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Official NAVPERS Templates
and Pre-Drafted Forms: 
PERS-83 Reporting Letter Templates
                                   NAVPERS 1070/613 Administrative Remarks (Physical Fitness Assessment) 

                                   NAVPERS 1070/613 Administrative Remarks (COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal Administrative Warning) 
                                   NAVPERS 1070/613 Administrative Remarks (COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal) 

NAVPERS 1000/1              Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) Temporary Shaving Waiver and Treatment Regimen
NAVPERS 1001/3              Ready Reserve Screening Questionnaire
NAVPERS 1040/2              Command Information Program Review
NAVPERS 1040/3              Career Counselor Initial Tour Feedback
NAVPERS 1040/4              Career Waypoints Application (form in revision 2/13/2024)
NAVPERS 1050/3              Appellate Leave Statement of Understanding
NAVPERS 1070/74            Officer’s Report of Home of Record and Place from Which Ordered to Active Duty
NAVPERS 1070/120          Request for Change to Permanent Personnel Record
NAVPERS 1070/601          Immediate Reenlistment Agreement
NAVPERS 1070/605          History of Assignments (form in revision 6/30/23)
NAVPERS 1070/607          Court Memorandum
NAVPERS 1070/613          Administrative Remarks
NAVPERS 1070/615          Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy Reserve
NAVPERS 1070/621          Agreement to Extend Enlistment
NAVPERS 1070/622          Agreement to Recall or Extend Active Duty
NAVPERS 1070/856          Request for Authority to Draw Personnel Records
NAVPERS 1070/884          Officer Photograph
NAVPERS 1070/887          Sex Offense Accountability Record (SOAR)
NAVPERS 1070/888          Notification of Change in Service Member's Official Records
NAVPERS 1080/3              Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Annual Screening
NAVPERS 1130/11            Application for Navy Music Program
NAVPERS 1131/1              Training and Administration of the Reserve (TAR) Officer Candidate Service Agreement
NAVPERS 1132/1              Reserve Officer Recall Staffing Application and Routing Control
NAVPERS 1200/1              Ready Reserve Transfer Request Service Agreement
NAVPERS 1200/2              Navy Reserve Qualification Questionnaire for Inactive Duty Personnel
NAVPERS 1200/6              U.S. Military Diving Medical Screening Questionnaire
NAVPERS 1210/9              Prospective Naval Special Warfare Officer Data Card
NAVPERS 1221/2              Nuclear Propulsion Plant Operator Screen Sheet
NAVPERS 1221/6                Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) Change Request
NAVPERS 1236/13            Flag Writer Interview Sheet
NAVPERS 1300/2              Affiliation Processing and Summary Record
NAVPERS 1300/16            Report of Suitability for Overseas Assignment
NAVPERS 1300/18            New Construction Screening form
NAVPERS 1300/21            Medical Suitability Certification
NAVPERS 1300/22            Expeditionary Screening Checklist
NAVPERS 1300/24            Voluntary Service Agreement (VSA) 
NAVPERS 1300/25            Voluntary Waiver Acknowledgement (VWA) for Mobilizing On Active Duty
NAVPERS 1300/26            Coastal Riverine Screening
NAVPERS 1300/27            Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Suitability Preliminary Screening
NAVPERS 1300/28            Overseas Screening Deficiency Report/Early Return Request
NAVPERS 1300/29            Navy Reserve Definite Recall Application
NAVPERS 1300/30            Navy Reserve Definite Pre-Reporting Checklist
NAVPERS 1300/31            Navy Reserve Definite Recall Gain Transaction Checklist
NAVPERS 1300/32            Navy Reserve Definite Recall Cumulative Active Duty Service Statement
NAVPERS 1300/33            Navy Reserve Definite Recall Pre-Screen
NAVPERS 1300/34            Navy Canvasser Recruiter Pre-Screen
NAVPERS 1301/85            Officer Personnel Action Request
NAVPERS 1301/86            Defense Acquisition Corps Board Application Data Sheet
NAVPERS 1306/7              Electronic Personnel Action Request
NAVPERS 1306/92            Special Program Screening
NAVPERS 1306/93            Recruiting Duty Screening
NAVPERS 1306/94            Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Screening
NAVPERS 1306/95            Command Senior Enlisted Leader Selection Nomination
NAVPERS 1306/96            Recruit Division Commander Screening
NAVPERS 1306/97            Reserve Affiliation Screening Checklist and Contact Information Sheet
NAVPERS 1306/98            Nuclear Power Program Activity Screening
NAVPERS 1306/99            DDG 1000-Class Program Screening
NAVPERS 1306/100          Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School Application
NAVPERS 1306/101          Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School Interview
NAVPERS 1320/16            Temporary Additional Duty (TEMADD) Travel Orders
NAVPERS 1330/3              Distribution Systems Request
NAVPERS 1330/4              Secretary of the Navy Tours with Industry Program Application
NAVPERS 1331/5              Application for Recall to Extended Active Duty
NAVPERS 1331/6              SWO(N) Duty Preference & Experience Survey
NAVPERS 1336/3              Special Request/Authorization
NAVPERS 1400/2              Enlisted Selection Board Member/Recorder Application
NAVPERS 1400/5              Officer Selection Board Member/Recorder Nomination
NAVPERS 1420/5              LDO/CWO Eligibility Checklist
NAVPERS 1421/7              Delivery of Temporary/Permanent Appointment
NAVPERS 1430/7              Certificate of Appointment (E4-E6) USN
NAVPERS 1430/8              Certificate of Appointment (E4-E6) USNR
NAVPERS 1430/9              Certificate of Appointment (E1-E3) USN
NAVPERS 1430/10            Certificate of Appointment (E1-E3) USNR
NAVPERS 1430/32            Certificate of Appointment (E7-E9) USN
NAVPERS 1430/33            Certificate of Appointment (E7-E9) USNR
NAVPERS 1500/1              Certificate of Completion Petty Officer Indoctrination Course
NAVPERS 1610/1              FITREP/EVAL Summary Letter
NAVPERS 1610/2              Fitness Report & Counseling Record (W2-O6)
NAVPERS 1610/5              Fitness Report & Counseling Record (O7-O8)
NAVPERS 1610/19            Military Individual Development Plan
NAVPERS 1610/20            Mid-Term Counseling Checklist
NAVPERS 1616/26            Evaluation Report & Counseling Record (E1-E6)
NAVPERS 1616/27            Evaluation & Counseling Record (E7-E9)
NAVPERS 1620/2              Regional Restriction Barracks (RRB) Check-In Sheet
NAVPERS 1626/7              Report and Disposition of Offense(s)
NAVPERS 1640/8              Conduct Record
NAVPERS 1640/11            Monthly Report of Prisoner/Correctional Custody Personnel
NAVPERS 1640/15            Mail and Visiting List
NAVPERS 1640/17            Inventory and Receipt of Valuables, Clothing, and Personal Effects
NAVPERS 1640/25            Earned Time and Special Acts Abatement Worksheet
NAVPERS 1640/33            Prisoner Transport Team (PTT) Mission Report
NAVPERS 1640/34            Prisoner Transport Team (PTT) Mission Brief
NAVPERS 1640/35            Escort Risk Assessment
NAVPERS 1640/36            Use of Detention Facility
NAVPERS 1650/1              Department of the Navy Good Conduct Award
NAVPERS 1650/77            Certificate of Reenlistment- USNR
NAVPERS 1650/78            Certificate of Reenlistment- USN
NAVPERS 1650/80            Certificate of Appreciation (Retirement-Others)
NAVPERS 1650/96            Transmittal of and/or Entitlement to Awards (Distributed By PERS-312)
NAVPERS 1740/6              Department of the Navy Family Care Plan Certificate
NAVPERS 1740/7              Family Care Plan Arrangements
NAVPERS 1752/1              Sexual Assault Disposition Report (SADR)
NAVPERS 1770/11            Suicide Prevention Coordinator Training Registration
NAVPERS 1800/13            Questionnaire for Applicants for Retired Pay
NAVPERS 1800/14            Officer Retirement Staffing and Routing Control
NAVPERS 1810/1              Navy Reserve Retirement Point Capture
NAVPERS 1910/31            Administrative Separation Processing Notice
NAVPERS 1910/33            Form Suspended
NAVPERS 5000/64            Records Transmittal
NAVPERS 5211/15            Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Spot Check Checklist
NAVPERS 5211/16            Employee PII Handling Statement of Understanding
NAVPERS 5239/9              Review for Data Transfer Request
NAVPERS 5350/3              DAPA Admin Screening form
NAVPERS 5354/2              Navy Equal Opportunity (EO) and Harassment Complaint
NAVPERS 5357/1              Peer-to-Peer Coaching Checklist
NAVPERS 5357/2              Readiness Assessment for Coaching
NAVPERS 5357/3              Peer Coaching Intake
NAVPERS 5357/4              Coaching Partner Agreement
NAVPERS 5357/5              Coach-Like Skills Evaluation Tool
NAVPERS 5357/6              Coaching Hours Log
NAVPERS 5370/1              Hotline Complaint form
NAVPERS 5520/6              Request for Security Access
NAVPERS 5602/7              MILPERSMAN Review and Change Request
NAVPERS 6110/3              Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire (PARFQ)
NAVPERS 6110/10            Official BCA Score Sheet
NAVPERS 6110/11            Official PRT Score Sheet
NAVPERS 7421/1              Overtime/Compensatory Time Authorization Request
NAVPERS 7430/1              Electronic Funds Transfer Data Sheet
NAVPERS 12300/21          Student Loan Repayment Program Application
NAVPERS 12300/22          Student Loan Repayment Service Agreement
NAVPERS 12300/24          Billet Fill Checklist
NAVPERS 12300/25          BUPERS Remote Work Agreement
NAVPERS 12410/8            BUPERS Civilian Employee Individual Development Plan
NAVPERS 12430/1            Performance Appraisal Review
NAVPERS 12451/3            Civilian Award Recommendation
NAVPERS 12500/2            Timekeeping Unit
NAVPERS 12600/1            BUPERS Civilian Employee Supplemental Time Sheet
NAVPERS 12600/2            BUPERS Civilian Employee Work Schedule Assignment
NAVPERS 12600/3            BUPERS Civilian Employee Request for Extended Leave
NAVPERS 12600/4            BUPERS Civilian Employee Request for Leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act
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