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Robotics Warfare Community (RWC)


***Robotics Warfare Specialist Conversion 


Job Description

Robotics Warfare Specialists serve as operators/maintainers; plan and control the operations of the Robotic Systems during all phases of the mission; perform preventative and corrective maintenance on Robotic Systems and support equipment; operate and maintain a variety of active and passive payload/sensors; apply a basic knowledge of oceanography, meteorology, bathymetry, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, power plants, structural components; demonstrate knowledge of radio frequency theory, electrical theory, acoustics, information systems, and networking; employ internal and external communication devices and circuits; analyze data; and perform associated administrative functions.

Conversion Eligibility Information

For current paygrade E-4 through E-9 active-duty personnel, commands will coordinate with their immediate superior in command (ISIC) and Enlisted Community Manager (ECM, BUPERS-32) in order to apply for the RW rating.  Active-duty applicants can expect to notification by Military Community Management, Enlisted Branch (BUPERS-32) of conversion results upon processing of their conversion package. Applications will be processed as they are received and reviewed by a community management panel.  Available rating quotas will be filled as applications are processed. 

The primary source ratings for RW conversions will be those currently or previously assigned to billets in unmanned vehicle divisions and Sailors who have earned applicable Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) codes.  Sailors who already possess an identified RW NEC code (757B, 789A, 799B, 803A, 825G, 826G, 838A), and have a qualifying ASVAB line score, will be eligible for direct conversion to RW.  

ASVAB Requirement (Must meet one of the line scores)
AR+MK+EI+GS ≥ 222
AR+MK+VE+MC ≥ 222
AR+MK+VE+AO ≥ 222


***RW Rating Exam Information***

The FIRST Navy-Wide Active Duty RW Advancement exam schedule will be as follows.
a. E-5 and E-6: September 2024 (Cycle 264)
b. E-7: January 2025 (Cycle 266)

The following is the first E-7 and E-8/E-9 RW selection/screening board schedule:
a. E-8 and E-9 (Active Duty): March 2025 (FY26 Board)
b. E-7 (Active Duty): July 2025 (FY26 Board)

The RW rating will not be established in Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) until July 2024. Until then, the RW Enlisted Community Managers will coordinate with commands on Sailors selected for conversion to RW.

Initially, to align with the first E-5/6/7 exam cycles and E-8/9 selection board eligibility timelines, Active Duty Sailors competing for advancement in the Navy-wide advancement exam cycles will be converted to RW within the timelines listed below:

September 2024 (Cycle 264)
E-5 and E-6 (Active Duty) – 25 March to 4 April 2024

January 2024 (Cycle 266)
E-7 (Active Duty) – 22 July to 1 August 2024

FY-26 Spring 2025 (Cycle 265)
E-7 and E-8 (Active Duty) – 26 August to 5 September 2024

***Command ESO's Navy Wide Exam and Worksheet Advancement ***

Navy-wide advancement exam ordering
For Navy-wide advancement exam ordering, ESOs can edit the exam rate to RW1 or RW2 on the Time-in-Rate (TIR) ordering list.  RW1 and RW2 can also be selected when ordering Early, Supplemental, or Substitute exams.  Exam ordering dates and TIR listings are on the Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS) website:  Select the Exam and Ordering Date Chart.

Cycle 264 Enlisted Advancement Worksheets
When the Cycle 264 Enlisted Advancement Worksheets are generated, the present rate will be populated with the rating of record - example ET2; then exam rate will be ET1.  For exam rate to be changed to RW1 after NSIPS is updated, worksheet will have to been deleted and recreated. 


Selective Reenlistment Bonus & Special Pays

Selective Reenlistment Bonus
Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) is a reenlistment incentive used to maintain desired manning in specific ratings and NEC codes.  SRB levels are subject to change in response to the needs of the Navy in managing community manning.  At this time, RW Sailors are NOT ELIGIBLE for SRB, but are encouraged to check the SRB website for the current SRB award levels on MyNavy HR website for any changes.  If RW Sailors become eligible for SRB it must be upon completion of the job qualification requirement conversion package and awarding of an RW NEC code.  RW Sailors who are previously receiving SRB payments in their current rate will continue to be paid after the RW paygrade conversion date until the Sailor has completed their SRB contract.

Special Pays
The Navy will support retention of any special pay, provided the Sailors who convert continue to have the same responsibility as their previous rating and an Exception to Policy (ETP) must be submitted by their command to retain special pays. For example, if a Sailor were receiving flight pay or SDAP as a UAS operator, they would continue to receive the special pay considering the Sailor remains in the same position. If a Sailor converts, and their job duties change, then they were not meeting the intent of SDAP or flight pay. The ETP request would likely be disapproved. 



Contact Us

Active Duty
RW COMM Manager: (901) 874-2195

SELRES Tech Advisor: (901)874-3193


Conversion Eligibility Requirements

Eligible candidates must have a qualifying ASVAB score and possess one of the RW NECs listed below. 

AR+MK+EI+GS ≥ 222
AR+MK+VE+MC ≥ 222
AR+MK+VE+AO ≥ 222

RW NEC: (757B, 789A, 799B, 803A, 825G, 826G, 838A)

Security clearance required

Must be a U.S. Citizen

Resources / Links

NAVADMIN: 036/24
RW Establishment Fact Sheet
Conversion Fact Sheet
MILPERSMAN: 1440-010 

RW Enlisted Career Path

  Veterans Crisis Line - Dial 988  Safe Helpline  NCIS Tips  Sexual Assault Prevention & Response  NFAAS

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