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Welcome to the SELRES Enlisted Community Manager (ECM) homepage!  The Reserve Force is comprised of more than 70 ratings manned by nearly 36,000 SELRES Sailors.  The SELRES ECM shop performs a broad range of community management functions.  Specific functions include, but are not limited to:  developing recruiting requirements, establishing training requirements, developing advancement quotas, transitioning Sailors from the Active Component (AC) to the Reserve Component (RC), and from the RC back to AC, via Career Navigator (CNAV), developing Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB), Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) and Enlistment Bonus (EB) levels, and analyzing the impact of proposed policy changes on the communities.


Community Health

Community Health slides are updated regularly and posted for Senior Leadership, Career Counselors, and most importantly, Sailors to be informed of the rating status. 

We recommend that you check back often for Community Management news and updates.  Feel free to contact us with any questions (POCs at bottom of page).

Career Navigator is HERE!

NAVADMIN 149/13 and NAVADMIN 150/13 announce and provide the details of the Career Navigator (CNAV) program.  CNAV is a change to how we do business in enlisted career management, putting Sailors at the helm to navigate their careers.  The goal of CNAV is to help Sailors make informed decisions about their personal and professional career opportunities by placing the power of Navy career management systems at their fingertips.  NAVADMIN 149/13 explains the CNAV program and outlines future improvements.  NAVADMIN 150/13 is part two of the program announcement, and provides details on the major changes, upgrades, initiatives and execution.  Both NAVADMINs should be read in their entirety, considered a one source document and kept readily available for use by All Hands.


How does CNAV affect you?

CNAV offers several modules, known as Career Waypoints (CWAY), within which most, if not all, career options reside.  These modules are making the Chief of Navy Reserve's "lane change" vision a reality.  Sailors can transform from the AC to the RC via the CWAY-Reenlistment module.  Additionally, SELRES Sailors can also apply for augmentation opportunities to AC or Full Time Support (FTS) via CWAY-Reenlistment.

"Fit" is a term used in Navy manpower and personnel management circles, and describes having the right Sailor (rating, paygrade, etc.), with the right (NEC), filling to right billets (RFAS codes, etc.) at the right cost (local fill vs. cross-assigned, for example).  Scheduled for release in the coming months, the CWAY-Optimization module will enable the ECM to analyze the Force in an effort to find and offer better advancement opportunities for Sailors.  The vision is to enable the SELRES ECM to offer personalized conversion opportunities directly to the Sailor and his command, with the purpose of increasing Fit, improving retention, and increasing promotion opportunity for SELRES Warriors.  More to follow on this important development.

Are you an Active Component (AC) Sailor, within 13 months of EAOS, wondering about Reserve Component (RC) opportunities?

Your Career Counselor can assist you with an application to transition to the RC via Career Navigator.  If granted a Selected Reserve (SELRES) Reenlistment quota, you must select a drill site from the Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID).  During your assignment process you can expect to be contacted by a member of the Career Transition Office (CTO).  The mission of the CTO is to facilitate your smooth and timely transition into the RC.  For Sailors interested in Full Time Support (FTS) opportunities, contact the active duty ECM responsible for the rating for which you have interest.  Active duty ECMs manage both USN and the corresponding FTS rate (not all USN ratings exist as FTS community).

Interested in returning to the AC from the RC?

Check out opportunities on the RC2AC page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for a High Year Tenure waiver?

A: Procedures for requesting a wavier are found in MILPERSMAN 1160-120.  The High Year Tenure (HYT) program is intended to provide a viable career path for SELRES enlisted personnel and ensure a dynamic force with appropriate advancement opportunity for enlisted personnel.  Waivers are granted based on current and projected manpower requirements (overall force manning and rate/NEC, unit manning, unique operational requirements).  Members disapproved for a waiver may still complete 20 or more qualifying years towards a non-regular Reserve requirement in the IRR or VTU.


Please use the link below to review the Naval Reserve NAVADMIN High Year Tenure opportunities:

HYT Waiver 2021


Q:  How do I apply for a rating conversion?

A:  Working through your Career Counselor, you can apply for conversion via CWAY through the RC to RC module.  The CWAY application allows you to review which ratings are undermanned, the ASVAB scores, and additional job requirements or skill set required for a specific rating.  CWAY will even show you why you don't qualify for a certain rating, so you know exactly what needs to be done so that you can gain the necessary qualifications to apply for the desired advertised opportunity.

Q: What SELRES Ratings have “In-Rate”, “Convert In”, and “Convert Out” Opportunities?

A: SELRES quad charts are updated monthly. It changes based on manning in each rating at each rank from data pulled in the middle of the previous month. Reviewing the SELRES quad chart, your record, and working with your Career Counselor you will be able to see monthly what is available to apply for.


Please review the below to see an overview of the current SELRES opportunities. This document is just an overview and will be updated monthly. You still must review the specific SELRES quad chart for further information.


Click on the individual rating below to view its corresponding overview.  These Overviews are specific to the Reserve Component. 


ABE Quad  
AB​F Quad ABF Path
ABH Quad ABH Path
AC Quad AC Path
AD Quad AD Path
​​AE Quad AE Path
AG Quad AG Path
AM Quad AM Path
AME Quad AME Path
AO Quad AO Path
AS Quad
AT Quad AT Path
AWF Quad AWF Path
AWO Quad AWO Path
AWR Quad AWR Path
AWS Quad AWS Path
AZ Quad AZ Path
BM Quad BM Path
BU Quad BU Path
CE Quad CE Path
CM Quad CM Path
CS Quad CS Path
CTI Quad CTI Path
CTN Quad CTN Path
CTR Quad CTR Path
CTT Quad CTT Path
DC Quad                                            DC Path                                              
EA EA Quad                                             EA Path
EM Quad EM Path
EN Quad EN Path
EO Quad EO Path
EOD Quad EOD Path
ET Quad ET Path
ETV Quad ETV Path
FC Quad FC Path
FCA Quad
FT Quad
GM Quad GM Path
GSE Quad GSE Path
GSM Quad GSM Path
HM Quad HM Path
HT Quad HT Path
IS Quad IS Path
IT Quad IT Path
LN Quad LN Path
LS Quad LS Path
MA Quad MA Path
MC Quad MC Path
MM Quad MM Path
MMA Quad MMA Path
MN Quad MN Path
MR Quad MR Path
ND Quad ND Path
OS Quad OS Path
PR Quad PR Path
PS Quad PS Path
QM Quad QM Path
RP Quad RP Path
RS Quad ​​RS Path
SB Quad SB Path
SO Quad SO Path
STG Quad STG Path
STS Quad STS Path
SW Quad SW Path
TM Quad TM Path
UT Quad UT Path
​YN YN Quad YN Path
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