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Physical Readiness


UPDATED AS OF September 7, 2023

 OPNAVINST 6110.1K is the most current version of instruction. 

*** NEW ***

7 SEP 23:

Sailors are not able to enter their PARFQ in MyNavy Portal if their PHA is out of date or the system hasn’t been updated with a recently completed PHA.  In the instances of a recently completed PHA, CFLs have the capability to update a member’s PHA date in the “PFA record” (Not the member’s “Contact Record”) of PRIMS.  CFLs must ensure they sited proper documentation prior to updating the PHA.  This will then allow the Sailor to completed their PARFQ in MyNavy Portal.   If the Sailors PDHA and/or PDHRA are inaccurate and restricting completion of the PARFQ, Sailors must contact medical to ensure medical records are updated.  CFLs do have the option with COs approval allowing Sailors complete a manual PARFQ.  In these cased, the CFL is required to update the Sailor’s PARFQ in PRIMS 2.  

11 AUG 23:


Last week some of you may have lost your CFL access.  Reason being is PRP is in the process of identifying commands which reflect multiple CFLs assigned to one UIC in PRIMS-2.  Per policy, commands are only allotted one CFL per UIC, which required immediate attention to remove the incorrect authorization and vacate the system license. 
CFLs are asked to review their UIC authorizations on the home page of PRIMS-2.  If more than one CFL is listed, please contact the PRP office to confirm which CFL is required to be listed for the command/UIC.  Commands who do not respond by 10 September 2023, they will lose CFL access to the UIC and will be required to reapply for CFL PRIM-2 access.
Please contact the PRP Office at or (901) 874-2210, so we can get this corrected before the only authorized CFL loses access.
CFLs are also reminded, upon receiving PRIMS-2 access they MUST ensure the command information (CO/CMC/CFL) for their UIC(s) is correct and updated accordingly.

27 July 2023 (UPDATED)

CFL and ACFLs,

The .csv (Data Load Widget) issue has been fixed and ready for use to upload Cycle 1 2023 PFA data.  Please be aware that accuracy filling out the .csv is imperative and formatting errors can affect the upload outcome.  We recommend you spot check any .csv file uploads to verify the entire PFA record uploaded properly.    

Some common mistakes and hints:  Pay close attention to the Data Load Widget Direction (located under the PRIMS-2 HOW TO:) for proper completion of the file to include upper and lower case input.  Do not add words that are not in the directions (i.e.  Treadmill, Track, Concept two etc.).  You no longer need to add the weight values the Cardio Bike option since the system now auto populates it.   Only fill out the medical waiver section using “True or False” if they have a medical waiver; otherwise leave blank.  Do not add, change or delete any columns.  Do not add “Med Waived” to the BCA and PRT participations status if the med waiver section is already filled out, it will auto populate that information.  Do not fill out “ACM required” column- it is not necessary.  Pay attention dates are entered as shown in the directions.

30 June 2023

Notice of clarification:  The bullet in the 20 June posted improvements; “Allow CFLs to grant ACFL1/2 authorization at UIC level”, will allow the CFL to assign ACFLs who already have a Salesforce/PRIMS-2 accounts.   CFLs cannot align an ACFL 1/2 to departments and divisions until the ACFL has a Salesforce/PRIMS-2 account.   Be advised, when an ACFL1 or 2 is first granted PRIMS-2 access, they only have UIC level access to the UIC(s) listed on the SAAR-N and Designation letter.


15 June 2023

The PRP Office, along with BUMED, has updated the Authorized Medical Department Representative (AMDR) Training, which is located to the right under “AMDR Training”.  Although this is required training for AMDRs, CFL/ACFLs should also familiarize themselves with this training and associated PRP Guides.

6 June 2023 (UPDATED)

CFL Recertification 2-Day Seminar 


The PRP Office has scheduled a couple of 2-Day Seminars for the remainder of FY23.  A class schedule and how to register are available under CFL Resources/CFL Seminar (right side).  If your current certification is expiring soon, now is the time enroll in one of the locations (maximum of 25 students per session).  Keep in mind, if your previous certification date is older than 3 years, you must attend the 5-day CFL Course offered by CNIC.

An updated CFL Seminar Request Form has been added to PRIMS-2, under FILES>LIBRAIRES>CFL SEMINAR REQUEST FORM.

15 March 2023 (UPDATED)

To comply with recent guidance on pregnancy notification policy change, the following will be added to the MyNavy Portal PARFQ landing page to provide guidance on how Sailors should answer Question #1 on pregnancy if they choose not to disclose their pregnancy status prior to 20 weeks.  By answering No to Question #1, the Sailor should then answer YES to either Question #3 or Question #5 which will require them to consult with a medical provider for appropriate guidance (e.g., medical waiver, light duty) as appropriate.  CFLs should continue to respect the medical privacy for all Sailors with medical waivers.

Note:  Question 1 should be interpreted to ask if you are pregnant or have reason to believe you could be pregnant but have not opted for delayed reporting of pregnancy authorized in ALNAV 017/23. Service members who know they are pregnant or believe they could be pregnant but elect to delay reporting of pregnancy to their command until 20 weeks gestation may answer no to question 1 without it being considered a false official statement.


CFL Links

Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS)

Log In Using | Salesforce


CFL Information

For more information regarding the Command Fitness Leader (CFL) Certification Course, choose the below link.


CFL Course Dates

Should you have difficulties linking to the information, email the CFL Course Administrator at:  CFLTraining@Navy.Mil


Tip of the Week

Wondering how to get the most out of lifting weights? Use a weight that will have you failing on the set between the 30- and 40-second mark. This causes "time under tension" which in turn causes muscle to grow. If you’re failing at 20 seconds, you know that weight was too heavy.


Our Mission

Set the foundation to instill a Culture of Fitness that assists Sailors in developing their ability to complete tasks that supports the command mission and Navy operational readiness.

Primary Objectives

Establish Navy standards for maintaining optimum health, physical, and mental stamina.  Focus on Wellness of Sailors and their families by providing the skills and tools for fitness and nutrition.

Updates from Aug 2022 - Feb 2023  

28 February 2023

Updated Approved Stationary Bike List for the Navy PFA

The “Life Fitness ASPC /SC Console Upright Bike” has been added to the approved list of stationary bikes for Navy PFA testing.  For testing set-up, follow the procedures in PRP Guide 5 for Stationary Bike (Life Fitness (Series)/Integrity Series Upright Bike).

February 17, 2023


The Physical Readiness Office has been receiving questions on the recent PFA Reset NAVADMIN 042/23.  Per the PFA Reset to Zero Fact Sheet that accompanied the NAVADMIN, this one-time reset to zero will not change any other records (like PRIMS, Fitness Reports or evaluations).

Command Fitness Leaders do not need to take any action to change any current records in PRIMS.  The PFA failure will remain documented in the Sailor’s PRIMS record.

This new policy does not change current Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP) policy and procedures.  Sailors are still required to participate in FEP until passing a mock PFA or the next official PFA.

If Command Fitness Leaders receive questions on reenlistment, advancement, FITREPS/Evals from Sailors regarding this NAVADMIN, they should refer them to their Command Career Counselor, Admin Department, or have the Sailor contact the MyNavy Career Center or 1-833-330-6622.

January 31, 2023

A new PFA 10 week notification sample later is available under the forms tab.  This new revision updates the reference documents.

January 24, 2023

With the release of OPNAVINST 6110.1K (22 April 2022) and the incorporation of previously released Physical Readiness Program (PRP) NAVADMINS, along with feedback from the Fleet, we have condensed the PRP Guides from 15 to 11. 
CFL/ACFLs are highly encouraged to thoroughly review each PRP Guide in its entirety, as several guides have been updated to provide clarity to the Fleet.  Although the guides are written primarily for CFL/ACFLs, all personnel may review the new PRP Guides to fully understand the policies of the Navy Physical Readiness Program.  The new 11 guides are listed below and can be found under the Guides tab to the left:
Guide 1:  PRP Policies
Guide 2:  Command PRP Checklists
Guide 3:  CFL/ACFL and Member’s Responsibilities
Guide 4:  Body Composition Assessment (BCA)
Guide 5:  Physical Readiness Test (PRT)
Guide 6:  PFA Medical Readiness
Guide 7:  PRIMS-2
Guide 8:  Managing PFA Records for Pregnant Sailors
Guide 9:  Command PT and FEP
Guide 10:  Nutrition Resources
Guide 11:  Conduct of the PFA in COVID-19 Conditions
With the 2023 PFA cycle approaching, commands are encouraged to include PRP Policy training topics (Medical Waivers, BCA Measurements, mock/official PRT, etc.) within their training schedules and prior to conducting their Official Command PFA Cycle, as prescribed in their 10-week notice.
As always, the PRP Staff is here to assist and we wish every Sailor a healthy successful 2023 PFA Cycle!

December 16, 2022


PRIMS-2 deployed a bundle of improvements into PRIMS-2 production. This will update the following in PRIMS-2:

1. Bike calculation update: We have corrected the offset values used in the Life Fitness INSC Upright Bike formula.  Please review your participants that used this bike in Cy 1/22 for any impacts, allow 48 hours for all records to be updated.

2. New approved Bike model added: We added the Life Fitness Model INC/SL Console Bike to both the official PRT Cardio options under BIKE, and to the FEP Cardio options under Bike. This new bike model will be available for testing as an approved bike in the next PFA cycle:

3. Moved the “Cardio Calories Expended” field in the FEP Cardio Row section to the BIKE section where it belongs (removed from Cardio Row section). Now you can input the bike calories in FEP and obtain results for the Bike performance and overall FEP PRT.

4. ACFLs ability to gain members: We added permissions to the ACFL roles to gain members PFA records into the command UICs.  ACFLs will now have the ability to gain member into the Core UIC and when the CFL has built Departments and Divisions, the ACFL will be able to place the PFA record directly into the Dept. and/or Div.

5. Swim Table updated: We made corrections to the Swim tables for both the official PRT Cardio section and the FEP Cardio section. Please review your participants in Cycle 1/22 that selected the Swim for any impacts. Allow 48 hours for all records to be updated.

December 13, 2022

As a friendly reminder, PRIMS data entry for Calendar Year 2022 PFA Cycle expires 31 December 2022. 
CFL/ACFLs who have previously provided all the required documentation for access to PRIMS-2 and still do not have access are to contact the Physical Readiness Program Office at  In the subject line, please list one of the following:  “PRIMS-2 CFL ACCESS” or “PRIMS-2 ACFL ACCESS”, along with the email of your initial PRIMS-2 Access request.  Thank you.

December 7, 2022

PFA CYCLE 1 2023

This week marks the 10th week ahead of the Navy PFA cycle opening date (1Feb2023). PFA Cycle 1 2023 has been created and you will have access to it as of 1Feb2023.

If you are still in the process of entering Cycle 1 2022 PFA scores, be sure to select the correct cycle when adding PFA data.

November 18, 2022

Command Fitness Leaders must input all Calendar Year 2022 Physical Fitness Assessment data by 31 December 2022.   We understand that there have been issues with account creation and transferring of personnel for command rosters.  Since the beginning of October, we have detailed additional personnel from within the 21st Century Sailor Office to assist with PRIMS requests.   The average time to create an account is averaging about 7-10 days (if the SAAR-N form and account request are completed accurately).  This guidance replaces the previous deadline of 30 November in NAVADMIN 251/22.
We continue to update PRIMS-2 to better support CFLs.  The planned December release will include the following capabilities for CFLs:
- Ability for ACFLs to gain members to the command roster
- Auto population of weight to the bike cardio scoresheet
We appreciate the patience and hard work by CFLs and ACFLs.  As of 14 November, you have entered 267,025 BCA records and 246,420 PRT records.

November 7, 2022

NAVADMIN 251/22 released announcing a single Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) Cycle for Calendar Year (CY) 2023.  The PFA cycle will be conducted from 1 February to 30 November 2023.

PRP Policy and PRIMS FAQs have been updated.
SAAR-N requests not properly completed (with errors) will be rejected, resulting in a complete resubmission.  Some of the common SAAR-N errors are missing the following information (blocks):  4-Phone, 10-IA Training Requirements, 11- Justification Access, 13-Unclassified, and 14-Verfication of Need to Know.
A complete step-by-step guide is located on the PRP Website on the right side under “PRIMS-2 – HOW TO:  CFL PRIMS Account Request (SAAR-N Process)”

September 30, 2022

Effective immediately, transfer request for Sailors from RTC Great Lakes UICs (30646 or 42125) will not be placed in a “transfer” status.  RTC Great Lakes is in the process of entering CY2022 PFA results, which requires the Sailor to remain assigned to their RTC Great Lakes UIC.  Once the recruits PFA data is uploaded in PRIMS, RTC Great Lakes will place the Sailor in a transfer status.  CFL/ACFLs should periodically check PRIMS to determine when the Sailor is in a transfer status in order to gain the member.

August 26, 2022


NEW PRIMS-2 DATA ENTRY DEADLINE.  The Chief of Naval Personnel has extended  the time for CFL/ACFLs to enter Calendar Year 2022 PFA data into PRIMS-2 from 30 to 60 days after completion of the Navy PFA cycle.  The new deadline is 30 November 2022.  This provides relief to CFL/ACFLs who are learning our new PRIMS-2 system or may be experiencing account creation issues.

August 10, 2022

The new “CFL PRIMS ACCESS LETTER” is located under the FORMs section of this website.  CFLs requesting PRIMS access must use this format, on command letterhead and signed by the Commanding Officer, along with enclosures (1) and (2) of this letter in order to get PRIMS access.

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