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Surface Engineering




Good day Snipes! This note is to clarify how billets are advertised and how they are filled once you have entered your negotiating window. The number of jobs that are advertised are based on the info below.

1st look Sailors-30% of the number of 1st look Sailors correlates to how many billets are advertised.
2nd look Sailors-55% of the number of 2nd look Sailors correlates to how many billets are advertised.
3rd look Sailors-100% of the number of 3rd look Sailors correlates to how many billets are advertised.
Example: 1st look Sailors = 10, 3 (30%) billets will be advertised.
                 2nd look Sailors = 10, 6 (55%) billets will be advertised.
                 3rd look Sailors = 10, 10 (100%) billets will be advertised.

Based off of the example, 19 billets will be advertised. There is a possibility that you could be selected for a billet in your first or second look while in your negotiating window. Refer to NAVADMIN 231/17, Par 2.




***There are significant changes to My Navy Assignment and the process to how Sailors are selected for billets as advertised (OPEN) on MNA. It is critical that you understand the new selection process. These changes are delineated in NAVADMIN 231/17 and NAVADMIN 276/19.***


Shore/Sea Special Programs

Reference: MILPERSMAN 1306-900MILPERSMAN 1306-954

PRECOM billets are available for you to choose, please contact us for a possible tour on a pre-commissioned ship. Available platforms are LCS, DDG, and DDG 100x.

Interested to go recruiting duty? Contact your detailer to verify if you meet the minimum requirements and to see what districts are available for you.


***We are looking for motivated female Engineers to go Recruit Division Commanders (RDC)***


Complete a 36 Month RDC tour and receive time off your next sea tour.


Sea Tour Length:

Detailer waives:

Adjusted Sea Tour Length:

60 months

24 months

36 months

54 months

24 months

30 months

48 months

24 months

24 months

42 months

18 months

24 months

36 months

12 months

24 months


  • Per the ACE evaluation RDC's will earn up to 24 college credits both upper and lower towards a bachelor's degree

  • Opportunity to earn a Master Training Specialist qualification (similar to Warfare qualification on shore duty)

  • Advancement rate to Chief and Senior Chief close to double to Navy-wide average for advancement

  • $450/month Special Duty Assignment pay

  • Additional annual clothing allowance of $220

  • Free dry-cleaning services while actively training a Recruit Division

  • Perhaps the best leadership job in the Navy

Upon completion of a full 36-month RDC tour, personnel will be guaranteed choice of coast assignment. To apply, a candidate must submit NAVPERS 1306/7 Enlisted Personnel Action Request 12-15 months prior to PRD.

Spouse Collocation

Reference: MILPERSMAN 1300-1000

  • The Sailor headed to sea duty will negotiate for orders using MyNavy Assignment (MNA). Once the sea duty Sailor has been posted to a billet, the shore duty bound Sailor will be posted to a shore billet in the same geographic area as the spouse.

  • Sea/Shore rotations will be maintained whenever possible.

  • Every effort will be made to achieve collocation within 1 year of the request; however, requirements regarding time on station, PST tours, obligated service, retainability, recently acquired skills, and training will all be considerations of the request.

  • Per MILPERSMAN 1306-141, Sailors assigned together as part of spouse co-location tours are eligible for VSDP; however, a request for VSDP will be considered a cancellation of their spouse co-location requests.

  • Military couples with dependents are required to maintain a current and workable family care plan.

Voluntary Sea Duty Program (VSDP)

Reference: MILPERSMAN 1306-141

VSDP is a voluntary program that encourages Sailors from all ratings and all pay grades to serve on Type 2/3/4 activities (subject to eligibility requirements and restrictions) to extend their enlistment in their current sea duty billet beyond their prescribed sea tour (PST), to terminate shore duty and accept new orders to a sea duty billet, or to accept back-to-back sea duty orders beyond their prescribed sea/shore flow (SSF). The sea duty assignment may be on board ships, squadrons, or other qualified sea duty assignments.

  • Sea Duty Incentive Pay (SDIP) for eligibility.

  • Sailors currently on sea duty should submit requests, NAVPERS 1306/7, for a back-to-back sea tour before entering negotiation window.

  • Upon receipt of NAVPERS 1306/7, the rating detailer will review the Sailor's eligibility for VSDP and forward the request to NAVPERSCOM, Enlisted Placement Management Branch (PERS-4013) for adjudication.

  • If request is approved, the rating detailer will utilize the OPEN Billets in MNA during the current Cycle.

  • if no agreement between the Sailor and Detailer can be made within 2 Negotiation cycles, the request will be returned disapproved.

Tour Extension

Reference: MILPERSMAN 1306-124

  • Submit NAVPERS 1306/7 BEFORE entering your negotiation window.

  • A requirement for a Tour Extension is that a Sailor cannot be in receipt of permanent change of station (PCS) orders.

  • Request for extension in current command (type 1 and 6) is normally not solicited nor approved, except in times of PCS constraints.


PERS-402 Contact Listing




Branch Head



Rating Administration Officer



Branch LCPO, MM E-8 & E-9 Detailer



Human Resources Assistant



DC E-6 & Above Detailer​ (Lead)

901-874-3601 ​


DC E-5 & Below Detailer

901-874-3615 ​


EM E-6 & Above Detailer ​(Lead)

901-874-3591 ​


EM E-5 & Below Detailer

901-874-3577 ​


EN E-7 & Above Detailer​ (Lead)



EN E-5 & E-6 Detailer​



EN E-4 & Below Detailer​



GSE/GSM E-6 & Above Detailer (Lead)



GSE/GSM E-5 & Below Detailer



HT E-6 & Above Detailer​ (Lead)



HT E-5 & Below Detailer



MM E-6 & E-7 Detailer (Lead)



MM E-5 Detailer​



MM E-1 to E-4 Detailer



MR E-1 & Above Detailer, 3M Detailer​



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