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The Human Resources Community (120X) is one of the Department of the Navy’s most strategic and critical assets in the provision of manpower, personnel, training, and education (MPTE) expertise in support of DoN mission accomplishment.  It has been charged with “delivering HR expertise to define, recruit, develop, assign, and retain a highly-skilled workforce for the Navy Total Force mission.”

The Active Component HR designator 1200 was established in October 2001 to respond to the growing demands for specialized skills in human resource strategy and analysis. Total Force integration required harnessing expertise from all components--active, reserve, civilian, and contractor. In February 2007, the Reserve Component HR designators 1205/1207 were established.

For the HR Active (1200) Component, there are three distinct career tracks that are aligned to the MyNavy HR lines of effort. The three HR career tracks provide formal career paths to deliberately develop HR Officers with distinct HR competency expertise.

Force Development (FD):  Talent Acquisition and Accessions, Initial, and Fleet Training 

Force management (FM):  Career Management, Service Delivery, Pay & Personnel Management, N1/J1

Force Requirements and Resourcing (FR2):  Operations Analysis, Financial Management, Requirements, Business Optimization, Enterprise Support

The HR Reserve (1205)/Full-Time Support (1207) components are structured in four major career opportunity areas within the Navy's HR professional community, called Core Competency Areas (CCAs). These valued CCAs offer diverse experiences and require a variety of skill sets.

Work would likely focus on manpower and job task requirements (OPNAV N13M or Navy Manpower Analysis Center - NAVMAC) or financial management and budget analysis (OPNAV N10).

Work would likely focus on personnel policy and management, working for Navy Personnel Command (NPC), OPNAV N13, Transient Personnel Units (TPUs), Naval Operational Support Centers (NOSCs), or Navy Personnel Command Mobilization Detachments (NPC MOB DETs).

Work would likely focus on the training and education of personnel, working for Naval Education and Training Command (NETC), numerous school and training centers around the country, Recruit Training Center (RTC), Officer Training Command (OTC), or as a CVN Training Officer.

Work would likely focus on the recruitment of personnel into the regular and reserve components of the Navy, working for Navy Recruiting Command (NRC), Talent Acquisition Centers (TAOCs), or Military Entrance Process Stations (MEPS).

Expertise is gained by attaining advanced education as well as through a series of leadership and staff tours in the four primary career core competency areas.  A complete list of HR billets, duty stations, and the associated core competencies can be found in the HR Billet List on the HR Detailer website. 

For further information, please contact the HR Officer Community Manager.

Career Track (CT)/Core Competency Area (CCA) Profile Information
CTCD - During Career Track implementation, HR Officers will be contacted and provided their CTCD worksheet to complete. Those 1200 HR Officers ready to be assigned a HR Career Track should review the current business rules and contact their HR Detailer to obtain a worksheet and have their record updated.

CCA - To assist in establishing your baseline CCA, review the Core Competency Area Business Rules located in the summary section below. Please contact either the HR Officer Community Manager or Assistant Community Manager for the Core Competency Area Worksheet. 
***NOTE*** Once the baseline CCA worksheet is complete, please email it directly to the HR Officer Community Manager instead of the email noted in the business rules.

 HR Promotion Stats
FY18 Promotion Stats O-6, O-5, O-4
FY19 Promotion Stats O-6, O-5, O-4
FY20 Promotion Stats O-6, O-5, O-4
FY21 Promotion Stats O-6, O-5, O-4
FY22 Promotion Stats O-6, O-5, O-4
FY23 Active Promotion Stats O-6, O-5, O-4

Prospective HR Information
Active Duty Lateral Transfer/Redesignation
FTS Lateral Transfer/Redesignation

HR Promotion Information
FY23-FY25 Promotion Zone Projections

Core Competency Area (CCA) Information
Core Competency Area Business Rules

Career Track Information (AC 1200 Only)
Career Track/Career Development Business Rules
HR Beacon 20-02 2025 HR Strategic Plan
HR Beacon 20-03 HR AC Career Tracks
HR Beacon 21-03 HR AC Career Track Rollout
HR Beacon 21-06 FY22 Indef Recall Opportunity
HR Career Track PQS

Community Information
HR Community Health Brief
HR Brochure

AC/RC HR FY22 INDEF Recall Opportunity
INDEF Recall Application Template

Detailer Link
HR Detailer

SELRES HR DCO Information
SELRES HR Program Authorization (PA) 230

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