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CAPT Tyrone Bush


Junior Surface Officer Detailer

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Shore duty as a FTS focuses heavily on reserve management and the training and integration of Selected Reservists.  FTS Officers primarily serve in three main roles during their shore tours - as an Operational Support Officer (OSO) on a major staff, as a NOSC Commanding Officer, or on a major reserve staff such as OCNR, CNRFC, or at one of six RCCs.  

FTS Officers have a unique opportunity to truly command early, command often.  There are 123 total NOSCs throughout the country, with at least one NOSC in every state, plus Guam and Puerto Rico.  NOSC Commanding Officer billets start at LCDR and continue through CAPT, but it is possible to serve as a CO as early as a LT.  Major shore billets are in Norfolk, VA, Washington, D.C., and Millington, TN.



FTS SWO's have a career path that closely mirrors the active duty SWOs.  Officers are expected to complete their required Division Officer tours, screen and serve two tours as a Department Head afloat, and compete for Command at Sea.  The sea/shore rotation follows the same path as an 1110, and arrival at Department Head school NLT than 7.5 YCS remains the standard.    

1117 Officers will have two detailers - sea tours are detailed by PERS-41, while shore tours are detailed by PERS-46.  Division Officers who are delayed in their timing due to joining the surface community later than their peers should coordinate closely with the FTS detailers.  For additional information on SWO community issues refer to the PERS-41 webpage: 



The FTS Submarine Community focuses exclusively on reserve management.  A Submariner who has redesignated to 1127 will no longer be detailed to at-sea billets.  Additionally, 1127s no longer maintain their Nuclear AQDs and associated submarine incentive pays.

However, Submarine FTS officers serve on operational staffs and provide direct contributions to operational forces, and also have the opportunity to command ashore.  An officer in the 1127 community will serve as an OSO on major Submarine Staffs, as  a NOSC CO, or in staff billets at OCNR and CNRFC.



SEAL FTS officers follow a dual career path, alternating between operational tours and reserve management shore tours.  1137 officers compete with their active duty counterparts for operational command and career milestones.  SEALs are eligible to command NOSCs, and also serve in billets at OCNR/CNRFC and as an OSO on major or TYCOM staffs, such as  Special Boat Squadrons, SPECWARCOM, SOCOM, and at the Group level. Many billets are available overseas.


Special Operations Officers also follow dual career paths. They can be assigned to any reserve center CO, XO, or Training Officer billet and nearly any of the reserve staff billets throughout the country including Operational Support Officer.


If selected for accession to return to active duty in the FTS program, junior SELRES officers (O-2/3) not screened for department head training can expect to return to sea duty (up to 24 months) for the purpose of screening for department head school before going ashore to a Reserve Program Management tour as Training Officer or Executive Officer of a large reserve center.

Department Head screened Officers typically will proceed directly to their afloat department head tour via the six month department head training course in Newport, RI. Department head tours are currently comprised of two 18 month tours in accordance with the current department head sequencing plan.

Upon completion of these two department head tours, FTS officers can expect to take command of a Naval Reserve Center or potentially remain at sea to improve their screening opportunity for Executive Officer afloat. Officers completing afloat XO tours are detailed to FTS billets ashore intended to keep them competitive for Commander Command screening.

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