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Shore Special Programs PERS-4010



The contact list for the Shore Special Programs Detailers is attached. Please email or call your respective detailer using the attached list. If you do not receive an email or phone call back within 72 hours, please email or call the Branch Head, RAO or LCPO and you will get a prompt response within 24 hours.
PERS 4010 Contact List
PERS-4010, Shore Special Programs Branch, currently has over 14,000 Sailors detailed to Shore Special program assignments throughout the entire Navy.  These programs are not geared for a specific rating, but manning them with qualified Sailors is critical.  Serving a tour in a Shore Special Program billet will provide a unique opportunity to serve in one of 26 programs, including Production Recruiter, Recruit Division Commander or Company Chief, serve on the crew of USS CONSTITUTION or on the USS ARIZONA memorial, on Brig or TPU staff duty, Women Ashore billet, Embassy or Personnel Exchange Program (PEP) assignment, SERE Instructor, Professional Development Instructor, and Command Climate Specialist, to name a few.  MILPERSMAN article 1306-900 contains a complete list of special programs available.

Recruiting gives you a chance to say that you have helped shape the future of the United States Navy.  Navy Recruiters

Hard charging Navy professionals who transform civilians into Sailors.  E5 & above are eligible for the #1 Sailorization and Mentoring shore duty that the Navy has to offer.  Recruit Division Commanders (RDCs)

The United States Military Entrance Processing Command is the vital link between recruiting and training today's Armed Forces. The command's motto, "Freedom's Front Door", symbolizes the command's mission of determining the physical, mental, and moral qualifications of every member of the armed services.  Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS)

The USS CONSTITUTION is the oldest Navy ship still in commission.  USS CONSTITUTION receives numerous visitors every year and is an iconic memorial to U.S. naval history.  USS CONSTITUTION

Memorial was established to honor those who perished that day.  Need highly motivated, hard-charging Sailors that would be interested in serving as a member of this prestigious command.  USS ARIZONA Memorial

Brig Staff duty offers unique challenges and provides members an opportunity to further develop their leadership skills.  Opportunites exist worldwide in location of fleet concentrated areas, training facilities and certain overseas locations such as Hawaii, Germany and Yokosuka Japan.  Brigs

The Navy's gold-standard program which provides individually-tailored assistance designed to optimize the success of the wounded warrior's recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration activities. Navy Wounded Warrior-Safe Harbor

Shape the future of your Navy. The United States Naval Academy Preparatory School and Officer Candidate School are looking for high caliber, dynamic Chief Petty Officers to train, counsel and motivate young Cadets, Candidates and Midshipmen.  Company Chief

Billets are obtained through My Navy Assignment (MNA) applications under NEC 807A.  Billets are in San Diego, CA and Kittery, ME.  SERE Instructor duty

Command Climate Specialists (NEC 809A) are trained in Individual and Group Behavior Dynamics, Women's Issues and Cultural Expression, Aspects of Power and Discrimination, Studies of Major Ethnic Groups, Sexual Harassment and Grievance Procedures, Managing Diversity, and Interpersonal Communications.  Command Climate Specialists

Professional Development Instructor (NEC 812A) Motivational factor of 10 required! Instructors deliver Journeyman Instructor Training (JIT), ADAMS, BEARINGS, CTTI, DAPA, Leadership and PREVENT.  Navy leadership Training Units

The flag writer mission is to assist and support the administrative and personal needs of the flag and general officer community in an independent duty role by providing the right person in the right place at the right time.  Flag Writers, Flag Mess/Enlisted Aides

Billets for NATO/PEP and Flag assignments are advertised via rating MNA screens.  For Attache billets please contact the Attache assignments detailer.  NATO/PEP/Flag/Attache commands

We are looking for hard charging, top-notch Sailors to volunteer for Washington, DC and Millington, TN assignments. Ratings most often needed are YN, PS, IT, ET, CTI, CTM, CE, BU, UT, and MC.  Opportunities often become available for other ratings as well.  Career opportunities with U.S. Ceremonial Guard are also available.  The U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard is the official ceremonial unit of the U.S. Navy.  These highly-trained Sailors perform formal ceremonies for the President of the United States, SECNAV, CNO, and foreign dignitaries. Additionally, they have the honor of conducting all Navy funerals at Arlington National Cemetery.  The Guard needs squared-away, motivated personnel to lead young Sailors in high-visibility ceremonies.  Washington DC/Millington Staffs

We also are responsible for assignment of enlisted personnel to “A” schools.

**Commands should visit the Placement Management (PERS-4013) page for questions regarding billets advertised on My Navy Assignment*
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