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Enlisted Separations

IAW NAVADMIN  005/23, refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine is no longer a basis for ADSEP. All pending ADSEP cases based solely upon refusal of the vaccine are CANCELED. This includes cases for which a 10-day letter had been issued but the member had not yet separated. Please contact us at if you have any questions.
PRIMARY: Support the Navy's enlisted advancement selection board and orders assignment processes for E6-E9 through:
​1. Record flags (placement and removal)
2. Reports of Misconduct
3. Reports of NJP
4. Reports of Results of Court Martial
5. Final Civil Action Reports (FCARs)
6. Reports of No Misconduct

SECONDARY: Receive and process for all Active Duty and TAR Enlisted Sailors:
​1. ADSEP cases requiring CNPC or higher separation authority (MPM 1910-704)
2. Conditional Releases for Inter-Service Transfers (MPM 1910-102)
3. Detachments For Cause (DFCs) (MPM 1616-010)
4. Fleet ADSEP Closeouts 
5. Voluntary EAOS extensions while awaiting ADSEP processing

Send all Enlisted Administrative Separation cases and correspondence to our mailbox at PERS832ADSEPS.FCT@NAVY.MIL via DoD SAFE ONLY.

1. Merge required documents using Adobe Pro software into as few PDFs as possible commensurate with available bandwidth. For packages requiring multiple PDFs due to size, label the documents using the Sailor’s name and part number:

    For e.g. LN2 Sailor Part 1, LN2 Sailor Part 2 etc.

2. Please DO NOT send encrypted emails to We will not be able to open them.

2. Please DO NOT mail physical packages to PERS-832. We will ONLY accept electronic packages.

3. DO NOT send official PERS-832 correspondence to the personal e-mail addresses of PERS-832 staff members.


NOTE: For general enlisted separation questions please contact the My Navy Career Center (MNCC) at 1-833-330-6622. For questions regarding assigning SPD codes, please contact your servicing Personnel Support Detachment (PSD).


When a case package is received, you will receive an email with a case number. If packages are incomplete or missing critical documents, they will be returned without action and will need to be resubmitted in their entirety. If you do not receive a case number within 45 days, please contact



Please be aware that cases can take in excess of 180 days to reach adjudication. Only those cases with EAOS dates within the next 90 days will be expedited. In any correspondence regarding a case with an EAOS in less than 90 days, please note the EAOS in the email subject line (e.g. "ADSEP ICO [Rank/Rate Name] *** EAOS [date]")

Cases missing items from the applicable checklist (located under Helpful Links on this webpage) will be returned without action and will require resubmission.

Normal timelines may be delayed due to the current environment. We apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience.


1. NAVADMIN 142/22 HAS CANCELLED ALL VOLUNTARY SEPARATIONS with the following exceptions:

    ·       Applications to transfer to United States Space Force (USSF)
    ·       Pursuit of a commission in the Navy
    ·       Applications to transfer to other Uniformed Service at SEAOS

2. CO's still retain 90-day early out authority under the policies outlined in MILPERSMAN 1910-108 and MILPERSMAN 1910-102.
Note: COs are not the approval authority for conditional releases (except for 90-day authority mentioned above). Only PERS-832 may approve conditional releases. In addition, Service members must not apply for a commission or inter-Service transfer in another branch of Service without the aforementioned approval by PERS-832.

 Service members interested in obtaining a Navy commission, transferring into USSF, or transferring to another Uniformed Service (at their SEAOS) must:

1. Request a conditional release to apply to a specific commissioning program/specific branch of service. Submit a NAVPERS 1306/7 Electronic Personnel Action Request to their CO. Upon CO's positive endorsement, forward to PERS-832 via MNCC (
2. If approved, member's command will receive a message from PERS-832 advising member that they may apply to the requested program/service.
3. Upon official notification of selection into the program/service, member must request separation on a specific date, via their CO, from PERS-832, using NAVPERS 1306/7. The request must include a copy of the acceptance or appointment letter and reporting requirement/official orders from the program to justify the requested discharge date. Requests should again be submitted to PERS-832 via MNCC (
4. If the separation request is approved, PERS-832 will release a message to the member's command authorizing the separation. The message will contain the approved discharge date and specific information for the preparation of the member's DD-214.

Note: Member's interested in transferring/commissioning into another branch (except USSF) prior to their SEAOS must also include an Exception to Policy request from their CO with their initial Conditional Release request. This ETP request will require CNP approval and is not normally approved.


IAW MILPERSMAN 1616-040, PERS-832 only accepts reports of NJP for E-6 through E-9. Reports of NJP for E-5 and below must be sent directly to PERS-313, per MILPERSMAN 1616-050. For more information, please visit the PERS-313 webpage at

Please do not include investigations, police reports, NCIS documents, etc. when sending Reports of NJP.

Sailors being processed for ADSEP are NOT eligible for transfer to the Fleet Reserve (MPM 1830-040), and they cannot be involuntarily retained beyond their SEAOS solely for ADSEP processing (MPM 1910-208). Members can request a voluntary extension from PERS-832. Voluntary extensions are typically done in 6 month increments.

Note: If a Sailor's SEAOS expires while awaiting ADSEP adjudication, they should be separated for Completion of Required Service. They would not receive retirement benefits.



If a member is enrolled in the DES/undergoing a PEB while being processed for ADSEP, CNPC (at a minimum) is the separation authority (MPM 1910-704).

If a member receives orders to be medically discharged/transfer to the TDRL/PDRL and is simultaneously being processed for ADSEP for MISCONDUCT:
-contact PERS-954 to have the separation/retirement date held in abeyance pending the adjudication of the ADSEP. Abeyances are typically done 6 months at a time.

If a member receives orders to be medically discharged/transfer to the TDRL/PDRL and is simultaneously being processed for ADSEP for ANYTHING OTHER THAN MISCONDUCT:
-the medical separation/retirement should be executed as directed. contact to ensure proper closeout of the ADSEP case.

The only form that will be accepted for ADSEP processing is NAVPERS 1910-31 Rev08-19.
This memo shall be used when a member who is undergoing ADSEP processing has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), or any other mental health diagnosis in order to determine whether the condition did/did not contribute to the member's misconduct.
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