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IA Guidance


This webpage contains deployment cycle information for IA sailors.  An IA includes any sailor in receipt of deployment orders issued by PERS-46 to include:

  • Individual Augmentee Manpower Management (IAMM) assignments
  • Assignments (GSA)Global Support
  • Contingency Operation Support Assignment (OSA)Overseas
  • individual RC personnel not mobilized as part of an established commissioned unit (RC Mob)
  • Health Services Augmentation Program (HSAP) personnel    


USFF IA Website


All Active Component (AC) IA personnel deployed as a GSA, OSA, or IAMM must process through the NMPS location as stated in their orders. RC personnel in receipt of ADSW orders of 30 days or more must also process through the NMPS.

All AC and RC personnel in receipt of deployment orders must complete the Expeditionary Screening Checklist (ESC) (NAVPERS 1300/22), the Expeditionary Medical and Dental Screening Checklist (NAVMED 1300/4) and the Medical Suitability Certification. (NAVPERS 1300/21) along with any required theatre specific medical forms within 30 days of receipt of orders and prior to reporting to the NMPS.  Members must read their orders in their entirety and comply all directives and pre-deployment requirements.  Members must also complete Pre-Deployment Health Assessment (Pre-DHA), DD Form 2795, within 60 days of the expected deployment date.

The NMPS acts as the quality assurance checkpoint and ensures all members have completed pre-deployment suitability screening requirements.  Failure to complete these forms in their entirety upon report to the NMPS may result in the member being returned to their parent command or NOSC.  The parent command or NOSC must update the suitability screening determination in BUPERS On-Line (BOL) prior to detaching the member to their next intermediate duty station.

Members may obtain additional information concerning reporting to the NMPS, items to bring, lodging and transportation on the NMPS websites listed on the main PERS-46 webpage or email/call the POC listed.


AC and RC personnel in receipt of IA deployment orders must read their orders in their entirety and must comply with all directives and pre-deployment expeditionary suitability screening requirements prior to reporting to the designated NMPS location specified in their orders.

Personnel can access their orders via the Navy-Marine Corps Mobilization Processing System (NMCMPS) within BUPERS-On-Line. 

The Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator (CIAC) at the parent command/Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) shall assist the member with all pre-deployment screening requirements.  The member must complete the following expeditionary suitability administrative and medical screening forms within 30 days of receipt of orders per MILPERSMAN 1300-318:  The below listed forms can be found on:

•  Medical Suitability Certification 
•  Expeditionary Screening Checklist 
•  Expeditionary Medical/Dental Screening for IA and Support Assignments to Overseas Contingency Operations 


Members may also be required to complete one of the theatre specific AOR medical forms listed below:

• PACOM AOR       
• EUCOM       
• AFRICOM       
• Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay       
• West Pacific & Okinawa       
• United Nations Missions       


Members must complete the mandatory training courses located on the NKO/Navy E-learning page and print out the completion certificates.  Additional information concerning IA assignments is located on NKO.  Members must also update the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) with point of contact and family information.  The parent command/NOSC must update BUPERS On-Line (BOL) to report the suitability screening determination.  All pre-deployment requirements must be completed prior to the member’s transfer to the Navy Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS) designated in their orders.  The NMPS acts as the quality assurance checkpoint to ensure sailors have completed all pre-deployment suitability screening requirements and are found suitable for deployment.  Members will be issued uniforms at the NMPS.

Uniform Guidance



All members deployed OCONUS in support of contingency operations must complete combat skills training conducted by U.S. Army drill instructors on a designated U.S. Army installation.  The majority of IA sailors must complete the minimum three week Navy IA Combat Training (NIACT) course conducted at Ft. Jackson in Columbia, SC.  The Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC) coordinates with the U.S. Army to ensure sailors receive the proper training for their IA assignment.  Additional guidance on the various training sites, including NIACT, is located on the ECRC website.  Quota control for NIACT is managed by PERS-4553.  Members are not required to contact PERS-4553 to request a quota.  Members will be issued their gear and weapon(s) at NIACT or other designated training site.  ECRC has established Navy Liaison Officer (LNO) teams at each pre-deployment training site to assist sailors with berthing, pay and other administrative and personnel issues.  Upon completion of NIACT or other combat skills training, most sailors receive additional combat skills training when they process through Kuwait.


ECRC Points of Contact


Upon completion of pre-deployment processing and combat skills training, IAs report to their overseas duty assignment.  This is considered the BOG phase.  While at their overseas assignment, IA sailors receive support and assistance at the Navy IA Support Units established in-theatre.  The Navy IA Support Units assist sailors with administrative and personnel requirements and provide reach back capability to the sailor’s parent command and ECRC HQ.  Navy IA Support Unit information as well as information concerning the various in-theatre duty station assignments is located on the IA page on the NKO website.   

The parent command/NOSC via the CIAC shall ensure monthly contact is made with the IA member and the member’s dependents.  The CIAC provides assistance to the member and the member’s family with any problem and coordinates any required action for issue resolution.


After completion of the BOG IA assignment, the majority of IAs re-deploy through the Warrior Transition Program (WTP) in Sembach, Germany.  The WTP allows sailors time to decompress and reintegrate into a non-combat environment.  At the WTP, IAs will turn in gear and weapon(s), process through customs, attend administrative briefings and attend the Warrior Transition Workshop.  Sailors must also complete the Post-Deployment Health Assessment (DD Form 2796) and will be provided an opportunity to discuss any medical issues with a health care professional.  IAs who do not re-deploy through the WTP will re-deploy via the route designated in their orders and will reintegrate, turn in gear and weapon(s) at that location.  RC members re-deploy through WTP.  Additional information about the WTP is located at the website below.


Warrior Transition Program (WTP)


Upon detaching from the WTP, IA sailors must report back through the NMPS as designated in their orders for re-deployment processing.  Most RC members will re-deploy through WTP.


Upon return from deployment, the parent command/NOSC shall ensure any welcome home activities are coordinated with the member and the member’s family.  The parent command/NOSC shall ensure that the member completes the Post Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA within 90 to 180 days after returning from deployment.  Sailors are encouraged to participate in the Returning Warrior Workshop (RWW).  The RWW provides post-deployment support and reintegration programs to assist the member and the member’s family with post-deployment stress and reintegration issues.  Members may also take advantage of the Safe Harbor Program.  The Safe Harbor Program coordinates the non-medical care needs of wounded, ill and injured sailors and their families.  The Fleet and Family Support Center also provides counseling if desired.

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