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Uniform Components


Item Description Article Page
All-Weather Coat, Double Breasted 3501.1a
​Cold Weather Parka 3501.1b​
​Belt with Clip 3501.2
Black Neck Gaiter 3501.5
Brassiere (Females) 3501.6
Buckle 3501.7
Cap, Ball 3501.8
Cap, Combination 3501.9
Cap, Garrison, Black (All), Khaki (Officers/CPOs) 3501.10
Cap, Knit (Watch) 3501.11
Coat, Dinner Dress Blue Jacket 3501.14
Coat, Dinner Dress White Jacket 3501.15
Coat, Service Dress Blue (Officers/CPOs) 3501.16
Coat, Service Dress White (Officers/CPOs) 3501.17
Cuff Links 3501.19
Cummerbund 3501.20
Cutlass (CPO) 3501.20.1
Duffel Bag 3501.21
Earmuffs 3501.22
Earrings, Ball, Pearl, Diamond (Females) 3501.23
Gloves, Black, White 3501.24
Handbags, Black, Brown, White (Females) 3501.25
Handbags, Black, White Dress (Females) 3501.26
Hat, White (E1-E6) 3501.27
Hosiery (Females) 3501.29
Jacket, Black Relax Fit 3501.30
Jumper, Blue Dress (E1-E6) 3501.32
Jumper, White Dress (E1-E6) 3501.33
Necktie (Necktab), Black (Females) 3501.34
Necktie, Black Dress (Females) 3501.35
Necktie, Bow, Black (Males), White (Male Officers) 3501.36
Necktie, Black Four-in-hand (Males) 3501.37
Neckerchief (E1-E6) 3501.38
Overcoat, Blue 3501.39
Peacoat (E1-E6) 3501.41
Reefer (Officers/CPOs) 3501.42
Scarf, White 3501.43
Shirt, Khaki 3501.46
Shirt, White, Dress 3501.49
Shirt, White, Formal (Females) 3501.50
Shirt, White, Formal (Males) 3501.51
Shirt, White, Formal Wing Collar (Male Officers) 3501.52
Shirt, White, Service, (Officers/CPOs) 3501.53
Shoes, Dress (Black/Brown/White) 3501.54
Shoes, Formal, Black (Female) 3501.55
Shoes, Formal Black, Flat (Female) 3501.56
Shoes, Service (Black/Brown/White) (Females) 3501.58
Skirt, Blue, Formal (Females) 3501.61
​Skirt, Blue, Unbelted (Females) 3501.62
Skirt, Khaki, Service (Female Officers/CPOs) 3501.63
​Skirt, White, Belted (Females) 3501.65
Skirt, White, Unbelted (Female Officers/CPOs) 3501.66
Slacks, Blue, Dress, Unbelted (Females) 3501.69
Slacks, Blue, Formal (Females) 3501.70
Slacks, Khaki, Service (Female Officers/CPOs) 3501.72
Slacks, White, Dress, Unbelted (Female Officers/CPOs) 3501.74
Slacks, White, Jumper (Females E1-E6) 3501.75
Slacks, White, Summer, Belted (Female Officers/CPOs) 3501.76
Slips (Females) 3501.77
Socks, Dress (Black/Khaki/White) 3501.78
Studs 3501.79
Suspenders, White (Males) 3501.80
Sweater, V-Neck 3501.83
Sword (Officers) 3501.84
Tailcoat, Formal, Blue (Male Officers) 3501.85
Tiara (Females) 3501.86
Tie Clasp/Tack (Males) 3501.87
Towels 3501.88
Trousers, Blue, Dress (Male Officers/CPOs) 3501.90
Trousers, Blue, Evening (Males) 3501.91
Trousers/Slacks, Blue, Jumper (Broadfall) (E1-E6) 3501.92
Trousers, Khaki, Service (Male Officers/CPOs) 3501.94
Trousers, White, Jumper (Males E1-E6) 3501.97
​Trousers, White, Summer (Males) 3501.98
Umbrella 3501.99
Underpants (Females) 3501.100
Undershirt, White 3501.101
Undershorts (Male) 3501.102
Waistcoat (Male Officers) 3501.104
Tying the Neckerchief Figure 3-5-1
Brassiere, Sports (Women) 3601.1
Shirt, Physical Training Uniform (PTU) Short Sleeve 3601.2
Shirt, Optional Physical Training Uniform (OPTU) Short Sleeve ​3601.2a
Shirt, Physical Training Uniform (PTU) Long Sleeve 3601.3
Shoes, Sneakers, Athletic 3601.4
Apparel, Performance 3601.5
Shorts, Physical Training Uniform (PTU) 3601.6
Shorts, Optional Physical Training Uniform (OPTU) 3601.6a
Socks, Athletic 3601.7
​Physical Readiness Test (PRT) Swimwear 3601.9
Shirt, Sweat, Navy 3601.10
Pant, Sweat, Navy 3601.11
Fitness Suit, Navy 3601.12
Overblouse, Khaki (Female) 3602.1
Skirt, Black, Beltless, Service Uniform (Female E1-E6) 3602.3
Slacks, Black, Beltless, Service Uniform (Female E1-E6) 3602.4
Trousers, Black, Service Uniform (Male E1-E6) 3602.5
Description and Wear of the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) 3603
Cap, Eight Point (NWU) 3603.1
Undershirt, Cotton, Crewneck 3603.2
Socks, Cush Sole, Black,  Boot 3603.3
Shirt (NWU) 3603.4
Shoulder, Patch 3603.4a
Trousers (NWU) 3603.5
Belt with Buckle 3603.6
Belt, Riggers 3603.6a
Mockneck 3603.7
Boot, Safety, Black 3603.8
Straps, Blousing 3603.9
Parka, NWU Type III 3603.10
Black Fleece Liner 3603.11
Embroidered Chest Rank Insignia 3603.12
Breast Insignia 3603.13
Identification Badge 3603.14
Identification Markings 3603.15
NWU Gore-tex trouser 3603.16
General Requirements General
Footnotes for Chapter Three Footnotes
Footnotes for NWU NWU Footnotes
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