03-05 NOSC Slating



RANK       NAME                          COMMAND

CDR         Colin Kennedy              NRC NEWPORT RI
LCDR       Christopher Kucala        NRC SLT LK CITY
CDR         Ian Espich                    NRC INDIANAPOLI
CDR(sel)   Peter Rancourt             NRC GULFPORT MS
LCDR        Jonathan Westerman    NRC AKRON OHIO
CDR         Patrick Griffin               NRC LAS VEGAS
CDR         Katrina Conley              NRC CHALTSN SC
CDR(sel)   Adam Campbell            NRC LEMOORE
CDR          Robert Brown              NRC EL PASO TX
LCDR         Andrew Potts              NRC OMAHA
LCDR         Brian Matic                 NRC GUAM
CDR          Jason Howell               NRC WEST PALM BCH FL
LCDR        Adam Schroeter           NRC SPOKANE WA
LCDR        Nicholas Bularzik          NRC ALBUQUE NM
LCDR        Marissa Gatten             NRC SPRGFLD MO
LCDR        Crystal Graham            NRC FALLON NV
LCDR        Glen Moyer                  NRC COLUMBUS GA
LCDR        Mia Marbella                NRC AMARILO TX
CDR(sel)   George Roth                NRC ANCHORAGE
LCDR        Steven Whatley            NRC FARGO ND
LCDR        David Indiveri               NRC HELENA MT

Visit the NOSC Command website for details on the NOSC screening/slating process and review COMNAVRESFORCOM INSTRUCTION 1412.1E.

O3-O5 NOSC Command Slating Business Rules

  • Screened officers who are PRD eligible shall submit a ranked NOSC preference sheet.  

  • Officers will typically be assigned to rank-equivalent NOSCs (e.g. CDRs will be typically be assigned to CDR NOSCs before being considered for LCDR NOSCs).

    • CDRs are eligible for CDR and LCDR NOSCs and must submit ranked preferences for all available CDR NOSCs and may submit separately ranked preferences for LCDR NOSCs. 

      • For example, if there are 16 CDR NOSCs and 7 LCDR NOSCs available, therefore CDRs must rank all 16 CDR NOSCs for consideration (1 through 16) and may include separately ranked preferences for up to 7 LCDR NOSCs.
        Note: separate rankings to be provided using only 1 preference sheet. 

    • LCDRs and LTs are eligible for commands one rank above their current pay grade.  LCDRs must provide two separately ranked preferences and must rank all available CDR and LCDR NOSCs; LTs must rank all LCDR NOSCs. 
      Note: separate rankings to be provided using only 1 preference sheet.

Submitting preferences does not preclude one from being slated to a command opportunity that was not on one's preference list.


All are encouraged to provide amplifying remarks about rankings and to discuss submission with one's detailer. 


  • Submit slate preferences using the preference sheets template provided on this website (upper right hand corner of site); submit via e-mail to the FTS Placement Officer - casey.j.travis@navy.mil and your detailer.  Please DO NOT modify the formatting of this sheet.  

  • If an officer chooses to decline command after screening, a formal declination of command is required IAW MPM 1301-818.  

  • NOSC commands are for 36 months and PRDs will reflect this.  However, PRDs are subject to change based on the officer’s career progression and the needs of the Navy.   The projected fill dates are subject to change based on the incumbent Commanding Officer’s follow-on orders and career milestones.


  • All courses are mandatory and must be completed prior to assuming NOSC command.  Expect a 1-3 month training track to accommodate the Naval Leadership and Ethics Course, NOSC CO Course, COAT, and the Naval Security Manager Course.  Prerequisites must be completed for courses prior to reporting.

Listed below is the notional training track for all prospective NOSC CO's.  All course descriptions, locations, and convening dates can be found on the Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC) website (https://app.prod.cetars.training.navy.mil/cantrac/vol2.html)

  • COMMAND LEADERSHIP COURSE (CLC)  - Newport (2 weeks) (CIN:  P-1B-0004, CDP:  628P) 


  • NAVAL SECURITY MANAGER COURSE (NSMC) - Norfolk or Groton (3 days) (CIN:  S-3C-0001,  CDP:  925X/W)

Prerequisite for NSMC:**

E-Learning Courses (11 hours); info found at:  http://www.cdse.edu/toolkits/index.html; refer to attachment:  NSMC Prerequisites 


  • SENIOR LEADER LEGAL COURSE (SLLC) - Norfolk, Newport, or San Diego (3 days) (CIN:  S-5F-0011, CDP:  3760, 0258, 3759) 

Prerequisite for SLLC:  None

* Note 1:  NOSC CO is a combination of NOSC CO/COAT/NRUM.

** Note 2:  Ref‚Äčer to cdse link and attachment for prerequisite specifics.
*** Note 3:  ADAMS for Leaders is required for all Commanding Officers IAW OPNAVINST 5350.4.  Please note that this course can be completed after assuming command and will not typically be funded in your orders.

Slating questions may be directed to the FTS Placement Officer.  FTS officers should contact their Detailers for questions regarding timing for NOSC command. 

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Fall 2021 NOSC CO Slate Preference Sheet

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