access:
                For example, if a user is requesting CPPA PERSPAY access and PRIMS-2 CFL access, both PERSPAY and N17 will have to approve granting access to their applications. This is to ensure that the user has met all of the additional requirements for system access that are program specific.

May 25, 2022

Some How To Guides are located under the PRIMS 2 portion on the right.  We will continue to update as Guides are developed.


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