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SRB SDAP Enlisted Bonus


Please review all linked trainings in their entirety.  They have all been updated to reflect the most current information and to address common questions we have received.

SRB Migration to NSIPS Training
Extension Training

STAR Training

The SRB award level increases and the award levels for newly added skillsets are effective immediately.  SRB requests are required to be submitted 35-120 days in advance.  Sailors who just gained eligibility for an SRB with the addition of a newly offered SRB skillsets will have that requirement waived if they are within about 6 weeks of their EAOS, crossing out of zone, or executing a PCS transfer.  We will not require a formal 35 Day Waiver in those cases.   Simply enter the request and use the comments function to explain the short-fused nature of the request.

SRB paygrades do not update automatically.  SRBs are processed based on the paygrade requested by the CCC.  Any change to the paygrade requires manual intervention.  This is especially relevant during this MAP season.  SRBs are calculated from discharge paygrade (day prior to reenlistment).  If MAP advancement impacts the member’s paygrade for a pending or approved SRB reenlistment, action must be taken by the CCC.  This will require the CCC to request cancellation from the SRB Desk, and subsequent resubmission with the correct paygrade.  A not should be made in the resubmission that it is being resubmitted for paygrade change. Cancellation is request via email of phone call to the SRB Desk.  Failure to act could result in the SRB being approved for the wrong paygrade.  This may prevent payment and result in the need to submit a BCNR.

CCCs can view SRB status for all SRBs submitted after July 30 directly in NSIPS (web only).  Please review the information contained in the Migration to NSIPS Training dated 10SEP21.  Details of how to use this tool are described starting on slide 26.

CCCs can use this tool to obtain screen shots for SRB approvals in support of providing the Key Supporting Document (KSD) to PSD for SRB reenlistment contract generation and SRB payment.

For SRB requests submitted for the first time prior to July 3, assistance will still be needed from BUPERS-328 to validate SRB status and obtain an SRB approval screen shot.  This includes SRBs that have been subsequently cancelled and resubmitted after the migration occurred.  The date of the first request will determine whether the data can be viewed in NSIPS.  All emails for assistance to BUPERS-328, irrespective of original submission date, should include:

Sailor’s rate
Approximate date of SRB submission
Requested reenlistment date
Sailor’s FULL name

Discontinue use of the SRB application in BOL as a source of SRB status.  This data represents the status of the request when OPINS was locked out to a read only mode.  It has not been updated since, and will not expected to be updated in the future.  All authoritative SRB data will remain in NSIPS and can be viewed on demand by both CCCs and PSD personnel.  SRB message functionality has been restored.  The message DTG cannot be sourced from NSIPS.

If access, connectivity, or other resource constraints restrict the ability of the CCC to access NSIPS (web) to validate the status of an SRB, the CCC should contact the ISIC or TYCOM CCC as appropriate for assistance.  The SRB Desk does not currently have the capacity to validate all requests on demand.

We do expect there will be numerous issues identified.  CCCs have not been able to validate submission accurately in seven weeks.  As issues are identified, ask for assistance.  These issues are not likely to generate a conflict with the requirement to submit a request 35-120 days in.  If reasonable action was taken previously, our primary goal will be to get the SRB reenlistment back on track.  In some cases this may require moving the reenlistment date to ensure adequate lead time exists for processing. 

Selective Reenlistment Bonuses (SRB)

Current SRB Award Levels
Current TAR SRB Award Levels

OPNAVINST 1160.8B and NAVADMIN 108/20 govern the SRB Program.  BUPERS 328 does not produce a cheat sheet or desk guide. If you are using one, then it likely does not reflect current policy and processes.  Work from the above linked source documents only.  When in doubt, ask the SRB Desk at BUPERS 328.


Shutdowns and Reductions

SRBs are reenlistment incentives used to maintain desired manning in specific ratings and NEC'S. SRB levels are subject to change in response to the needs of the Navy in managing community manning.  SRB Shutdowns may be managed by NAVADMIN, promulgated by memo, or through an update to the Current SRB Award Level table linked above. 

SRB Award Limitations

SRB ceiling caps are governed by the current SRB NAVADMIN and Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 1304.31.  In no case can an SRB exceed $100,000.00.  Current federal policy further limits SRBs to a maximum of $30,000.00 per year of additional obligated service (AOS).  This limit is not currently programmed into any corporate data system.  A manual intervention is required by BUPERS 328 to manually cap the SRB.  Any request exceeding this criteria will initially be rejected by BUPERS 328 until the SRB can be manually capped and approved.  The below linked table is provided as a tool to help determine the maximum SRB payable under the $30k cap broken down by months of AOS.



SRB Submission Guidance

SRB requests must be submitted between 35-120 days prior to reenlistment date via CIMS(NSIPS). Request passing the prescreening process will normally be processed for approval approximately two weeks prior to re-enlistment. Once the request is approved, the command will be notified via message traffic as well as the CCC being able to view the status of the SRB via the Inquire page in NSIPS. Any request failing to prescreen will be rejected and an email will be sent to email address that is entered into NSIPS for the CCC. A best practice is to view the status of the request in NSIPS two to three workdays after submission. A valid request will show that the SRB pre-certification is approved and the SRB/ESRP tab will show a status of working. The status will remain as "working" until the SRB is approved approximately two weeks prior to the reenlistment date. The exception to this is the beginning of the fiscal year. SRBs will not be approved until funds for the new fiscal year have been received, usually the first working day after 1 October. As soon as the funds are received the SRB desk will begin approving SRBs and push out as far as possible up to two weeks out.

35 Day Waiver Guidance

SRB requests must be submitted 35-120 days prior to the reenlistment date.  A waiver request should be viewed as a significant course of action and should be used in the rare case of Career Development Team oversight.  That oversight may include an unreasonable delay in routing, inadequate or incorrect career counseling to the member, SRB reductions and closures are not in themselves justification to waive the 35 day requirement.  There would need to be some other failure attributable to the command that prevented the member from acting reasonably to submit a request that could beat the reduction and still meet 35 days from the time of the original request.  35 Day Waiver Requests must include the following IAW the below linked Decision Memorandum:

  A CO endorsed request for a 35 Day Waiver on command letterhead
  A copy of any reenlistment request chits and any other supporting documentation to help explain why the request
  could not be submitted on time
  An ISIC endorsement to the CO’s request


Decision Memorandum link

       35 Day Waiver Letter Example  


Forward complete 35 Day Waiver request to MMNCM(SS) David Olsen at Incentive Pay and ensure the subject line states "35 Day Waiver Request ICO (MEMBER) For Reenlistment on (DATE)".


Selective Training and Reenlistment (STAR)

MILPERSMAN 1160-100 and Career School Listing (CSL) governs the STAR program.  The STAR program offers career designation to first term enlisted members who enlist or reenlist and thereby become eligible for the following career incentives:

  Guaranteed assignment to an appropriate Class “A” or “C” School (but not both). 
  Possible advancement from Petty Officer Third Class (PO3) to Petty Officer Second Class (PO2)   
  upon completion of a Class “C” School, which is listed in the Career Schools Listing (CSL).   
  Advancement to PO3 upon completion of Phase I of an Advanced Electronics Field (AEF)    
  Class “A” School under automatic advancement procedures for the AEF program. 
  Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB), if eligible (not guaranteed). 
  Opens SRB window to one year prior to EAOS. 


To be eligibility for a STAR re-enlistment the enlisted member must be on their first enlistment, with more than 21 months active duty and less than 6 years active duty.  The member must also have no evaluation grade below 3.0 for 2 years prior to the submission date to BUPERS 328, no NJP for 18 months prior to the submission date, nor may not have been accepted for any commissioning programs.


STAR Submission Guidance

Submit STAR requests directly in NSIPS.  BUPERS-328 will no longer manually enter STAR requests directly into OPINS in response to 1306/7 requests submitted by commands.  Do not submit 1306/7 requests via email or MNCC.  1306/7 requests submitted via email or via MNCC will be returned without action.  For commands with OPINS access, do not attempt to submit a STAR request directly into OPINS.  Commands must gain appropriate NSIPS access, and submit all requests via NSIPS.   

The ability to submit a STAR request via NSIPS is an existing functionality of NSIPS. 
Please submit the STAR request in NSIPS by creating a Career Option via Contract Administration/Force management/Use/ Career Options – Create. The SRB website has been updated with a training guide on submitting STARs via NSIPS.

The BUPERS-328 processing time for a STAR request will be markedly improved once the system migration is complete.  This will allow BUPERS-328 to remain flexible with the MILPERSMAN 1160-100 requirement to submit the STAR request at least 60 days in advance while the system migration is in process.



The career schools listing, which establishes specific eligibility requirements for automatic advancement via the Selective Training and Reenlistment (STAR) program.  In keeping with the Navy's total force integration, these programs further the training of our high-quality Sailors and reward them for their valuable contributions.  This update supersedes all previous career schools listings.

Career School Listing (CSL)

Updated:  12 December 2023  
Point of Contact for STAR:  PSCS Paul Joseph,


 Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP)

SDAP is a monthly incentive pay used to entice qualified personnel to accept designated assignments and to sustain adequate manning levels. 

In order to qualify for SDAP, member must be assigned to and working in a valid billet via the Billet Based Distribution System. The NEC/Billet must be authorized on the current SDAP Levels Chart. The member must hold the NEC and be filling billet type in order to qualify for SDAP and be authorized by the Command Officer. The CO's signature verifies the command is not exceeding Billet Authorized; member is working in a valid NEC/Billet type on the NAVADMIN, and holds the NEC (if paid based on NEC vice Billet Type).


Current SDAP Levels

SDAP Levels with Admin Updates

For members receiving SDAP for a special duty assignment that is marked for reduction, the reduction will take effect 60 days(4 Jan 2021) after release of the Eligibility chart announcing the reduction. For all new personnel becoming eligible for the special duty assignment after the release of the Eligibility chart, SDAP will be started at the lower SD level.
OPNAVINST 1160.6 (series), the current SDAP NAVADMIN, and the SDAP Levels Chart governs the SDAP program. SDAP Levels is directive in nature and applies to levels for both USN and FTS personnel. Specific policy guidance associated with this plan, as well as assignments authorized to receive SDAP, are contained within. Commands and servicing PSDs are responsible for administering all applicable changes to SDAP in accordance with referenced policy and Eligibility Chart.


SDAP Submission Guidance

Per NAVADMIN 139/18, PSDs may start the SDAP of a Sailor up to eight months retroactive to the date of the SDAP memo of the command.  SDAP requests that are greater than eight months must be submitted to BUPERS-328 via the Incentive Inbox or directly to the SDAP POC. NOTE: BY DIRECTION SIGNATURES ARE NOT AUTHORIZED.  Any request that is signed by direction will be returned without any action taken.
Submitted via INCENTIVE PAY

The following OPNAV N130 process has been developed to establish the method for submitting request for SDAP changes. 


Point of Contact for SDAP:  PSCS Paul Joseph, 
Point of Contact for SDAP Nuclear Trained Sailors:
Point of Contact for changes to SDAP eligibility chart and Exceptions to Policy: CTRCM(IW/SW/AW) Amanda Judson,


The Special Duty Assignment Pay Recertification is conducted annually to ensure commands are maintaining an accurate account of member’s eligibility for SDAP.

The recertification begins with release of NAVADMIN 152/23 and must be received by BUPERS 328 by 31 August 2023.


Effective:  01 December 2023

The FY 2023 Annual Recertification of Special Duty Assignment Pay as directed by NAVADMIN 152/23 has concluded. Delinquent commands that have had SDAP turned off effective 01 December 2023 for failing to recertify should take action as directed in NAVADMIN 152/23 paragraph 4, to complete the certification process and request SDAP be restored.


SDAP Annual Recertification Example Letter

If prompted for CAC certificate, hit cancel and it should pull up the document.

Enlistment Bonuses (EB)  

OPNAVINST 1160.9 governs the EB Program. Commander Navy Recruiting Command (CNRC) will periodically release Program Messages offering various types of EBs to Sailors to incentivize enlistment.  These messages can be located on the CNRC Webpage.

FSC Great Lakes will initiate payment of EBs associated with successful completion of Basic Training upon graduation. Enlistment Bonuses for Source Ratings should be paid by the servicing PSD associated with the A School. If the member is detached from A School prior to payment, then the gaining command will need to take action to request processing and payment of the bonus. 

The EBPFA is offered as an incentive to increase physical readiness upon reporting to RTC. The PFA under consideration is the baseline PFA administered in the first week of training. Not everyone who is offered EBPFA will earn it. If the baseline PFA is passed, the bonus should be paid by Great Lakes upon graduation. If the member was guaranteed an EBPFA bonus, yet remains unpaid, odds are quite high the member did not actually pass the baseline PFA at RTC. If the member is insistent they passed, then the command should coordinate with their servicing PSD to contact the Bonus Section at FSC Great Lakes. The Bonus Section staff can quickly validate whether the EBPFA was earned by reviewing the baseline PFA data if they are provided the member’s full name and RTC division number. The PFA under consideration is not documented in PRIMS.

If a member has not received payment for any other earned enlistment guarantee, then the command CPPA should submit the member’s DD Form 4 and applicable Annex to DD Form 4 to their servicing PSD via TOPS and request processing. The servicing PSD will then be able to process the request using the authority and procedures outline in Military Pay Advisories (MPAs) 16-19 and 17-19.


NEC Information  

BUPERS-328 (Community Management Support Branch) is the Navy's sole Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) award authority outside of the Corporate enterprise Training Activity Resource System (CeTARS). We also process removals, archival and waiver requests using a NAVPERS-1221/6 form (see below for a download link). 

Download NAVPERS 1221/6 (PDF Format)

The form is PDF and requires use of Adobe Reader to open. Send completed forms via encrypted email to or snail mail to :

Bureau of Naval Personnel
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055

Emails must be encrypted for PII protection. We have 'look-up' capabilities for USN/TAR and SSN data is not needed if we have a full name, rate and attached UIC on the form. SELRES pose a different problem and if the member is not in FLTMPS, then full SSN is required. Any questions or issues, please contact us at

NEC Manual

The NEC Manual (NAVPERS 18068F) is published 4 times a year - January, April, July and October. See link for download.

Download NEC Manual
Non-email/snail mail contacts:
NEC Lead Analyst    901-874-4465    DSN: 882-4465
NEC Analyst            901-874-3114    DSN: 882-3114

Non-PII request can be faxed if email is not available and request needs a timely response: 901-874-2027.




Mailing Address
ATTN: (BUPERS 328) BLDG 453 RM 338
MILLINGTON, TN 38055-0003

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