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The USS ARIZONA was sunk on 07 DEC 1941 during the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The Memorial was established to honor those who perished that day.  People visit the USS ARIZONA every day from all over the world.  Need highly motivated, hard-charging Sailors that would be interested in serving as a member of this prestigious Command. 


The USS CONSTITUTION is the oldest Navy ship still in commission.  Duty aboard "OLD IRONSIDES", is like taking a step back into history.  Being that the ship is made of wood, part of your primary duties will be to maintain her and her bright work.  As a part of our history, USS CONSTITUTION receives numerous visitors every year and you may be tasked with giving a tour.  There is a screening process, IAW MILPERSMAN 1306-920.  As part of that screening you will be required to do a telephonic interview with the USS CONSTITUTION CMC.  If you are interested in this duty contact your CCC or USS CONSTITUTION detailer.

Military Entrance Processing Command

The United States Military Entrance Processing Command is the vital link between recruiting and training today's Armed Forces. The command's motto, "Freedom's Front Door", symbolizes the command's mission of determining the physical, mental, and moral qualifications of every member of the armed services. There is no other door. Knocking on and walking through "Freedom's Front Door" isn't easy. While the door is open to everyone, only qualified applicants succeed. Thousands of new service members proudly walk through that door each year to fill the ranks of our nation's Armed Forces.


For additional information you may contact:

HMC Harris, Tyler-