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Physical Readiness


UPDATED as of July 22, 2024

 OPNAVINST 6110.1K is the current version of the instruction. 

22 JUL 24

As we approach the remainder of the CY24 PFA Cycle, we wanted to share the latest BCA & PRT completion stats with you.  As of 26 June, 133,466 BCAs have been completed and 104,689 PRTs have been completed.  FYI…the pass rate at this point is very similar to CY23 PFA. 
As always, THANK YOU for your support and continue to enter your commands official PFA scores into PRIMS-2.

17 JUL 24

When completing a DD Form 2875 (SAAR) for PRIMS-2 access, it is important to follow the step-by-step instructions contained within the online CFL/ACFL training course, which is available under the PRIMS-2 TRAINING tab on the PRP MyNavy HR web page.  To avoid rework, please ensure that:

  • UICs are listed

  • Blocks 18-18b remain blank

  • Blocks 19-19c are completed

  • Block 10 IA Training date is in the current fiscal year (FY)

  • PART III is completed fully

Additionally, for CFL access, the PRIMS Access Letter is also required.  UICs being requested on the access letter and SAAR must match.  Lastly, only one CFL role is authorized per UIC.

3 JUL 24 

  • FAQ sheet has been updated. You can locate the link to the right under “CFL Resources”.  Please review it and use it as a reference when you have any questions/issues. 

  • You can find the updated “Tip of The Month” at the very bottom of the page. 

25 JUN 24

With the release of NAVADMIN 123/24, PRP Guide 1 has been updated accordingly.

  • Removal of the mandatory adverse performance report for Sailors who fail consecutive PFAs.

  • For additional information, see the FACT SHEET associated with NAVADMIN 123/24.

18 JUN 24

  • PRIMS-2 Webinar Series.  Starting in July, PRP will host webinars for CFL/ACFLs to attend which will consist of PRIMS-2 training topics and opportunity to ask PRIMS-2 related questions.  The first webinar will be on 10 July at 1100 (CST).  To participate, you can locate the webinar link by clicking HERE or within the “PRIMS-2 TRAINING” tab to the left. 

  • Preventing Heat Related Injuries.  As we enter the hottest months of the year, it’s critical that CFL/ACFLs take environmental conditions into account when planning PT sessions.  To assist in recognizing and how to respond to heat-related injuries, please see the poster/handout under the “CFL Resources”, then select “Preventing Heat Related Injuries”, which provides information regarding: 

    • considerations for PT in different temperature ranges;  

    • various heat-related injuries, their symptoms, and their treatments; 

    • different environmental and individual risk factors for awareness. 

5 JUN 24 

  • FAQ sheet has been updated. You can locate the link to the right under “CFL Resources”.  Please review it and use it as a reference when you have any questions/issues. 
  • You can find the updated “Tip of The Month” at the very bottom of the page.
  • CFL Course Administrator updated email address: - which can also be found at the bottom of the page.   


  • Beginning 5 Jun, users will be unable to access Salesforce (i.e., PRIMS-2) using Internet Explorer (any version) or other browsers that have not been updated within the last year.  This restriction is due to a necessary DoD security update. Users are encouraged to verify your browser and contact your local IT support for any assistance needed. 

22 MAY 24


  • The PRIMS-2 update completed on 26 APR which allows for any Sailor to be viewed, regardless of assigned UIC, is still under development.  CFL/ACFLs may experience intermittent issues with correctly viewing a Sailor’s PFA record when attempting to gain a Sailor to the command UIC or after properly gaining to the command UIC.   

  • An issue has been identified regarding the ability to properly gain and/or move Sailors to Departments and Divisions that were created by the CFL.  Until further notice, please adhere to the following guidance:  

    • Only gain newly arrived Sailors into the command UIC. 
    • Do NOT place newly gained Sailors into existing Departments or Divisions. 

    • Do NOT move any Sailors across existing Departments or Divisions. 

    • The functional tile that allows the CFL to create a new Department or Division has been temporarily removed from the PRIMS-2 homepage. 

Failure to follow any of the above actions will cause you to lose access to the respective Sailor’s PFA record. 

15 MAY 24

An updated Guide 7 (May 2024) is provided under the Guides Tab located to the left of this page.  The update is informing CFL/ACFLs who require PRIMS access to utilize the new SAAR Form (DD Form 2875).

01 MAY 24

  • A recording of the “What’s New for PRIMS-2" webinar held 24 APR is available and located via the link to the left under “PRIMS-2 Training”.  Thank you to those who were able to attend. 

  • The Navy Registered Dietitian Locator is updated.  It’s a great reference to support the readiness of Sailors and located via the link to the right under “Nutrition Resources”. 

  • FAQ sheet has been updated. Please review it and use it as a reference when you have any questions/issues. 

  • As always, please review to the PRP website and PRIMS Homepage for answers to your questions, prior to contacting the PRP Office. 


  • Users are now able to edit certain fields on the PFA details record respective of their role. When on the details page each role has different edit capabilities. Please review the details page for the edit pencil icon or the Edit button. 

  • When gaining Sailor from “Trans” into your command, users will notice that they are now able to see the Sailors PFA. After gaining the PFA records, users will also see PFA history. This is a corrective action take to ensure users can see the PFA history after a sailor is gained.  

  • If searching for a Sailor in “TRANS”, and you do not see PFA records (“(0) PFAs”} the Sailor is likely still assigned to the previous command.  Use the assigned UIC field on the contact record to determine what UIC has ownership. 

  • Use the command authorizations or command information to obtain contact information on that command. 

  • Users will notice the Assigned UIC field on the Contact record will update correctly after the Sailor is gained into the command. 

17 APR 24


  • Dual users of PRIMS-2 in Salesforce (i.e. CPPA and CFL or CPPA and ACFL) are still experiencing log in issues.  A solution to fix this is underway, and we anticipate this to be corrected when we deploy another update, which is scheduled for the end of April. 

  • In regard to the inability to export / print PARFQs and med waivers within MNP., we anticipate having it resolved by the end of April. 

  • We are still experiencing issues with CFL/ACFLs not being able to see current or previous PFA records. We anticipate having this issue resolved at the end of April as well. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to get these issues resolved as soon as possible. 

03 APR 24

  • The FAQ sheet has been updated.  You can locate the link to the right under “CFL Resources”.  

  • Join us April 24th for a What’s New for PRIMS-2 Webinar. It is an opportunity to see live demonstrations of recently released functionality in PRIMS-2 and Q&A with PRIMS-2 SMEs.  

    • 30-minute event with three options to participate:   

      • 0900 EDT  

      • 1330 EDT  

      • 2000 EDT  

You can locate the webinar link by clicking HERE or in the “PRIMS-2 TRAINING” tab to the left.

PRIMS Updates:

  • PARFQ/MEDICAL WAIVER ISSUES UPDATE (FROM 12 MAR 24):  MyNavy Portal (MNP) anticipates that Sailors will re-gain the ability to export/print PARFQs and medical waivers from PRIMS within MNP by the end of April.  

  • SALESFORCE DUAL USER LOG-IN ISSUES:   Dual users (CPPA and CFL/ACFL) of Salesforce were recently unable to access either PERSPAY or PRIMS-2.  While the issue is now considered resolved, any dual users with ongoing access issues should email MyNavy Career Center, Human Resources Services Center at with a screenshot of your issue.  

CFL Links

Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS)

Log In Using | Salesforce


CFL Information

For more information regarding the Command Fitness Leader (CFL) Certification Course, choose the below link.


CFL Course Dates

Should you have difficulties linking to the information, email the CFL Course Administrator at:


Tip of the Month

Stay Hydrated – Drinking enough water helps regulate body temperature, transport nutrients and oxygen, flush out toxins and waste, and keep your skin healthy. Dehydration can cause health problems like dry skin and chronic fatigue. 

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Our Mission

Set the foundation to instill a Culture of Fitness that assists Sailors in developing their ability to complete tasks that supports the command mission and Navy operational readiness.

Primary Objectives

Establish Navy standards for maintaining optimum health, physical, and mental stamina.  Focus on Wellness of Sailors and their families by providing the skills and tools for fitness and nutrition.


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