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 1.  The following headgear may be worn with the NWU:
(1)  Eight point cap with the Anchor, USS CONSTITUTION, and Eagle (ACE) logo will be worn squarely on the head so that the visor is on a line and just above the level of the eyes.

(2)  Navy knit Watch cap, when authorized by appropriate authority, will be worn during cold weather conditions that may result in personal injury if not worn.  The Watch cap will be worn diagonally from the base of the back of the head, across the ears and on the forehead.  Rank/Rate insignia is not authorized to be worn on the watch cap.

(3) Navy and Command Ball Caps are authorized for wear with the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) as optional head gear.  Wear squarely on the head, with bottom edge parallel to and 1-1/2 inch above the eyebrows.  The Eight-point cover will remain the Basic Uniform Component cover for the NWUs and thus will be the only appropriate cover for Personnel Uniform inspections and Special occasions where Sailors are ordered to wear their NWUs to ensure a uniform appearance within the Command. 

2.  Undershirts will be Coyote Brown for NWU Type II/III, cotton, quarter-length sleeve, with an elliptical (crew-neck) collar.  Organization issued or personally purchased thermal underwear is authorized to be worn underneath the NWU undershirt and trousers.  Thermal underwear will not be visible when worn underneath the undershirt.

3.  Socks shall be black and extend above the top of the 9 inch safety boot to ensure comfort.

4.  The normal wear of the NWU shirt is outside the waistband of the NWU trousers.  When directed by appropriate authority, the shirt will be worn inside the trouser waistband (tucked in).  Sleeves may be worn rolled up as directed by appropriate Authority.  When authorized, NWU sleeves will be rolled (cuff right-side out) forming a 3 inch wide band covered by the cuff of the shirt (the outside fabric of the NWU will show).   The termination point of the roll is approximately 2 inches above the elbow.  This manner of sleeve roll presents a short sleeve appearance and facilitates expeditious de-rolling and fastening during emergent situations. 

5.  The normal wear of the NWU Trousers is fastened fully on the waist with belt buckled centered over the trouser fastener.  The Trouser legs shall be bloused with blousing straps so the blouse covers the top three rows of eyelets.  When authorized to  wear the trousers unbloused, the trouser leg length will not extend below the bottom of the safety boot heel.

6.  Personnel E1-E6 will wear the 1-1/4 inch black Cotton or Nylon woven belt, with silver finished tip, and silver finished closed-face buckle.  Officers and Chief Petty Officers will wear a Khaki cotton or Nylon woven belt with gold tip and gold closed-face buckle.  Properly worn, the belt tip will not extend outward beyond the belt buckle to expose the (Black or Khaki) belt material.   A plain or decorated buckle with appropriate Naval Insignia, designs, the individual's present Command, or if stationed ashore a previous Sea Command/Squadron, or devices to which the wearer is entitled, may be authorized for optional wear.  The Rigger's Belt is authorized for optional wear.  For E1-E6 the belt is either a 1 3/4 inch wide black woven, with a subdued black finished buckle, or a 1 3/4 inch wide with Forged steel buckle, D-ring and hook and loop fastener (Velcro) design. For Officers and CPOs, the belt is either a 1 3/4 inch wide Coyote woven, with a subdued black finished buckle, or a Coyote 1 3/4 inch wide with Forged steel buckle, D-ring and Velcro fastener design. The excess end of the fastening tip will be oriented to the left of the buckle of the body of the wearer. When worn, the belt tip will not extend beyond 2 inches from the buckle. 

7.  Authorized footwear worn with the NWU include: Black leather safety boots (steel toed) are the standard boots worn with the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type III for CONUS and U.S. territories.  Authorized Black safety boots include the 9-inch black smooth leather NWU boot, the 9-inch black rough-side-out leather NWU boot and the 8-inch Flight deck safety boot. Black leather safety boots (steel toed) are sea-bag-required items and are required Afloat and Ashore in environments mandating safety shoe wear.  Smooth leather boots will be blackened and buffed.  Bootlaces will be laced and tucked in a manner to present a well-kept appearance.  Refer to the Uniform Matters Website (Authorized Boot Listing) for the list of authorized optional boots that may be worn with the NWU Type III per Commanding Officer discretion.

8.  Rank/Rate insignia:

NWU Embroidered or optional Cold Weather Parka (CWP) slip-on Rank/Rate insignia is worn on the NWU Type III Shirt, Parka and Black Fleece Liner as described below.  NWU rank-insignia is embroidered in Black, Silver, or Spice brown thread on fabric matching the NWU camouflage pattern with the exception that the pattern will not contain Black pixels. The CWP rank-insignia consists of Solid Black fabric with color thread (gold, silver, scarlet or blue) denoting the wearers Rank and may be worn as an optional uniform item in Non-Tactical Environments only. The O6 NWU Rank Insignia embroidered in silver thread may be worn as an optional uniform item in Non-Tactical Environments only.

(1)  NWU embroidered rank/rate chest insignia or the optional CWP black rank insignia will be worn by Personnel E4-O10.
a​.  Rear Admirals will wear the regular size Embroidered Grade Insignia.  Vice Admirals and Admirals will wear a slightly smaller size Insignia to properly fit on the chest tab.  On the NWU Type III, the Rank tab is inserted into and pulled through the Slip-on Chest insignia.  The Chest insignia is then centered over the Rank tab.

b.  Line Officers (O1-O6) will wear the regular size Embroidered Grade Insignia.

c.  Staff Corps Officers and Warrant Officers will wear only the Grade Insignia on the rank tab with the exception of Chaplains.  Chaplains are authorized to wear the Chaplain Staff Corps Insignia above their Grade insignia.

                   d.  Chief Petty Officers will wear the standard Chest insignia.         
                   e.  Petty Officers will wear the standard Chest insignia on the NWU Type III.
                   f.  Enlisted Rating Specialty insignias and Staff Corps Devices (except Chaplains) are not authorized to be worn. 

9.  The appropriate Breast Insignia will be embroidered in the applicable color and worn as follows:
(1) Command insignia (Command at-Sea, Command Ashore/Project Manager) is worn on the NWU shirt above the right pocket centered 1/4 inch above the name tape.  Post-tour Command insignia may be worn on the left pocket flap of the wearer, 1/4 inch below the top of the pocket.  When authorized to wear two Warfare insignias and the Post-tour Command insignia, the Post-tour Command insignia may be worn centered on the left pocket flap 1/4 inch below the top of the pocket.
(2) When authorized, a maximum of two Warfare/Qualification Insignia may be worn on the NWU shirt.  The size of the fabric on which they are embroidered will be of the NWU pattern, rectangular, and the approximate size of the Breast Insignia with no more than 1/4 inch of fabric on either side of the embroidery.  The primary Breast Insignia will be worn centered above and flush with the "U.S. Navy" service tape on the shirt.  The secondary, Breast Insignia may be worn below, flush and centered under the primary Warfare Insignia and flush with the top of the service tape (double stacked).  The NWU is the only uniform in which two Warfare Insignias may be worn in this manner.  Primary and secondary Warfare Insignia positions will be as prescribed in article 5201.2.c.(3).  The secondary, Warfare Insignia may optionally be worn centered on the left pocket flap 1/4 inch below the top of the pocket.  Eligible Enlisted Sailors may wear an authorized Identification Badge centered on the left pocket flap 1/4 inch below the top of the pocket.  When wearing an Identification Badge, no other device is authorized for wear on the pocket flap.
10.  Identification Badges:  the following Identification Badges are authorized to be worn on the NWU:  Navy/Fleet/Force/Command Master, Senior, Chief badges, Command Career Counselor, Recruit Division Commander, and Security/Law enforcement.  The wearing of authorized badges are as follows:

(1) All Enlisted Personnel will wear Identification Badges on the NWU shirt centered on the wearer's left pocket flap.

(2) All Officers will wear Identification Badges above the wearer's right pocket centered 1/4 inch above their name.

11.  Identification markings:  identification markings will be embroidered in approximately 3/4 inch block letters on approximately 1-1/4 inch wide fabric strips.  The use of name accents is authorized.  Names exceedingly long can be embroidered in approximately 1/2 inch letters.  Proper locations of fabric strips are as follows:
          (1) NWU Shirt:
                     (a) Wearer's surname will be sewn centered above and flush with the top of the wearer's right shirt pocket.  The use of name accents is authorized.
                     (b) "U.S. Navy" will be sewn centered above and flush with the top of the wearer's left shirt pocket.
                     (c) Rating badges will not be worn or stenciled on the NWU.
                     (d) Authorized (current assignment) force or command/unit patch may be worn on the wearer's right breast pocket.  The size of the patch will not exceed 3 to 3-1/2 inches in length/width/diameter. When worn, the patch will be sewn centered on the pocket below the pocket flap to allow for easy removal and minimum expense. 

          (2) NWU Trousers: The wearer's surname will be sewn centered above and flush with the top of the right rear trouser pocket. The use of name accents is authorized. 

          (3) NWU Parka:  A nametape will be worn on the right shoulder pocket flap of the NWU Type III Parka.  The wearer's surname will be embroidered in approximately 3/4 of an inch block letters (ALL) on a NWU Type III matching pattern fabric strip approximately 1 1/4 inch wide.  The use of name accents is authorized. The nametape will be sewn centered and flush on the sleeve pocket flap, one fourth of an inch above the bottom of the flap.
12.  The matching NWU Type III-pattern Parka is authorized outerwear worn with the NWU.  When wearing the Parka, close the zipper at least 3/4 of the way.  It has a detachable black fleece liner that provides extra comfort and protection during extremely cold conditions.  The accompanied black Fleece Liner is the only liner authorized to be worn with the NWU.  The Parka is equipped with a fold-out hood located inside the velcro closure section of the collar.  The hood is designed to provide additional protection during inclement weather conditions.  To ensure its water tight integrity, puncturing, pinning, or sewing items to the Parka is not authorized, except on the pocket flap and Rank tab.  
13.  The black Fleece Liner is also authorized to be worn as a Stand-alone Outer Garment with the NWU.  When worn as an Outer Garment, it will be placed over the NWU blouse zippered at least 3/4 of the way, and will include a sewn-on Rank tab.  E4 and above Personnel will wear their rank via NWU Type III-matching pattern or the optional Cold Weather Parka black slip-on Embroidered Rank Insignia over the Rank tab.  As a liner, the Fleece will be worn zippered into the Parka to provide extra comfort and protection during inclement weather conditions.  Black gloves (leather and non-leather) are authorized to be worn when weather conditions warrant.

14.  Navy uniform Regulations Grooming Standards apply when wearing the NWU.
15.  For environmental extremes the following modifications are authorized when granted by appropriate authority (Regional Commander/Commanding Officer).

(1) The NWU shirt may be removed on job sites or in work spaces.

(2) NWU trousers may be worn Unbloused on job sites or in workspaces

(3) During the winter or inclement periods, the Parka hood is authorized for wear in addition to head gear.  Black leather gloves are authorized. 

16.  Aiguillettes: At Commander's discretion, Aiguillettes are authorized for wear with NWU shirt and Parka by Personnel assigned to billets in which Aiguillettes are a prescribed uniform item.  Puncturing the outer shell of the Parka will result in compromising the water tight integrity of the garment.

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