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Subspecialty Code Information

The Navy Subspecialty System is a manpower and personnel classification system that establishes the criteria and procedures for identifying officer (Unrestricted Line, Restricted Line, and Staff Corps) requirements for advanced education, training, and experience in a variety of disciplines, as well as identifying the officers who possess these skills and knowledge.
PERS-450 processes active and reserve officer academic transcripts and certifications, awards X000P-coded subspecialties for accredited master-level degrees, reviews, and processes all other non-medical, education-based or experience-based subspecialty requests to the appropriate subject matter expert (SME) for adjudication.
CIVINS, at the Naval Postgraduate School, coordinates transcript and Education Plan (EP) reviews for fully-funded graduate students’ SSC requests. CIVINS does not approve SSCs. A network of Navy-appointed SMEs is used to review students’ transcripts and EPs for SSC awarding. CIVINS will recommend to PERS-450 only those SSCs that have been SME approved.

For a list of SSCs and associated ESRs visit Education & Subspecialty at MyNavyHR.

CIVINS students (those assigned to a numbered curriculum)

  • Are required to align their graduate courses to meet the Education Skill Requirements (ESRs) of the SSC assigned to their CIVINS curriculum.
  • Must send all EPs and course description documents to the appointed CIVINS curricula Program Officer and SME, and copy the CIVINS office at  The Program Officer will send SME approved EPs to CIVINS and the student.

FSEP students

  • Are not limited to only SSC-awarding curricula; however, earning a SSC is highly encouraged, can enhance future billet-assignment opportunities, and strengthens officer skill competencies valued by the Navy.
  • Send all EPs (regardless of SSC intentions) and course descriptions to
  • Also send EPs and course descriptions with SSC review requests to

All other Navy fully-funded graduate students

  • Must submit EPs, course descriptions and any other requested documents to their specific Program Manager. 
  • SSC review requests will be routed to CIVINS at or PERS-450 for SME distribution.

 SSC requests for self-funded degrees

  • Have an official transcript released to the CIVINS Director at, or release to PERS-450.
  • Fill out an EP tracing courses to the SSC ESRs and create a course descriptions document.  Send both to the CIVINS Director at for SME distribution.
  • The CIVINS Director will inform you of the SME decision and forward the recommendation to PERS-450.
For a list of SSCs and associated ESRs visit Education & Subspecialty at MyNavyHR.

The following points provide additional guidance on EPs and review for SSC requests.
  • All ESRs must be covered by courses on the EP.  A single course may meet more than one ESR. Some ESRs may require more than one course to completely meet all listed requirements
  • All EP submissions must also include a "course descriptions" document. Copy/paste the school's course catelog description for each of the courses on the EP into a separate document.
  • A thesis or major capstone project is a requirement for many Subpecialty P-codes and graduate programs. Enter the thesis title and description, or topic and description (if title not yet known) on the EP. The SME must also approve the thesis topic.
  • Any changes to a SME approved EP will require an additional review by the SME.  Justification for proposed changes should supplement the revised EP when submitted for review.  All proposed changes should be submitted BEFORE enrolling in the yet-to-be approved courses.
  • Changes to SME approved EPs will not extend the previously approved graduation date or tour length.
  • Subspecialty Codes will not be recommended to PERS-450 if the official transcript does not reflect passing grades for all courses listed on the most current SME approved EP.
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