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Officer Limited Duty
1.  Medical provider determines that an officer/patient should be placed in a Temporary Limited Duty (TLD) status, due to the officer having a medical condition that is temporary in nature, and the medical provider expects that the officer will Return to Duty (RTD) in the specified period of time (usually up to two 6-month periods not to exceed 12-months consecutively.  
2.  The medical provider and/or a designated provider assistant will enter the officer/patient in LIMDU SMART and complete an Abbreviated Limited Duty Medical Report (NAVMED Form 6100/5) in accordance with the LIMDU SMART Provider Assistant User Guide and MANMED P117, Chapter 18.
3.  The medical provider, the senior provider, and the convening authority will sign/authorize the TLD period.
4.  The officer/patient signs the NAVMED Form 6100/5.
5.  The medical boards office completes and signs NAVMED Form 6100/5.
6.  The TLD request is routed to NAVPERSCOM (PERS-454) for final disposition.
7.  NAVPERSCOM (PERS-454) shall either authorize a period of TLD or direct the officer to be referred to the Disability Evaluation System (DES).  Upon official notification of NAVPERSCOM (PERS 454) TLD authorization message, the member’s assignment officer will issue the appropriate orders as follows:
    a.  An Officer already at a shore duty station shall remain at current shore duty station.  
No permanent change of station (PCS) orders are required.  Upon receipt of the PERS-454 TLD authorization message, PERS 454 will direct the cognizant detailer to issue PCS orders with updated ACC code (105).  PERS 454 LIMDU Admin will change ACC code to 105.  
b.  An Officer assigned to an operational or overseas tour (Type 2 or 4) and whose medical requirements are beyond the capabilities of the Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) will be detached from current duty station.  PCS orders are required.  Upon receipt of the PERS-454 TLD authorization message, the cognizant detailer will propose orders to a valid shore-based billet if available and adjust the PRD accordingly.  Assignment will be made to a 9999 billet sequence code (BSC).  The PCS orders will direct the member into an ACC 105 status upon gain to the shore command, as directed by PERS-454.  The overseas command must also submit an early return request via BUPERS ONLINE (BOL) in conjunction with the TLD request (NAVMED 6100/5). 
    c.  If the officer is recommended for additional periods of TLD by the MEB, the case is forwarded to NAVPERSCOM (PERS-454) via LIMDU SMART for departmental review in accordance with SECNAVINST 1850.4 (Series).  Upon PERS-454 approval, the member’s PRD will be adjusted by the member’s Detailer/Assignments Officer.
Anytime during the TLD period, the MTF convening authority may request to return the officer to medically unrestricted duty by submitting a completed Return of a Patient to Medically Unrestricted Duty Form Limited Duty Form (NAVMED 6100/6) in LIMDU SMART IAW MANMED P117, Chapter 18.  If the Officer was already on shore duty when the TLD period(s) commenced, the PERS 454 LIMDU Admin will update the ACC from 105 to ACC 100.  If the Officer was transferred to the current command due to the TLD period, the command or Member shall contact the cognizant detailer in order to transfer the officer back to the appropriate sea/shore flow.
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