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Reserve Retirements FAQs


1.  What is the status of my retirement request?

Contact the MNCC by phone at 1-833-330-MNCC (6622), or email for status of with and without pay retirement requests.
2.  How much will it cost me to participate in Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan?

There is no charge for coverage until you begin collecting retired pay at age 60. The cost is a percentage of the base amount of pay you designated, based on your age, the age of your beneficiary at the time your elected RCSBP coverage, and the option you chose. RCSBP cost will increase by the same percentage as increases in retired pay. Contact the MNCC by phone at 1-833-330-MNCC (6622), or email for more information about RCSBP.

3.  When will I receive my Notice of Eligibility (NOE)?

Your NOE will automatically be issued by PERS-912 within 1 year after your Annual Retirement Point Record (ARPR) indicates the completion of 20 qualifying years of service.  As this is a established process, there is no need to submit a request. You can apply for retirement and the Notice Of Eligibility will be created in the retirement process.

4.  How do I request retirement?

Drilling reservists and members of the IRR requesting to be transferred to the Retired Reserve should submit a request per the format and timeframes listed in Figure 20-4 of BUPERSINST 1001.39F CH-1.

If you are requesting retired pay at age 60, notification is forwarded in advance to advise eligible members how to submit an application for retired pay at age 60.  If you have not received your notification by the 4th month prior to your 60th birthday Contact MNCC by phone at 1-833-330-MNCC (6622), or email

5.  When will I receive my Presidential Letter of Appreciation?

A Presidential Letter of Appreciation is issued only to members who have completed 30 or more years of satisfactory/qualifying service for retired pay at the time of their transfer to either the retired reserve awaiting pay (Gray Area) or retired pay for non-regular service.

6.  How do I request my Presidential Letter of Appreciation?

Requests for Presidential Letters of Appreciation are not required.  As part of the retirement without pay process Pers-912 will automatically request a Presidential Letter of Appreciation through the White House Liaison Officer (WHLO) for those members who have completed 30 or more years of satisfactory/qualifying service for retired pay purposes.

7.  When can I retire and when does my retirement pay start?

You can retire (without pay) after completing 20 qualifying years (at least 50 Pts/yr) of service with the following caveats:

Members who earned their 20th year of qualifying service before 26 April 2005 must also serve their last six (6) years of qualifying service while a member of a reserve component.

Members who earned their 20th year of qualifying service after 26 April 2005 do not have a minimum reserve component requirement.

You must apply for retirement pay at age 60. PERS-912 normally sends out notification for retirement pay to qualified retired members in advance of their 60th birthday. If you are qualified but have not received notification 4 months prior to your 60th birthday contact the MNCC by phone at 1-833-330-MNCC (6622), or email

8. How do I change my address if I am a retiree?

Retired Reservists who will be eligible for retired pay at age 60 (gray area) and personnel on the Retired List (receiving pay) are responsible for keeping Navy Personnel Command PERS-912 informed of their current mailing address.  If a temporary change of residence is planned and mail cannot be delivered promptly by means of the existing mailing address, the member should also inform Pers-912 of the temporary address at the beginning of the temporary residence period and of the return to the permanent address at the end of the period.

Contact the MNCC by phone at 1-833-330-MNCC (6622), or email to update your mailing address.

Personnel receiving retired pay and former members must also notify the Director, Defense Finance and Accounting Service, U.S. Military Retirement Pay, 8899 E 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46249-1200, toll free number 1-800-321-1080.

9.  What is the officer's time in grade (TIG) requirement for retirement?

Reserve officers, other than FTS, selected by a board convened after 1 Oct 1996 who may be contemplating a voluntary retirement, are subject to the following TIG requirements:

O-4 and below: six months
O-5 and above: three years (waiverable to two years)

Subsequently, waiver requests should be submitted with the retirement request.  If the waiver request is denied, the retirement request will be returned unprocessed.

10.  How do I calculate my future estimated retirement pay?

The current formula used is:  P/360 x .025 x B =$/MONTH

Where P = total number of retirement points, and
B=base pay of the grade in which retired (using pay scale in the year in which you turn 60 years old).

You'll have to make an estimate of what your base pay will be in the year you turn 60 by using an assumed annual increase rate.  You can find current base pay rates on the DFAS home page.

As an approximate guideline for estimating your future base pay, military pay raises over the last 5 years have averaged 2.5% per year.  Note: This calculation does not include your cost of RCSBP if you elect to participate.

You can also utilize our downloadable calculator in Excel format:  Retirement Calculator.xlsx

11.  Can I cancel RCSBP participation?

RCSBP is essentially irrevocable until the second anniversary of receipt of retired pay. Before this designated time, certain exceptions are made for changes in your marital status or if your election was for a person with insurable interest. Recent changes in the law allow you to discontinue participation in RCSBP within one year after the second year of commencement of retired pay. However, if you exercise your option to terminate the SBP, future participation is barred. RCSBP is similar to insurance that guarantees an annuity to your survivors for a premium. You don't pay for this coverage until you start receiving retired pay.
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