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NPC Site Directory

PERS-00 Commander, Navy Personnel Command
PERS-00B Deputy Commander, Navy Personnel Command
PERS-00C Casualty Assistance
PERS-00D Corrections and Programs Office
PERS-00L Legislative/Congressional Matters
PERS-00M Force Master Chief
PERS-00P NPC Public Affairs
PERS-31 Records Management Support
PERS-321 Performance Evaluation
PERS-351 Executive Services Branch
PERS-40 Enlisted Distribution Division
PERS-40HH Humanitarian Reassignment
PERS-401C Seabee Assignment Section
PERS-401D SEAL / SWCC / EOD / Diver Assignments
PERS-402 Surface Engineering
PERS-403 Enlisted Nuclear / Submarine Assignments
PERS-404 Enlisted Aviation Assignments
PERS-405 Surface Deck / Admin / Security / Supply Assignments
PERS-406 Surface Combat Systems
PERS-407 Hospital Corpsman Assignment
PERS-408 Information Warfare Community (CT/IS/IT)
PERS-409 Sea Special Programs
PERS-4010 Shore Special Programs Assignment
PERS-4010C Career Recruiting Force
PERS-4010D USS Arizona, USS Constitution, MEPS Assignments
PERS-4010D1 Command Climate, Professional Development Instructor
PERS-4010E BRIG / TPU / SERE Assignments
PERS-4010F DC / MILLINGTON / NACIC Assignments
PERS-4010G NATO & PEP / Embassy
PERS-4010S “A” School Management
PERS-4012 Enlisted Full Time Support
PERS-4013 Enlisted Placement Management
PERS-41 Surface Warfare Officer Assignment
PERS-416 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
PERS-42 Submarine Office Distribution
PERS-43 Aviation Officer Assignment
PERS-434 AEDO / AMDO Assignment Placement
PERS-44 Staff  / RL Officer Distribution
PERS-44ES Culinary Specialist Executive Services Program
PERS-440 Graduate Education and Training
PERS-4412 Supply Corps Officer
PERS-4413 Civil Engineer Corps Officer
PERS-4414 Chaplain Assignment
PERS-4415 Medical Officer Assignment
PERS-4416 JAG Corps Assignment
PERS-4421 Human Resources Officer Assignment
PERS-445 Engineering Duty Officer
PERS-447 Acquisition Management
PERS-448 Public Affairs Officer
PERS-45 Distribution Management
PERS-450 Joint Officer Management
PERS-454 Deployability Assessment and Assignment Branch
PERS-46 Full Time Support / Augmentation
PERS-461 Mobilization Order Writing & Sailor Advocacy
PERS-462 Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW)
PERS-463 Contingency / Augmentation
PERS-47 Information Warfare & Foreign Area Officer
PERS-471 Information Professional Officer
PERS-472 Cryptology Warfare Officer
PERS-473 Intelligence Officer Assignment
PERS-475 Oceanography Officer Assignment
PERS-5 Financial Management
PERS-80 Officer Career Progression
PERS-801 Boards Active Officer / Reserve Officer
PERS-802 Boards Active Enlisted / Reserve Enlisted
PERS-8031 Enlisted Career Administration
PERS-805 Board Membership Branch
PERS-83 Retirements
PERS-831 Personnel Conduct and Separations
PERS-832 Enlisted Separations
PERS-833 Post Selection Board Matters
PERS-834 Officer Performance and Separations
PERS-835 Officer Retirements
PERS-836 Enlisted Retirements / Fleet Reserve
PERS-9 Reserve Personnel Managment
PERS-911 Reserve Officer Personnel
PERS-912 Reserve Retirement
PERS-913 Reserve Enlisted Personnel
PERS-92 Definite Recall / CANREC Recall
PERS-922 Enlisted Recall
PERS-923 Officer Recall
PERS-93 Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)
PERS-95 Injury Management (LOD / MEDHOLD / MRR)
PERS-954 Disability Retirement (TDRL / PDRL)
PERS-97 Reserve Processing and Affiliation Center (RPAC)
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