Frequently Asked Questions

From Deserter
1.       Where can I find the closest place to turn myself in?
Contact NACIC office at 1-877-663-6772 and we will assist you in returning to military control.
2.       When will you stop investigating me?
We will stop investigating when the warrant for desertion is cleared.  If you think you are already discharged from the Navy, a certified copy of your DD-214 will need to be mailed to NACIC using the address listed on the top of the page. 

From Commands
1.   How do I declare a deserter?
MILPERSMAN Article 1600-060 outlines the procedures for declaring a service member a deserter.  To submit a DD Form 553, email us at NACIC-OPS@NAVY.MIL with the attachment or send us a fax at 1-901-874-2061.  A follow-up email is strongly recommended.  For a copy of current DD Form 553, please use the link at the top of this page.
2.   What does the command do if a Deserter is turning themselves into your command (not
parent command)?
MILPERSMAN 1600-030 states any military installation or command manned by active duty members may
receive absentees and deserters.  Absentees and deserters should be subsequently transferred to the
nearest installation of their branch of service which has the facilities to process absentees and deserters.
Navy Absentee Collection and Information Center (NACIC) will direct the movement of apprehended Navy
absentee deserters.
MILPERSMAN 1600-050 outlines proper procedures for members who wish to turn themselves into a
command other than their parent command.  Member will muster with this command until Technical
Arrest Orders (TAO)/ travel arrangements can be made. 
Reference MILPERSMAN 1600-070. Completion of DD Form 616 is required.  For a copy of DD Form 616, please use the link at the top of this page.
Steps to complete when dealing with a deserter:
1. Accept the deserter.
2. Contact deserter’s parent command.
3. Contact the local PSD to get the deserter started on process of TAO orders.
4. Contact NACIC at 1-877-663-6772.
5. Muster deserter (In person or via telephone) until Technical Arrest Orders (TAO)/ travel arrangements can be made.  Typically, first day of muster is in person and after it can be via phone call.
3.      My email certificates do not allow me to send an encrypted email.  How can I send the required documents?
All required documentation can be sent via the AMRDEC SAFE website.  Under "Email Settings", ensure the "Encrypt email message when possible" is not  checked.  This encrypts the email that sends the link and password to collect the file(s).  Because it is sent to a group inbox, the encrypted email cannot be opened.  A follow-up email is strongly recommended.
4.      Where can I find information if a service member is an active deserter?
FOR ANY ISSUES or concerns you can contact our office at 1-877-663-6772 or email at NACIC-OPS@NAVY.MIL to inquire if a person is on the active Navy desertion list or provide information on an a deserter.
5.      Why doesn’t a deserter immediately reflect on the command’s enlisted manning verification via CMS-ID?
IAW MILPERSMAN 1600-060 a deserter will be transferred into the Deserter UIC when NACIC is in receipt of all records and the member is either:
1) UA for > 120 days or,
2) Attached to an overseas shore activity, home-ported overseas, or a deployed unit (absent from homeport > 90 days) and has been UA > 30 days.
Allow 180 days for the transaction to reflect on the command's EDVP.
6.      Who is responsible for declaring a deserter?
The parent command is responsible for declaring a deserter.  If a member is in a PCS statue, the gaining command must declare the member a deserter based on the failure to report.
7.      What is the time frame that a person must be UA before being declared a deserter?
IAW MILPERSMAN 1600-010 a person may be declared a deserter if:
1) the facts and circumstances of the member’s absence, without regard to the length, indicate the member committed the offense of desertion, as defined in Article 85 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ); or
2) if the member has been absent without authority for 30 consecutive days; or
3) immediately, if member is absent without authority, without regard to length of absence, and has gone to, or shown intention of going to any foreign country, or remains in any foreign country and requests or accepts any type of asylum or residence from that country or its governmental agencies.
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