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Enlisted Special Boards


BUPERSINST 1430.16G designates Deputy CNP as the authority to determine an applicant’s eligibility for an enlisted Special Selection Board (SSB). Decisions made by Deputy CNP regarding eligibility are final. CNP is the authority for convening and approving the report of an enlisted SSB.

Enlisted SSB eligibility terminates two years after the regular board results are made public. A pending BCNR request that was submitted within the two year window is the only exception. 

Special Board Considerations:

When determining if a candidate meets the criteria for a special board, ensure candidates have met the eligibility requirements outlined in BUPERSINST 1430.16G chapter 2 prior to the scheduled board convening date. Requirements achieved after the scheduled board convening date are considered late and do not make a candidate eligible for the regularly scheduled board or entitle a candidate to an enlisted special selection board.

If a candidate was not considered for selection to the next higher grade before a selection board more than once, and if more than one of these involved the same error, the candidate’s case normally shall be considered by only one SSB. This SSB will be approved for the first selection board that was affected by the same error, unless the candidate specifies the particular board for which relief is sought, or other circumstances exist indicating that relief for a subsequent board is more appropriate

As a reminder, the authoritative source to determine selection board eligibility is the profile sheet. Because eligibility status can change without direct notification, candidates should verify their profile sheet on a continuous basis and commands must verify their ESVR weekly through the projected board adjourn date. The profile sheet and ESVR are updated as changes are processed by NAVPERSCOM (PERS-802).
Candidates share equal responsibility with their parent commands to ensure:


(1) The candidate’s name appears on the selection board eligibility list
(2) The candidate is listed in the correct competitive group
(3) The candidates OMPF field codes 30 through 38 and PSR are up-to-date

If an eligible candidate is not listed and the command did not submit a completed Advancement in Rate or Change in Rating worksheet (NETPDC 1430/3) along with a letter of transmittal to NETPDC (N321), copy to NAVPERSCOM (PERS-802), they will not be considered for a Special Selection Board.
If a listed candidate is ineligible or later becomes ineligible, and the command did not submit a message to NETPDC (N321) and NAVPERSCOM (PERS-802) requesting verification of the candidate’s eligibility and provide explanation per paragraph 722b, the candidate will not be considered for a special selection board.
If candidates are validated in the wrong competitive category, and the command did not submit a message notification to NETPDC (N321) and NAVPERSCOM (PERS-802) detailing the discrepancy, the candidate will not be considered for a special selection board.
Candidates who do not have a recommendation for advancement on the most recent evaluation will be invalidated. Evaluations that restore a recommendation for advancement must be made available to the selection board prior to the board convening date.  These candidates will not be considered for a special selection board if the command failed to make the information available.
Commands must revalidate members who’s disapproved or canceled retirement authorization is adjudicated prior to selection board convening date by sending an e-mail to with a reason for revalidation to PERS-802.  Special selection board will not be granted to candidates who’s retirement authorizations are not adjusted prior to the board convening.

Request Requirements:

Applicants must submit a request for an enlisted SSB to NAVPERSCOM (PERS-803) via the Commanding Officer. Enlisted SSB requests must include the following information:


(1) Applicant’s full name and rate
(2) Specific regular board that did not consider or improperly considered the applicant (e.g. FY-16 E8/9 Selection Board)
(3) Summary of administrative error(s) that precluded the applicant’s proper consideration and attempts made to correct the error(s)
(4) A command endorsement to include why the applicant was not selection board eligible or properly considered during the regular selection board, the steps taken by the command to correct the issue, and the date the command verified the member’s ESVR
(5) Contact information for the applicant’s Command Master Chief/Senior Enlisted Leader. NAVPERSCOM will take no action without the command endorsement.
(6) Any documentation supporting the applicant’s request

See BUPERSINST 1430.16G Figure 11-2 for an example request

Email your request to or mail to:

Navy Personnel Command
Attn: PERS-803
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-8010


You will receive notification via email from PERS-803 that your request has been received.  The process is intentionally deliberate, so please understand that it can take up to 12 months for the DCNP to make a final determination.  On average, it takes approximately 6 months.  If an SSB is awarded, it can take an additional 6 months for the board to meet and the results to be released.  Once the DCNP makes a determination, PERS-80 will inform you of the decision via email if you are granted an SSB.

Please email with any questions regarding Special Selection Board requests, procedures, or policy.  For all other questions, the MyNavy Career Center is standing by to help!  Please call 1-833-330-MNCC or email questions to

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