Enlisted Detailing

Enlisted Detailers are charged with the equitable distribution of Sailors to commands based on billets authorized (BA) and the Navy Manning Plan (NMP) via MyNavy Assignments (MNA). 

Primary consideration for selection for orders should consider each of the following:  Needs of the Navy, career needs of the individual, and desires of the individual.

Needs of the Navy   
This is the primary consideration in each Sailors assignment and is taken into consideration prior to all other factors.  These needs are met by filling a valid billet requirement with the best Sailor available. Billets advertised on MNA are loaded as needs of the Navy assignments via the cognizant Manning Control Authority (MCA).  There are two MCA’s (MCA-F) which controls most operation/deployable billets and (MCA-B) which controls most shore/training billets.  Advertised billets on MNA are screened by the placement coordinator (who represents the command) and published in MNA for the detailer to fill.

Career Needs of the Individual 
Detailers are mindful of selections in MNA to ensure each applicant’s career experience is taken into consideration.  These different decision points include re-utilizing NEC’s, weighing different types to duty stations (developing a broad based Sailor), as well as choosing the right Sailor based on evaluation recommendations.  Selecting Sailors using this criterion helps to develop Sailors who are capable of performing in key operational and non-operational environments.

Desires of the Individual
While every detailer strives to select Sailors for their number one preference in MNA, the needs of the Navy and desires of the Sailor don’t always align.  The desires of the individual, although listed third, are extremely important. In this area, the morale of the Sailor and, in many instances, the family, are affected. 
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