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1301 - Travel Uniform

Section 3

1.  GENERAL.  When traveling on leave, TAD or transfer, service dress blues may be worn during any season.

2.  REGIONAL TRAVEL.  For travel within a region, wear either the uniform of the day as prescribed for destination or Service Dress Blue uniform for the entire trip.  For travel between regions, wear either the uniform of the day for destination or point of departure for actual travel.  A change to the uniform of the day at destination is required to conduct business, or Service Dress Blue may be worn for the entire trip.  Working uniforms are not normally authorized for official travel, but Area Coordinators may authorize working uniforms in specific geographic regions or situations when warranted by local conditions.

3.  GOVERNMENT TRANSPORTATION.  Navy personnel traveling aboard any military organic or commercial contracted (chartered) aircraft may wear civilian clothing when traveling on regular/emergency leave or Space A travel.  Personnel on PCS or TAD orders may travel in civilian clothing unless otherwise directed by cognizant authority.  Those who wear a uniform will observe regional travel requirements.  Navy personnel must ensure that their dress or personal appearance is appropriate for the occasion and conforms to required standards set forth in Chapter 7.  Members wearing civilian clothing will ensure it is warm enough for inflight operations and destination.  Personnel traveling overseas should consult the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide for any particular uniform civilian clothing requirements for their destination.

4.  COMMERCIAL TRANSPORTATION.  When traveling on commercial international flights, navy personnel in a duty, leave, or liberty status will wear an appropriate uniform or civilian clothing as required by the USAF Foreign Clearance Guide.  For travel in the United States, navy personnel using a commercial mode of transportation may wear appropriate uniform or civilian clothing.


a.  General.  The prescribing authority may authorize working uniforms, except Navy Blue Coveralls, for commuting to and from work.  Commuting is defined as a direct route from place of residence to place of work by means of a private vehicle, to include all travel aboard DOD-owned/controlled aircraft.

b.  Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Types II and III Authorized Brief Stops

1.  The NWU Type III is authorized for wear at all locations, commuting and all normal task associated stops (e.g. stops at child care, gas stations, off-base shopping, banking, DMV and dining) before, during and following the end of the workday.  NWUs are not a liberty uniform.  Wear while conducting official business, when business attire is appropriate and participating in social events after normal working hours is not permitted.  Consumption of alcohol in the NWUs off-base is not permitted.  Consumption of alcohol in the NWUs on base is authorized as promulgated by Regional Commanders.  The Area or Regional Commander may further restrict the wear of the NWU Type III within their geographical limits. 
Recruiters are authorized to wear the NWU Type III in the Continental United States (CONUS), Hawaii and Guam per commanding officer discretion with the exception of school/college visits, presentations and 72 hour indoctrinations.  
Within the National Capital Region (NCR), the NWU Type III is authorized for wear as follows:
a.  At all locations in the NCR with the exception of the National Mall area bounded by Capitol Hill and surrounding Senate and House Staff offices, the White House and Executive Office building, Department of State, and all monuments and memorials unless specifically authorized for a Joint Task Force National Capital Region mission.  The NWU Type III is authorized for wear at the Pentagon as the alternate uniform of the day except on Fridays.
b.  While commuting to and from work using privately owned vehicles, government conveyance, public commuter transportation (metro bus, metro rail, rideshare, commuter vans, taxis, and ferries), and slug lines outside the Pentagon.  Wear is also authorized in office environments at headquarters staffs within the NCR unless otherwise directed.
c.  Flight suits are only authorized in the NCR for personnel in an actual flight duty status for that day.

 2. CONUS air travel in NWUs is authorized only on military and government contracted flights between military airfield installations (e.g. NAS Oceana to NAS Fallon).  The NWUs are not authorized for wear during commercial travel (e.g. airlines, railways, or bus, etc.) but are authorized on commuter transportation (e.g. Metrorail, Metro bus, Commuter bus, VRE, Ferries).  While OCONUS, personnel who are deploying, executing permanent change of station orders, on rest and relaxation leave status to or from OCONUS area of responsibility (AOR) or transiting in an emergency leave status will travel in appropriate civilian attire.  T-shirts, shorts, sandals etc. are not considered appropriate civilian attire.  Upon entering or departing CONUS, personnel on official travel transferring to and from any AOR are authorized to wear the NWU Type II/III only on U.S. Flag commercial airlines and government contracted flights.  Personnel will only wear NWUs at the CONUS port of entry or debarkation and will not wear NWUs when arriving or departing any OCONUS civilian airport point of debarkation/entry (APOD/E).  Personnel will wear appropriate civilian clothing when debarking at APOD/E.  When travelling in NWUs, it shall be clean and present a sharp military appearance.  In all cases, at least one set of civilian attire is to be packed in a carry-on luggage for contingency situations.  Travel in NWUs is not authorized on any commercial carrier for any reason other than stipulated in this article.

c. Other Working Uniforms.

1. Flight Suit.  Occasion for wear is aligned with the NWU occasion for wear policies as outlined in article 1301.5.b. above.  This policy applies to one-piece flight suits only.  Green flight suits will be the primary flight suit worn in CONUS.  Tan flight suits will only be worn in CONUS in hot weather environments (Fallon, El Centro, China Lake, Lemoore, etc.) as authorized by the TYCOM.

d.  Organizational Clothing.  Wear of organizational clothing, except flight suits, brown leather flight jackets, surface warfare officer leather jackets and camouflage uniforms, is not authorized while commuting.
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