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407 Rating Health

Hospital Corpsman General Overall ALL HM RHS
Hospital Corpsman General – Training and Administration of Reserves Overall ALL HM TAR RHS
Hospital Corpsman Quad 0 0000 HM 0000 RHS
Hospital Corpsman Quad 0 – Training and Administration of Reserves 0000 HM 0000 TAR RHS
Search and Rescue Medical Technician L00A HM L00A RHS
Submarine Force Independent Duty Corpsman L01A HM L01A RHS
Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Independent Duty Corpsman L02A HM L02A RHS
Aerospace medical Technician L04A HM L04A RHS
Aerospace medical Technician – Training and Administration of Reserves L04A HM L04A TAR RHS
Radiation Health Technician L05A HM L05A RHS
Cardiovascular Technician L06A HM L06A RHS
Aerospace Physiology Technician L07A HM L07A RHS
Bio-Med Technician L08A HM L08A RHS
Nuclear Medicine Technician L09A HM L09A RHS
Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsman L10A HM L10A RHS
Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsman – Training and Administration of Reserves L10A HM L10A TAR RHS
Preventive Medicine Technician L12A HM L12A RHS
Hemodialysis / Apheresis Technician L13A HM L13A RHS
X-Ray Technician Advanced L17A HM L17A RHS
Electoneurodiagnostic Technician L18A HM L18A RHS
Optician L19A HM L19A RHS
Physical Therapy Technician L20A HM L20A RHS
Occupational Therapy Technician L21A HM L21A RHS
Pharmacy Technician L22A HM L22A RHS
Surgical Technologist L23A HM L23A RHS
Behavioral Health Technician L24A HM L24A RHS
Urology Technician L25A HM L25A RHS
Orthopedic Cast Room Technician L26A HM L26A RHS
Medical Deep Sea Diving Technician L27A HM L27A RHS
Deep Sea Diving Independent Duty Corpsman L28A HM L28A RHS
Mortician L29A HM L29A RHS
Histopathology Technician L30A HM L30A RHS
Medical Laboratory Technician L31A HM L31A RHS
Respiratory Therapy Technician L32A HM L32A RHS
Dental Assistant L33A HM L33A RHS
Dental Hygienists L35A HM L35A RHS
Dental Laboratory Technician Basic L36A HM L36A RHS
Dental Laboratory Technician Advanced L37A HM L37A RHS
Dental Lab Technician Maxillofacial L38A HM L38A RHS
Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor Intern
Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor

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