NSW Applicants

NSW Application Process Update
The linked template is required for all NSW applications 
Applications must be submitted VIA DOD Safe to
SEALSWCCECM@navy.mil. You must also send the Pass Phrase in an unencrypted email to SEALSWCCECM@navy.mil. If you fail to do this, your package will not be considered for conversion.
Encrypted email is NOT an accepted means of conversion submission. If you choose to submit this way, we will likely not be able to open it, it is a problem with all functional accounts.
All requests for NSW Conversion will be acknowledged with a confirmation email within 1 week of submission. If you do not receive this notification, we did not receive it. 
You do not need to request a conversion quota in CWAY. If you are selected for training, we will get you an ACV Quota.  
The only medical documents that need to be included are 2807 and 2808.
By Direction is NOT accepted for the Commanding Officer's Recommendation.
All applicants require endorsement from NSWAC Exhibit 2 and PST (including NAVET and OSVET).
Contact your rated ECM to communicate your intentions prior to submitting your request for conversion. Especially if you are within your orders window or approaching your EAOS. We will rarely go against their recommendation.
NSW is not accepting RC to AC conversion requests.
Applicants may apply up to, but not later than, 9 months prior to PRD and 6 months prior to EAOS. 

NSW is now accepting packages from Fleet/NAVET/OSVET applicants within the following year groups (YG):
SEAL- 2019, 2021
SWCC- 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

SO/SB Conversion Application Period Timelines
Applications submitted outside of submission window will be returned without action unless otherwise authorized. 
FY22 Application window dates:
Q3 May 1-20
Q4 August 1-19 

*Applicants will be notified of package receipt within 1 week of receipt and their conversion opportunity status 4-6 weeks after package submission deadline.
*Conversion POC listed below, do not call the ECM (actual) for status updates unless you have exhausted all other means.  
NSW Conversion Application Period Sequence of Events
Application Period
 1.    Submit package via DOD SAFE  to SEALSWCCECM@navy.mil NLT deadline.
2.    Packages are assessed for completeness IAW MILPERSMAN 1220-300 for SEAL applicants or MILPERSMAN 1220-400​ for SWCC applicants.
3.    Incomplete packages or those outside ​of NSW community needs will be returned without action.
 Conversion Authorization Period 4.    NSW ECM will determine the most qualified candidates for conversion based on the whole person concept and NSW community needs. 
Post-Conversion Authorization Period​
 5.    The NSW ECM will contact the respective ECM's of the applicants' who are given a conversion authorization, and they will decide to release/not release to NSW.
6.    Applicants’ medical requirements are verified.
7.    Conversion authorization results are emailed to the applicant and their command (4-6 weeks after submission deadlines).
8.    Orders are written by PERS-401DH based on available class dates and applicant's PRD.​

Please read our FAQs.docx to learn more about the conversion application/authorization process, eligibility requirements, and other important information you need to know. 
SEAL/SWCC Conversion POCs 
 SO (SEAL) Technical Advisor (901) 874-4669, SEALSWCCECM@Navy.mil
 SB (SWCC) Technical Advisor (901) 874-3604, SEALSWCCECM@Navy.mil​
Need to schedule a PST or interview?
 Contact the NSW Assessment Team at SEALSWCC.com​


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