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Status Select

CONGRATULATIONS on your selection for promotion!
You will be promoted on or after 1 October of the next fiscal year depending on your seniority versus the other officers selected for promotion and the phasing plan.  A monthly NAVADMIN message will be released the last week of each month announcing promotions that will be effective the first day of the following month.  These messages can be viewed on the Navy Personnel Command website messages page.  

Active duty selection board, promotion timing will typically be determined by the annual phasing (promotion) plan issued by N-13, the Navy Manpower office in Washington, DC. 
Reserve selection board, promotion timing will typically be determined by the annual phasing (promotion) plan issued by BUPERS-3, in Millington, TN.

The phasing plan is the promotion plan that provides the number of officers, by paygrade and competitive category, that should be allowed to be promoted each month.  However, the phasing plan is not the final authority for promotion.  The final authority for promotion will be published in the monthly promotion NAVADMIN released by the Chief of Navy Personnel.  This message is typically released during the last week of the month for promotions that will occur on the first of the following month.

 Full Time Support (URL) promotion phasing is determined by the “Running Mate” system (FTS HR, AMDO, and Supply are phased independently).  URL officers have been assigned, as a running mate, the next junior officer on the active-duty list in the same competitive category having the same grade and date of rank.  The officer on the reserve active-status list will be in the promotion zone and eligible for consideration for promotion to the next higher grade by a selection board when that officer’s running mate is in or above the promotion zone established for that officer’s grade

Each year a phasing plan is approved which determines when those in a "select" status will promote.  For HR, AMDO, Supply and all SELRES communities, the phasing plan historically has authorized promotion of selected officers at a rate of 5% per month for the first eight months of the year and 15% per month for the last four months of the year.  FTS URL promote according to the Active Component URL phasing plan (3% per month for 11 months and the remainder in September).  The actual numbers promoted in a particular community each month may vary to allow promotions to be spread out as evenly as possible based upon the requirements of the phasing plan and the needs of the Navy. 

Until the phasing plan is released we are not able to determine when an individual will be promoted. 

When published, the phasing plan for your grade and competitive category can be found at the Active Duty Officer Boards Page.  Click on the link to the board that considered you for promotion.  After page loads, click the fiscal year you were selected (right side of page).  Then scroll down and click on phasing plan.  Phasing plans are usually released at the end of August or first part of September each year.  Once the phasing plan is released you can estimate the month your promotion should occur by following these directions.

*Determine your 4-digit seniority number.  This number can be found next to the last 4 of your SSN on the ALNAV announcing selection board results, and is your relative seniority among selects in your competitive category.
*On the phasing plan, find your competitive category.  There are two lines for each competitive category.
*In the row labeled “To Date”, scan across the columns until your seniority number is the same or lower than the number listed for your competitive category, and higher than the next column on the left. 
*The column you stop at will be labeled with the projected month of your promotion. 
*The NAVADMIN authorizing your promotion for the first of the month should be available on the NPC website on approximately the 25th of the month prior to your promotion. 

Note:  In smaller communities there may be months where no promotions occur. 

Example:  A URL select is #0027 on the list.  Their projected month for promotion will be the 27th spot, in which the "To Date" line of the Phasing Plan will includes the number 27. 

**NOTE: Reserve O6 and Active Duty O4 and above must be Senate confirmed, before any promotions from those boards can occur.
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