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Inventory/Equipment Maintenance
Inventory Management (BUPERS-00T21) maintains the centralized inventory database for a variety of government-owned personal property.  The NPC Property Manager works with assigned Property Custodians to account for the designated government property and ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the NPC database.  This section is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of qualified government equipment and the proper disposal of excess equipment. 
Who do we call to have our NMCI and Legacy equipment removed?
For items belonging to NMCI (NMCI bar code), contact your ISO to arrange a time for NMCI to pick-up your item(s). 

For legacy equipment belonging to NPC (NPC bar code), contact your property custodian, who will determine if the item is needed elsewhere.  If the item is not needed elsewhere, the item will be turned in to Inventory Management at (901) 874-3214/4007.
Whom do I call if my fax line no longer works?
Contact Telecommunications/Supply BUPERS-00T21 at 874-4000, and they will trouble shoot the problem with the phone line.
Who do we call to get our printer repaired?
Contact PERSNET Help Desk for NPC-owned Legacy ADP Repairs, 874-4717.  For NMCI equipment, call 1-866-THE-NMCI (866-843-6624).
We have just bought some expensive office equipment. Do we need to have them bar coded?
Contact BUPERS-00T21 at 874-3214/4007 who will make the determination, and assign bar codes as necessary.  Generally, all ADP items are assigned bar codes.  In addition, any item with a purchase value of $5,000 or greater must be assigned a bar code and a Unique Item Identifier (UII) label.  Any item determined to be pilferable will also require a NPC bar code.
How do I turn in excess equipment (non-ADP)?
Contact BUPERS-00T21 at 874-3214/4007, and arrange a time for pick-up.  If the item is assigned to a Property Custodian, check with him or her prior to contacting Inventory.  The Custodian may wish to redeploy your item vice turning it in.
Whom do I contact if I am having problems with my copier?
Please utilize the numbers listed on the copier to request toner or to submit a service call.  When placing a call for service, please provide the equipment identification number and location of the copier.  If you have logistics questions or other concerns for your copier (relocation etc.), call BUPERS-00T21 at 874-3214/4007. 
 How do I know if I need a pooka (cubicle) number?
Contact BUPERS-00T21 at 874-3214/4007, for workstation determination procedures.  If a pooka number is required, one will be assigned as soon as possible. This number may be used by Inventory, Telecommunications and IT personnel.
Our office has just purchased a fax machine. What do we do to get it covered by a maintenance agreement?
Contact BUPERS-00T21 at 874-4007/3214 and request that the item be added to the current and future maintenance contracts.
Whom do I contact if my fax machine stops working?
Contact BUPERS-00T21 at 874-3214/4007, and submit a repair request. 
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