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Physical Readiness


UPDATED as of April 03, 2024

 OPNAVINST 6110.1K is the most current version of instruction. 

03 APR 24  


  • The FAQ sheet has been updated.  You can locate the link to the right under “CFL Resources”.  

  • Join us April 24th for a What’s New for PRIMS-2 Webinar. It is an opportunity to see live demonstrations of recently released functionality in PRIMS-2 and Q&A with PRIMS-2 SMEs.  

    • 30-minute event with three options to participate:   

      • 0900 EDT  

      • 1330 EDT  

      • 2000 EDT  

You can locate the webinar link by clicking HERE or in the “PRIMS-2 TRAINING” tab to the left.

PRIMS Updates:

  • PARFQ/MEDICAL WAIVER ISSUES UPDATE (FROM 12 MAR 24):  MyNavy Portal (MNP) anticipates that Sailors will re-gain the ability to export/print PARFQs and medical waivers from PRIMS within MNP by the end of April.  

  • SALESFORCE DUAL USER LOG-IN ISSUES:   Dual users (CPPA and CFL/ACFL) of Salesforce were recently unable to access either PERSPAY or PRIMS-2.  While the issue is now considered resolved, any dual users with ongoing access issues should email MyNavy Career Center, Human Resources Services Center at with a screenshot of your issue.  

20 Mar 24 


Here is your weekly update with a few new things from the PRP Office: 

  • The PRIMS-2 “How To” links have been removed. You can now find all PRIMS training information in the CFL PRIMS-2 Training Course or ACFL PRIMS-2 Training Course. These courses can be accessed under the “PRIMS-2 TRAINING” tab to the left.  

  • Updated link: “Accessing PRIMS-2: Complete a SAAR”. This link can be accessed under the “PRIMS-2 TRAINING” tab to the left. This link will provide you proper guidance on filling out a SAAR (DD2875) form. 

  • New SAAR Form:  Added a blank fillable SAAR (DD2875) form under our “FORMS” tab to the left. 

PRIMS Updates 

Issues:  The PRP Office is aware of the issues CFL/ACFLs are having with regards to: 

  • Not being able to see newly gained Sailors PFA records 

  • Previous PFA Cycles of new gained Sailors
    We anticipate the issues to be corrected the first week of April 2024.  If previous PFA Cycle information is needed, Sailors can do so from their MNP PRIMS account.  

Good News:  CFL/ACFLs can search for any Sailors in the PRIMS-2.  This was done to aid locating the member PFA record when attempting to gain a PFA record into the responsible UIC.  Note:  when you search and find a Sailor in a previous assigned UIC, you will not see any PFAs listed on that contact page.  The process of gaining the record must happen before you will see any PFAs on a Sailor. 

13 Mar 24


The PRIMS-2 system will be unavailable from 15 Mar (1900 EST) to 18 Mar (0700 EST) for a scheduled software update.  During the system downtime, all users will be unable to access PRIMS-2 until the update is completed. 

This update includes a new way the system will manage UIC structure.
  • Some changes to Departments and Division names are expected when special characters were used in the creation (!#-@& etc.) of the name.  This update will remove those special characters and replace them with an underscore (_).
  • CFL/ACFLs may notice some members that were assigned in divisions are now located in the responsible department of that division.  Please review your members when you regain access and adjust as needed.

12 Mar 24

PARFQ ISSUES:  The PRP Office is aware of the various issues Sailors are having with PARFQs in MyNavy Portal (MNP).  We are working with both the MNP and eCRM Developers to resolve the issues.  Please be patient while MNP & eCRM work on fixing the problem.  An update to this note will be provided when more information is received from the developers.

06 Mar 24 (UPDATED)

It has come to our attention that CFL/ACFLs are using their own PRIMS-2 record for training purposes on how to transfer members. As a reminder, users should NEVER use a live record to conduct training of any type. If this incident occurs, your PRIMS-2 account access will be completely removed. The user will have to re-submit all new CFL or ACFL required documents to to reestablish access and roles.

For guidance and more training, please use the training links below:

01 Mar 24


The PRIMS-2 system will be unavailable from 15 Mar (1900 EST) to 18 Mar (0700 EST) for a scheduled software update.  During the system downtime, all users will be unable to access PRIMS-2 until the update is complete.  

28 Feb 24


Per NAVADMIN 259/23:  Beginning 29 February 2024, DD Form 2875 will be the required System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) form for new PRIMS-2 system requests.  For instances in which the SAAR-N Form (OPNAV 5239/14) has been fully command endorsed prior to 29 February 2024, the SAAR-N form may still be submitted for processing.  However,  if the submitted SAAR-N form contains errors and is returned to the CFL/ACFL for correction, then the DD Form 2875 must be used for re-submission as command endorsement will reset.  All other SAAR-N form submissions in which full command endorsement exceeds the 28 February 2024 deadline will be returned and require re-submission using DD Form 2875.  Additional supporting documents and certification requirements remain the same as indicated in PRP Guide 7, Section 2.  A currently approved OPNAV 5239/14 that is on file may continue to be used until the SAAR needs to be re-issued or modified.
NOTE:  In Block 13 of DD Form 2875, the CFL/ACFLs will annotate the Primary UIC and Additional UIC(s) (as applicable) in which PRIMS-2 system access is needed.  Other information requirements on the document remain valid.  However, the corresponding block number for the respective information may have changed.  Updates to reflect these changes in the Physical Readiness Program guides and instructional materials are in progress.

22 Feb 24

Per NAVADMIN 031/24:  Physical Training Uniform.  Black or navy-blue leggings/tights are authorized for optional wear with the Physical Training Uniform shorts and fitness suit pants.
Since leggings/tights are now authorized components of the PTU, they may be worn during the PRT, Command PT, and FEP. 
Note:  Per Guide 4, control-top panty hose, spandex tights (i.e., leggings/tights), and other shaping garments are prohibited during BCA measurements.

21 Feb 24

MNP PFA Calculator:  My Navy Portal (MNP) provides a link to PRIMS where Sailors have access to several features, including the ability to digitally complete their PARFQ and view their PFA record.  Additionally, there is a PFA calculator to assist Sailors with determining their BCA and/or PRT results.  This is also a great tool for Sailors who use the bike as their alternate cardio modality, to estimate the necessary calorie burn to achieve a specific PRT score based on their weight.
To access this tool, use the “PFA Calculator” link provided under “CFL Resources”.

AMDR Training link located to the right under "AMDR TRAINING" has been updated for 2024.

14 Feb 24

The PRP Office is excited to announce the launch of the new official online PRIMS-2 Training Course for CFL/ACFLs. This interactive course provides technical training on system utilization and data entry, such as:

•  Access Requirements and Navigating within PRIMS-2
•  Contact Records and PFA Cycle Records
•  PHA Dates, PARFQs and Medical Waivers
•  BCA and PRT Data Entry
•  Preparing and Uploading the Data Load .CSV file
•  Gaining and Transferring Sailors
Low bandwidth or no internet access?  The course file can be downloaded/printed for off-line access.
The course is available using the below links and also to the left of this page under PRIMS-2 TRAINING. Training course updates will be provided upon significant changes of approved policy changes or PRIMS-2 system functionality.

07 Feb 24


Per NAVADMIN 258/23, Transferring/Gaining PFA Records: CFL/ACFLs are responsible for transferring and gaining Sailors’ PFA record in PRIMS-2. CFL/ACFLs must ensure that a detaching Sailor’s PFA record is complete and accurate prior to putting the Sailor into a Transfer status. If Sailors are not in a Transfer status upon arriving at their new command, the gaining command’s CFL must contact the Sailor’s previous CFL and request the Sailor be placed into a transfer status.

02 Feb 24

In our efforts to continue to be transparent and provide feedback to the Fleet, the PRP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are back! 
The PRP FAQs can be located under CFL Resources to the right and will be updated the first Friday of the month.  Although your questions are welcomed, we highly encourage you to utilize the PRP Guides and PRIMS-2 home page for Policy and PRIMS updates.



CFL Links

Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS)

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CFL Information

For more information regarding the Command Fitness Leader (CFL) Certification Course, choose the below link.


CFL Course Dates

Should you have difficulties linking to the information, email the CFL Course Administrator at:  CFLTraining@Navy.Mil


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Our Mission

Set the foundation to instill a Culture of Fitness that assists Sailors in developing their ability to complete tasks that supports the command mission and Navy operational readiness.

Primary Objectives

Establish Navy standards for maintaining optimum health, physical, and mental stamina.  Focus on Wellness of Sailors and their families by providing the skills and tools for fitness and nutrition.


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