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CHNAVPERS Inspector General (IG) - Inspections



Per SECNAVINST 5040.3 (series) Inspections Within the Department of the Navy, the Naval Inspector General (NAVINSGEN) is responsible for coordinating, monitoring and establishing objectives for the Department of the Navy (DON) Inspection Programs (DONIP) through appropriate commanders; coordinating efforts to eliminate duplication and unnecessary inspections imposed on commands or units.  

An inspection is any effort to evaluate or assess an organization or function against a standard.  An inspection is performed by any means or method and under any authority.  An inspection is performed by authorities outside the inspected unit and by personnel within it.  All inspections are subject to review by the NAVINSGEN.  Per SECNAVINST 5040.3 (series) Navy Echelon 1 activities and Echelon 2 commanders shall develop and implement an inspection program under the DONIP.

The Chief of Naval Personnel Inspector General serves as the principle advisor to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (N1) / Chief of Naval Personnel for inspection matters and is responsible for:
-    Serving as the proponent for the N1 inspection policy,
-    Advising Division Directors, Commanders and Commanding Officers on inspection policy,
-    Developing and managing an inspection manual that Organizational Inspection Program (OIP) coordinators will use to develop and manage OIPs
-    Co-Chairing the Inspection Working Group to oversee, manage, and coordinate the Integration of all Echelon 1, 2, and 3 OIPs,
-    Assisting in the development of OIPs, as needed,
-    Assisting in the training of inspectors, as necessary,
-    Ensuring the conduct of all inspections is in accordance with policy, 
-    Developing an IG inspection program as part of the N1 OIP, 
-    Conduct IG inspections, 
-    Forwarding IG inspection reports, approved by N1, that have Navy wide application, value, and interest to NAVINSGEN, 
-    Coordinating with Department of Defense (DOD), NAVINSGEN, Naval Audit Service (NAVAUDSVC), and external inspection and audit agencies to ensure that inspections and audits complement rather than duplicate each             other, 
-    Facilitating the resolution of any recommendations and or deficiencies received from DOD, NAVINSGEN, NAVAUDSVC, and external inspection and audit agencies, 


SECNAVINST 5040.3 (series)
Office of the Inspector General Enterprise Inspection Manual (Provided) 

BUPERSINST 5040.3 (series) 

Points of Contact:

N1 OIP Coordinator: Vacant

BUPERS IG Special Inspections lead: Vacant

BUPERS IG Compliance and Oversight Section Head: (901)874-3501

The following are FAQs for Inspections. 

1.  What are the statutes and regulations that apply to inspections?

We derive our authority from 10 USC 8020 (Naval Inspector General: detail; duties), SECNAVINST 5430.57 (series) (Mission and Functions of the Inspector General), SECNAVINST 5040.3 (series) (Inspections within the Department of the Navy), and BUPERSINST 5040.2 (series) Command Inspection Program for Activities under the Command of the Chief of Naval Personnel).

2.   What is the IG team's focus during an inspection?

Inspections focus on unit readiness and capability to execute assigned missions, current and projected, for the purpose of information senior leadership of the MYNAVYHR enterprise’s overall ability to accomplish its mission. 

3. How many team members conduct an inspection?

Effort is made to keep the team to the minimum number required to conduct a thorough inspection. The inspection scope and duration is a key factor when approving the team composition.

4. Why do we use focus groups?

Focus groups provide an opportunity to assess the quality of life of command members, both in the workplace and at home. When possible, information gathered from focus groups are analyzed with command survey responses to gauge the status of health and welfare within the inspected activity.

5. If I have questions who should I ask?

N1 OIP Coordinator: Vacant
BUPERS IG Special Inspections lead: Vacant
BUPERS IG Compliance and Oversight Section Head: (901) 874-3501

Managers Internal Control Program (MICP)

Commands are required to implement a system of internal controls to provide reasonable assurance that: 
- Programs achieve their intended results; 
- Resource use is consistent with the Department of the Navy (DON) mission; 
- Programs and resources are protected from fraud, waste, abuse, and   mismanagement; 
- Laws and regulations are followed; and 
- Reliable and timely information is obtained, maintained, and used for decision-making and reporting.

The MICP is not intended to be a stand-alone program or duplicate existing control efforts within the organization. Implementation of this program should complement and build upon existing efforts such as: Continuous Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, Operational Risk Management Program, etc. These programs provide leadership with a means to assess program integrity and control effectiveness throughout the organization, and their results contribute directly to the annual CNO certification statement.


SECNAVINST 5200.35 (series) Department of the Navy Managers’ Internal Control Program


OPNAVINST 5200.25 (series) Managers’ Internal Control Program


BUPERSINST 5200.12 (series) Management Control Program

Points of Contact:

N1/BUPERS MICP Coordinator:  (901) 874-4410/DSN: 882-4410

BUPERS IG Compliance and Oversight Section Head: (901) 874-3501

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