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Reserve O3 Line Promotion

Welcome to the Reserve O3 Line Promotion information page.
The FY-24 Reserve Lieutenant All-Fully-Qualified-Officer-List (AFQOL) #1 has been approved: ALNAV 076/23.    
The FY-23 Reserve Lieutenant All-Fully-Qualified-Officer-List (AFQOL) #2 has been approved: ALNAV 024/23.

The Secretary of the Navy is authorized to recommend all fully qualified lieutenants junior grade for promotion to lieutenant without selection board
action.  PERS-80 generates an AFQOL each summer.  The primary AFQOL Process, AFQOL1, begins on May 1.

To be eligible for consideration an officer must: 

1)    be on the Reserve Active Status List (RASL) or Active-Duty List (ADL) the day the process convenes (regardless of entry-grade credit)
2)    complete the statutory time-in-grade (TIG) requirement of 24 months within the next fiscal year
3)    Per 10 U.S.C. Sec. 14301, Reserve officers must have completed one year on the RASL, ADL, or a combination of the two without break in service prior to the convening of the process*
*Deferment of eligibility is intended to provide officers an opportunity to obtain experience, qualifications, and significant evaluation before being considered for promotion.  Officers whose eligibility is deferred will be considered for promotion by the first promotion process convened after eligibility is achieved.  If an officer possesses sufficient TIG, served or awarded (i.e. entry-grade credit), to warrant a retroactive date of rank (DOR), one will be granted.  The first day of the fiscal year for which the board is conducted is the earliest retroactive DOR that may be awarded.  (This would be 1OCT17 in the case of the FY-18 LT AFQOL Process (convene date:  1MAY17).  A second AFQOL process, AFQOL2, is commenced December 1 to consider officers who were ineligible for consideration by AFQOL1, but who have since obtained eligibility.
Officers considered fully qualified will be recommended for promotion.**  The approved list of these officers will be published in an ALNAV message.  Promotion authority will be granted by monthly promotion NAVADMIN messages, which normally will be issued NLT the last day of the month preceding the month to which the message pertains.  All fully qualified LTJGs will be promoted to LT on the first day of the month following the anniversary of 24 months in grade, unless the officer was promoted to LTJG on the first day of the month.  If an officer was promoted to LTJG on the first day of the month, that officer will be promoted on the first day of that same month after achieving 24 months in grade.  When calculating projected promotion date, be advised that an officer may not be promoted any earlier than the first day of the fiscal year for which the board/process is held.
**Eligible lieutenants junior grade who were recommended for promotion on their most recent observed fitness report (i.e. promotion recommendation of “promotable” [or better, in the case of LDOs]) will be added to the AFQOL.  Officers whose names appear on the AFQOL will then receive an in-depth adverse information screening.  Officers identified as having adverse or alleged adverse information, meeting DCNO (M&P) requirements, will remain on the AFQOL but will be withheld from the ALNAV selection promulgation message until SECNAV reaches a promotion determination. 
Important: Commanding Officers are authorized to make written objections or withhold promotion until the Secretary of the Navy reviews individual cases and either concurs with or opposes the promotion of the individual.
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