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Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) 

PERSONNEL CASUALTY REPORTING:  Effective 21 APR 2015,  Web-based Personnel Casualty Reports (PCR) using DCIPS became the Navy standard for reporting ALL personnel casualties including family members.
For information on how to submit a dependent PCR, contact:
Use the links below to retrieve copies of MILPERSMAN & NAVADMIN covering Casualty Reporting.
NAVADMIN 090/15 (no Current link)
Sailors who married military members prior to 1 Jan 2013 had their military spouses automatically enrolled in FSGLI and their premiums automatically withdrawn.  The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2013 repealed this auto-enrollment however, Sailors who married military members between 2 Jan 2013 and 5 April 2013 had erroneous automatic FSGLI premiums withheld, but were not enrolled in FSGLI and had no coverage.  These erroneous payments will now be returned and members may reapply for FSGLI coverage. 
If a Sailor who married a military member between 2 Jan 2013 and 5 April desires FSGLI coverage, he or she may submit an application to their personnel office.   The personnel office will hold the application until the Sailor receives a refund for their erroneous premium payments and subsequently submit the application for adjudication.  Upon approval, the coverage will start on the date the personnel office received the application. 
Sailors who married military members prior to 1 January 2013 who were automatically enrolled in FSGLI are not affected and maintain their coverage.
Use this URL to navigate to the NAVADMIN 188/13.
With the April 2017 implementation of SOES, the requirement to maintain Site Security Managers and Unit level users for the DMDC-hosted FSGLI Web Application has become obsolete.  
SGLI is group term life insurance.  There is no loan, cash, paid up, or extended values.  The coverage is provided, per law, under a group policy issued to Department of Veterans Affairs by a private insurer.  No individual policies are issue, instead these Servicemembers can use the online system, SOES, to manage the amount of their SGLI and spouse coverage and to designate or update beneficiaries.
To access SOES, go to, sign in, and go to Benefits, Life Insurance SOES - SGLI Online Enrollment System.  Servicemembers can log in with their CAC or with Their DS Logon.  Servicemembers can then make sure their SGLI coverage and beneficiaries are up-to-date.
On 1 November 2001, FSGLI was established for spouses and dependent children of service members insured under the SGLI program.
FSGLI provides a maximum of $100,000 of life insurance coverage for spouses, not to exceed the amount of SGLI coverage the Sailor has in force and $10,000 for dependent children. Spouse coverage is available in $10,000 increments.
The Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) is the data source for determining enrollment for FSGLI coverage.  The Under Secretary of Defense directed service members to report any changes in dependency status; such as a marriage or the birth of a child within 60 days of the event.  This is in addition to the sponsor’s responsibility to report all dependents regardless of their eligibility for enrollment in other benefit programs (i.e. military spouses) such as FSGLI. 
Military members married to military members must report all dependents immediately, including their spouses who are sponsors in DEERS to avoid an indebtedness for delinquent FSGLI premiums. 
FSGLI coverage is not available to retirees insured under Veterans’ Group Life Insurance.
Sailors who decline or elect reduced FSGLI coverage must complete a SGLV-8286A to document their decision.
Spouse premiums are calculated based on their age at the time co coverage is established. 
Dependent Children:  Dependent child coverage is set at $10,000 for each dependent child.  Effective 18 November 2009, the law expanded FSGLI coverage to include a service member's "stillborn child" as an insurable dependent. Stillbirth fetal weight needs to be 350 grams or more; if fetal weight is unknown, duration in utero is 20 completed weeks of gestation or more, calculated from the date the last normal menstrual period began to the date of expulsion, extraction, or delivery.  SGLI dependent coverage provides for a $10,000 payment to the insured service member upon the death of the member's dependent child. Prior to the passage of the law, a member's "stillborn child" was not covered by FSGLI.  This change applies only for stillbirths on or after 10 October 2008.
HELPFUL LINKS: The following links may help simplify FSGLI or the submission of a FSGLI claim.
Double click on the following links to obtain more information about FSGLI:
MILPERSMAN 1741-030, Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance  
Family SGLI Procedural Guide  

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