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Executive Services

Information for Selection Board Members and Recorders
Congratulations on your assignment.  Board membership is a privilege, but carries with it great responsibility and legal obligations.  As a board member or recorder, you have a duty to maintain the independence and integrity of the selection board process, including maintaining the secrecy of the board membership that is announced only after board results are announced publically. You will receive additional written guidance separately.  Failure to comply with that guidance is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and will result in administrative or disciplinary action. 
You must notify the Board Membership Branch, PERS-805, as soon as possible if you discover the board to which you have been assigned is considering your spouse or immediate relative (immediate relative shall include any relationship by blood, marriage, adoption, or blended family up to the fourth degree of kinship (first cousin)) or if you are unable to comply with your orders for any reason.  PERS-805 may be reached at and  You may not be relieved of this duty except as specified in BUPERSINST 1401.5C.  If you (or your command) requests your removal from the board for any reason not directly specified in BUPERSINST 1401.5C, an email from the first Flag Officer in your chain of command to PERS-805 is required for routing of the request to the board’s convening authority for consideration.
Compulsory Pre-Training Requirement:
A training unit, compulsory for O-6 and below per CNPC direction, has been designed to familiarize you with the selection board process, tools, and regulations.  More detailed training will be provided on the first day of the board.  
The training can be accomplished via Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS).  Select (or copy and paste into your web browser) the following links to complete each of the five modules:  Course ID: TWMS-626199  Course ID: TWMS-626198  Course ID: TWMS-626202  Course ID: TWMS-626201  Course ID: TWMS-626200
Alternatively, the training can be accessed via the MPTE SharePoint Portal.  If you have valid CAC credentials with a “PIV-Auth/Authentication” certificate, you can access the MPTE Portal.  The training modules are located at
NSA Mid-South Information:

An excellent source for general information about NSA Mid-South can be found at:
Uniform of the Day:

Uniform of the day is NWU Type III
.  Recommend you bring a light jacket or sweater.  Board rooms are exceptionally cool.
Air Travel Consideration:

Selection board members and recorders make their own flight arrangements.  Although travel disruptions or delays can occur at any time for any number of reasons beyond the control of the traveler, recognize that a board cannot convene until all board members are present.  Therefore, when planning your travel for the day prior to the convening date of your board, you are asked to consider the necessity or prudence of choosing the last scheduled flight of the day from your originating location or an intermediate location en route to the Memphis International Airport.

Recommend travel arrangements be made immediately upon receipt of orders.

All selection board members and recorders are REQUIRED to stay in government quarters at NSA Mid-South, if available.  Selection board members and recorders make their own lodging reservations directly with Gateway Inn & Suites.  A dedicated number (COM: 1-901-233-5652) has been established exclusively for selection board members and recorders to make reservations.
Check-in time is 1500 (or later) and check-out time is 1200 (or earlier).
The primary Gateway Inn & Suites building (Building 452) is the check-in point for all guests.  Rooms are pre-assigned prior to the day of arrival for O-7 and above only.  Gateway Inn & Suites will provide a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) if government facilities are full and will coordinate commercial billeting arrangements for you.  Gateway Inn & Suites understands that board schedules are approximate and that boards may be shorter or longer in duration.  Scheduling of room assignments and accommodation of extended board schedules must be coordinated directly with Gateway Inn & Suites.
Recommend lodging arrangements be made immediately upon receipt of orders. 
Ground Transportation: 

There are gates on the north side (Navy Road) and the south side (Paul Barrett/385/Singleton Parkway) that provide access to NSA Mid-South.
North Side (Navy Road): 
  - Willis Gate (Post 1) **The ONLY 24/7 Gate**  This gate is immediately across from the Navy Federal Credit Union on Navy Road.
South Side (Paul Barrett/385/Singleton PKWY):
- Singleton Parkway Gate (Post 2) **Open M-F 0600-1800**  This gate is the one typically used by travelers proceeding to and from the Memphis International Airport.

Airport shuttle service to NSA Mid-South:
One-way service between Memphis International Airport and Gateway Inn & Suites (Building 452) or Wood Hall (Board Spaces, Building 769) is provided.  The shuttle pick-up/drop-off location is located outside airport Terminal B, Baggage Claim Level, 2nd island, and third lane.  Look for a white, 24-passenger shuttle van located adjacent to the brown sign with white letters marked "NSA Mid-South Shuttles".  Shuttles operate 8 times daily with an approximate 2.5 hour wait time between runs.  Refer to the shuttle schedule and maps provided to you SEPCOR.  
Please utilize the shuttle service provided.  Taxi fare between the airport and NSA Mid-South typically costs $50.00 and generally will not be reimbursed.

Rental Cars:
Flag Officers will be authorized commercial rental cars on their TAD orders.  Rental car reservations should be made in conjunction with travel arrangements.  Upon accessing the base in a rental car, the gate guard will either issue you a temporary pass or direct you accordingly.   You must have a valid ID card, copy of travel orders, and rental car agreement.  All vehicles are subject to military police search.  Additional access/inspection measures are in effect randomly and are unannounced beforehand.  Other individuals desiring their own dedicated transportation may request rental car authorization, paid for by their parent command.

GSA Sedans and Vans:
Board members, O-6 and below, and recorders will share a fleet of GSA sedans and vans which will be distributed equally among the boards in session.  Board recorder(s) for each board will coordinate transportation logistics throughout the board’s duration.  No contract or Navy drivers will be provided. 
Food Service:

If you are arriving late in the evening, note that dining options then are severely limited to non-existent on and in the immediate vicinity of NSA, Mid-South.  Plan accordingly.
Complimentary "Continental" breakfast is available at the Gateway Inn & Suites.
Lunch and afternoon snack/refreshments are provided on all board work/duty days, typically Mon-Sat.

Naval Support Activity, Mid-South Memphis Morale, Welfare & Recreation Department's "Helmsman Club" is a designated government meal provider, serving a “buffet style” lunch from 1100-1300 in the board dining room on all board duty/working days.
Note: Personnel in a TAD/ADT status in support of boards receive per diem at the reduced rate (proportional meal rate).  Please carefully follow instructions relating to lodging and per diem entitlements when preparing NROWS or DTS orders to avoid rework/delays/overpayments when processing your voucher.
Coffee Mess – Coffee and hot tea are available in the board spaces. The cost is $5.00 per day.  You may purchase a "Navy Selection Boards" mug for an additional $5.00.
No food is allowed in the board spaces.  However, beverages in a covered container are allowed.

Internet service is not available in the board spaces.  Complimentary WiFi service is available at Gateway Inn & Suites. 

Attempting to install any internet or networking software on a boardroom workstation will disable the Electronic Military Personnel Record System (EMPRS) software and require a complete software reinstallation to the workstation.

Three landline phone booths are located in the selection board spaces (room 129).  

Mobile phones, Blackberries, personal laptops, cameras, etc., are prohibited in the board spaces. Storage areas for mobile phones are provided at the entrance to the board spaces.
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