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Selection Boards Support

Electronic Submission of Selection Board Documents

Electronic Submission of Selection Board Documents (ESSBD), accessible through My Navy Portal (MNP) and BOL, is an additional avenue for board candidates to communicate with the presidents of promotion and selection boards. ESSBD was designed as an alternative process to the current submission methods such as hard copy and e-mail submitted letters and related attachments.  ESSBD provides selection board candidates with the capability to electronically submit letters to boards in a standard, consistent format with or without attachments.  Previous means of submitting letters (USPS, e-mail, FEDEX, etc.) will, however, remain viable for the foreseeable future.   

Promotion Selection Board Rules of Engagement

From: Chief of Navy Personnel
Once Notified You Are Going to be A Selection Board Member
Board membership is a privilege but carries with it great responsibility and legal obligations.  As a board member, you have a duty to help maintain the independence and integrity of the selection board process, including the secrecy of the board membership that is not announced until the board report is approved.  This duty begins the moment you are officially notified by NAVPERSCOM (PERS-8 or PERS-35) that you will be sitting on a selection board.  Failure to comply with these orders is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and could result in administrative and or disciplinary action.

Do not divulge the purpose, location, or dates of travel to anyone except your commanding officer, reporting senior, and command master chief (CMDCM) (enlisted personnel only).  You may divulge only the location and dates of travel to an individual designated by your commanding officer or reporting senior for coordinating your travel.  Avoid entering the words “selection board” on your calendar or schedule.

Do not visit or communicate in any way with detailers, placement officers, or community managers, except as it pertains to your own emergent circumstance, e.g., you are in the permanent change of station orders negotiating process.  Even then, if it can be avoided, delay contact until after the board adjourns.

Do not attempt to get information about or discuss any officer who might be considered by the selection board you will sit.  This includes officers above, in, and below the zone.
If anyone other than staff from NAVPERSCOM (PERS-8 or PERS-35), the board sponsor, or the board recorder attempts to discuss or communicate with you in any way, e.g., by phone call, in person, or by e-mail about your prospective participation in the board, let the staff at NAVPERSCOM know immediately.  If in doubt, call PERS-8 at 901-874-2209/DSN 882 or the board sponsor.  Your dealings with the staff must be limited to administrative matters related to your board service.

 While at the Board

Only the convening authority, or an individual specified in writing by the convening authority, may speak to board members in person about substantive matters once the board convenes.  Designated support staffs are authorized to speak to you about administrative matters only.

All substantive communications to the board must be in writing, be given to each member, and made a part of the board’s record.

Limit all substantive conversation about the board to the officially designated board spaces, i.e., the boardroom and voting tank.  Do not discuss substantive board matters with anyone, anywhere else, e.g., in heads, lunchroom, in the van en route to and from the board spaces, or at the bachelor quarters.  All substantive discussions must take place in the boardroom or voting tank.  A recorder must be present for all voting tank deliberations.

No lists, notes, or writing you compile during the board may leave the selection board area.  At the end of the board, all lists, notes, and other writings must be left in the red shred bins in the deliberation room.

You may only consider official records and written or published material furnished to you by the selection board administrative staff.

You may not consider any written or published material not provided to you by the selection board administrative staff.

You may not discuss anything adverse about an officer that is not in the official record provided to you at the board.

 After the Board

Your duty to maintain the confidentiality of the board’s proceedings, deliberations, and results is required by law and policy.  Do not disclose anything about your board’s proceedings, deliberations, or results to anyone unless specifically authorized by competent authority.

You may not counsel or advise officers who failed to select for promotion at your board as to why they may not have been selected.  Direct the officers to contact their detailers or community managers for counseling.

Do not disclose the proceedings, deliberations vote of the board, including how you voted, or names of officers selected or not selected for promotion to anyone unless authorized by competent authority to do so.

 At All Times

If you believe that the integrity of the board process or board proceedings has been affected by improper influence from an outside source, misconduct by a board member, or for any other reason, or you believe someone is exerting or attempting to exert inappropriate influence over you or the board proceedings, report it to the board president, board recorder, board sponsor, or PERS-8 staff immediately.  When in doubt, report.

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