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Let's Talk Timing

As detailers, our job is to set you up for success, do our part in getting you promoted/screened for the next career milestone, and provide you with career advice you need to move onward and upward. A key step in setting yourself up for promotion and successful screening is to ENSURE YOUR PERFORMANCE IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR RECORD AT ANY BOARD – NOT POOR TIMING.
Make no mistake about it, SUSTAINED SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AT SEA is the most important factor in promotion/screening, but TIMING into your milestone tour (i.e. DIVO/DH/XO/CO/MCO) is important and delaying your arrival in a milestone tour can have a cascading effect from which it may be difficult to recover.
Also, it is important to know what your career NEEDs as you progress.  From your first DIVO tour to Major Command, you will notionally have the opportunity for five non-milestone tours – One post-DIVO, two post-DH (PDH), and two post-CDR CMD (PCC).  During these tours, you should look to complete five things which your career will need – JPME Ph I, a Master’s Degree, a SWO community tour, a Joint Tour, and a DC tour.  While some officers will be able to package these 1-for-1 into the five opportunities, that isn’t always the case (and it doesn’t need to be).  For example, if an officer attends a qualifying Master’s program at NPS they may complete both the Master’s and JPME Ph I.  There are many ways to accomplish all that your career needs, and there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to completion – TALK TO YOUR DETAILER EARLY!  WE ARE HERE TO ASSIST YOU IN YOUR PLANNING AND DECISION MAKING!

Commissioning through DH
It is never too early to start looking at timing. In addition to trying to marry up your desires with what is available and viewing your performance to date, TIMING will be a key element of our every discussion.

Here’s Why
To ensure you have at least an observed DH FITREP before the O4 selection board, which will occur notionally at an officer’s ninth YCS.
Your Take-aways 
-- To have a FITREP under your belt for the O4 Selection Board and to maximize your afloat FITREP opportunities prior to your Commander Command Screening (which will occur at the first CDR CMD Board following your 12 YCS anniversary), we want you in Department Head School at SWOSCOLCOM by the 7 1/2 YCS mark. This timing provides minimum latitude to complete enroute training, graduate from Department Head School, and report to your ship to receive at least one competitive FITREP prior to the O4 Selection Board.
DH through Commander Command

Your DH tours will be challenging and exciting – but there are a few items of which you don’t want to lose track.  First, the Command Assessment.  This Go / No-Go assessment, while strongly supported with SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AT SEA, is your gateway to consideration at the Commander Command board.  Second, your timing for your looks at Commander Command.  The FY21 board (in Dec 19) will be the final board where eligibility is based on PYG (O4) + 2 years.  Starting in FY22 (Dec 20) eligibility for the board will be anchored by an officer’s YCS.  An officer will be eligible for their first look for Commander Command at the board following their 12 YCS anniversary.  For most officers, this means that the first look at the Commander Command Board will be anchored at 12.5 YCS.
The competition at the Commander Command Board is intense!  As such, your detailers will look to set you up for your best possible chance of screening.  Based on your performance in your DH tours, you may want to request to be detailed to a Destroyer Squadron or Amphibious Squadron during your first post-DH tour (PD1).  These are meaningful, non-“get well” tours which offer increased operational experience and opportunity for break outs before the Commander Command Board.  Depending on your observed performance in your DH tours, other opportunities, such as community tours and Joint tours are normally good fits in this timing.  Again, talk to your detailer early and often!
Regarding slating to Commander Command, the driving timing factor is to ensure that you are out of command by your first look at the O6 Selection Board.  This board will occur notionally at the 20 YCS point.  As such, you’ll need to be in the seat as an XO by your 16 YCS, and starting the PCO pipeline by the 15.25 YCS point.
Include your spouse and children in the planning process as well as you chain-of-command.  Once you've reviewed your notional timing, contact your detailer and discuss your plan with them.  Remember that the PERS-41 team is here to assist you!!

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