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OCO Assignment (OSA)

PERS-4013, working with U.S. Fleet Forces Command and the Active Duty Augmentation Branch (PERS-4G3), coordinate all Active Duty Enlisted detailing and support for the Overseas Contingency Operations Support Assignments (OSA) program.  Active Duty enlisted personnel currently augment to Joint Task Force assignments.
WHAT is an OSA?

OSA is an acronym for Overseas Contingency Operations Support Assignments.  This program replaced the Global War on Terrorism Support Assignment (GSA) process for Enlisted Sailors.  Members that volunteer and are selected for OSA billets will receive TEMADD orders.  These orders will take them from their current parent command to their check-in site Navy Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS), through a mission specific training track and into country for their assignment.  Upon completion of the assignment, the member will return back to their parent command.  OSA Sailor’s personnel pay and lodging entitlements will now be equal to those of Individual Augmentee Manpower Management (IAMM) Sailors, leading to better quality of life and entitlement equity for all Individual Augentee (IA) Sailors.  Read the FAQs here.
WHAT is the process for OSA?
If a Sailor prior to their orders negotiation window (15-13 month’s prior to PRD) elects and is accepted for OSA, they will be administratively extended at their present Command for the period of the IA plus an additional 60 days.  The 60 days will allow for reunion and reintegration, post deployment health assessments, PCS move preparation, etc.  Standard relief requisition procedures will remain in effect to generate a requisition for that Sailor at their original PRD, based on inventory and U.S. Fleet Forces Command priority.  Although the Sailor will remain administratively assigned to their current parent command, procedures are in place to adjust the distribution category to count the Sailor as an IA, vice as onboard and filling a valid billet.
The Sailor will receive OSA TEMADD orders from their current command to training, into theater, and back to their current parent Command at the end of their OSA deployment. They will then have up to 60 days to allow for reunion and reintegration, post deployment health assessments, PCS move preparation, etc.  At the end of this period, they will transfer to their new duty station via their Post-OSA follow-on PCS orders.  While deployed they will be able to leave their family in place, which will lead to greater family support and care from the current parent Command.  The Command Individual Augmentation Coordinator (CIAC) remains the primary point of contact for all issues and the family will keep their current support network.  However, if a Sailor desires to move their family to another location INCONUS during their OSA, then dependents may qualify for a Designated-Place move via Indeterminate Temporary Duty (ITDY) orders.  For more information regarding ITDY, contact PERS-463 at IAHHG@NAVY.MIL or 1-800-444-7789.
HOW do I select an OSA?
 Sailors whom are interested in OSA must contact NAVPERSCOM (NPC) OSA Detailing Cell (PERS-4013) via phone or email.  Sailors are advised to include their immediate chain of command, Command Career Counselor (CCC) and CIAC involved in the communication with the detailing cell.  It is imperative that Sailors update their email and phone contact information in MyNavy Assignment prior to selecting the negotiating for OSA to facilitate timely contact and negotiation prior to the member entering into their normal detailing window.  Career Waypoints (C-WAY) screening and approval is a pre-requisite for OSA selection, unless the current EAOS/SEAOS date is set three (3) months beyond the end of OSA estimated return date.  In general, this means that unless your EAOS/SEAOS is at least 15–16 months beyond your current PRD month (for 12-month assignments), you will need C-WAY approval to establish eligibility for an OSA assignment.
Sailors and the OSA Detailing Cell will work together to find an OSA billet for which the Sailor is a good fit.  Sailors are encouraged to have an idea of the theater/country, length of tour, and type of billet they prefer.  If a billet is not agreed upon, or no billet is available, the Sailor WILL commence normal Rating Detailer negotiations utilizing MyNavy Assignment applications when the 12 month PRD window has been entered.
OSA nominations will be submitted to USFFC for final approval.  Once approved, USFFC will notify PERS-4013, the Sailor, and the respective geographic BSO/TYCOM of selection.  The selected Sailor will be considered "under orders" for PCS detailing purposes until their PRD is adjusted and they roll into their new detailing window.  Their PRD will be adjusted once they have completed the Expeditionary Screening Checklist and are within two weeks of first I-Stop NMPS.

For further information and guidance, contact any of the PERS-4013 personnel listed below:
Branch Head (901) 874-4360
Lead Detailer (901) 874-4545
Asst. Detailer (901) 874-4548

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