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1. How do I request ADOS orders?

Only a Command/Pillar Reserve Program Director (RPD) may request to fill an ADOS requirement.  Reservists may apply for approved ADOS opportunities with the Command/Pillar RPD once PERS-46 has approved the requirement.  Command/Pillar RPDs interested in submitting an ADOS requirement can find further guidance on this web page titled "ADOS Command Guidance."  Additional guidance for Reservists concerning ADOS opportunities is located on this web page titled "ADOS Supported Command Guidance for Reservists."

2. Where can I find out about opportunities to serve on ADOS?

Please contact your Reserve Program Director (RPD), your Navy Reserve Activity (NRA), or check for advertised positions on the Navy GovDelivery website:

3. How long does it typically take for ADOS orders to be issued?

Typical turnaround times can vary due to the current task load placed on the department.  PERS-462 requires a standard of thirty days to process the orders once all documentation has been received via  During the annual budget call (JUN-SEP), order processing times will be longer.  For updates, please contact your RPD directly.

4. I am High Year Tenure (HYT). Am I eligible for ADOS?

Refer to MILPERSMAN 1160-030 and MILPERSMAN 1160-120.  If you are in a pay status approaching HYT, please contact your rating ECM.  If you are in the VTU, please contact PERS-913. 
Both can be reached at or 833-330-6688.

5. I have accumulated a lot of active-duty time. Am I still eligible for ADOS?

Members are eligible to perform ADOS until they reach 16 years of total active-duty service.  Active-duty service includes all active duty (ADOS [formally ADSW], Recall, Mobilization, Annual Duty for Training (ADT), and Annual Training (AT) combined).  It is the service member's responsibility to ensure their retirement point capture is updated and accurate before requesting ADOS orders.

*Please see OPNAV INSTRUCTION 1001.27 for additional information on 16-year waiver requirements and Sanctuary limitations and OPNAV INSTRUCTION 1320.6. for 1,095-day waiver requirements

6. Am I required to report to my NRA at the beginning/conclusion of my orders?

No.  However, the NRA must screen each member for ADOS eligibility utilizing the ADOS screening checklist and stage gain/loss transactions required to establish pay and benefits.  Members must check-in/out with the NRA via phone to see if any screening requirements are delinquent.

Reserve members are obligated to keep their Naval Reserve Activity (NRA) informed of their status.  Members should contact their NRA anytime they accept an ADOS position to begin the screening checklist before PERS-462 releases the orders.  It should never be a surprise to your NRA that you receive orders.

7. I am currently on ADOS. Who screens my eligibility for follow-on orders?

Members currently on ADOS and are requesting an additional year are still required to be screened for eligibility. To ensure proper accountability of members, the organization with Administrative Control of the member (i.e. the supported command) is to complete the ADOS Checklist. In lieu of the NRA CO, the member’s Reporting Senior may sign for back-to-back members only.

8. Am I authorized per diem on my ADOS orders?

Per Ch. 1, Section 010206, and Table 1-6, of the JTR, per diem is authorized on orders for 180 days or less if the member is not local to the ADOS duty station.  Orders of more than 180 days at any one location are PCS orders if the member is not local to the ADOS duty station.

9. Who is responsible for initial funding for travel to the command and per diem while there?

The supported/gaining command funds travel and per diem (for non-local orders less than 180 days).  Funding will cover the Reservist's travel from their Home of Record (HOR) to the supported command and return to HOR upon completing the ADOS assignment.

10. While traveling to report on ADOS orders, am I authorized to use my government travel card (GTCC)?

Reservists who have ADOS orders written for 180 days or more (and are not local to the Ultimate Duty Station (UDS)) receive travel authorized as a PCS move.  As such, these members are authorized to use their GTCC for travel.  At the start of such orders, the NRA works with ECRC or supported command to send the member on government travel (usually SATO).

Members who are issued ADOS orders for 179 days or less, and are not local to the UDS, will receive supported command funded Per Diem and are authorized to use their GTCC.

Members who have ADOS orders written for 179 days or less and are local to the UDS receive TDY orders to ECRC (if required) and are authorized to use their GTCC during their TDY portion.

11. Common HHG and entitlement questions received:
  • What are the rules regarding HHG Shipments and POV Shipments for ADOS PCS Orders (>180 Days)?
  • Am I authorized Dislocation Allowance if taking ADOS Orders?
  • Am I authorized Family Separation Allowance if taking ADOS Orders?
  • Do I get Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) entitlements if going CONUS on PCS Orders?
  • Do I get Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) entitlements if going OCONUS on PCS Orders?
**Please consult your local PSD or Personal Property Office if you have questions about pay and entitlements.  PERS-46 is not responsible for any pay/entitlements or HHG.  Sailors with specific questions concerning Household Goods/PCS entitlements should contact the Household Goods (HHG) helpline directly at 1-800-444-7789 or e-mail:

12. Can PERS-462 resolve questions regarding pay, allowances, and entitlement issues?

No.  PERS-462 does not have the authority to grant entitlements by adding language to orders.  The JTR governs entitlements for moves (PCS/Per-Diem/TDY).  If you have any entitlement questions, please contact your servicing PSD.

13. Who is responsible for pay/travel/and allowances for members on ADOS?

The NRC is responsible for securing original travel for the ADOS orders. Your supported command's PSD is responsible for all pay and allowances. Please contact your CPPA for assistance.

For orders less than 180 days, and members who are not local to the command, the gaining command is responsible for per diem.  PERS-46/OPNAV does not pay for per diem, and they do not modify orders to add the LOA or entitlement statements.

14. How do I coordinate my PCS move?

You can contact the POC located in the ADOS orders, as well as utilize:

15. Where can I find a copy of the current Joint Travel Regulations?

16. Why does compensation variance exist between RC Sailors performing active duty in the same location?

"Duty status" reflects a Sailor's availability to perform a specific mission, function, or job and is linked to appropriated funds and legal authorities.  As a result, Reserve Sailors serving in the same geographic location and providing similar support may have variances in compensation due to their specific duty status.

Statuses for Reserve Sailors will differ concerning legal authority, inactive duty vs. active duty, mission support, funding, voluntary vs. involuntary orders, and strength accounting.  This may also include:
  • Annual Training (AT);
  • Active Duty for Training (ADT);
  • Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS);
  • Mobilization
Each status comes with varying degrees of compensation.

17. Do I have to take a break-in-service between ADOS periods?

No.  However, reservists must take a 31-day break in active-duty service upon completing five years of continuous active duty due to Involuntary Separation Pay Purposes (ISP).

The 31-day break in active-duty service may not include a period of AT, ADT, or any other active duty.

For more information on ISP, please see: Involuntary Separation Pay (ISP) and the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)

18. Can I do ADOS/AT/ADT in conjunction with one another?

Yes, though it is highly discouraged.  AT/ADT orders cannot be used to cover any cost associated with ADOS orders (travel OCONUS, PCS, etc.).

Members will likely experience pay problems transitioning from ADOS to ADT/AT or ADT/AT to ADOS due to the active and reserve pay account systems' failure to communicate.  It can take up to 30 days to reestablish an active duty pay account.  Sailors with questions regarding their pay should contact their supported commands PSD.

19. I have just demobilized. Can I immediately return to active duty on ADOS?

Yes. It is advisable to start ADOS orders immediately upon demobilization; a break in active-duty orders is unnecessary (except for Sailors with five years of continuous active duty).

Receiving back-to-back orders will allow the active personnel and pay accounts to remain open and eliminate a break in the Sailor's active duty pay.

Sailors who desire a break between active-duty periods are strongly encouraged to take a minimum break of 45 days (no AT or ADT) before coming back on ADOS. This break will allow time for the personnel and pay transaction to process between Active and Reserve components systems and reduce the difficulty of reestablishing the Active Master Military Pay Account upon return to active duty.

20. May I transition from ADOS orders directly to mobilization orders?

Yes.  If possible, there should be no break-in-service between orders to minimize pay problems, as stated above.

21. I am currently on ADOS and have developed a medical condition. If the local military medical authority will not clear me medically, will I be placed on Medical Hold (MEDHOLD)?

MEDHOLD is a voluntary program. A Reservist is not placed on MEDHOLD until the BUPERS Senior Medical Officer (SMO) at PERS-95 reviews the case and approves the MEDHOLD status.

The supported command must immediately contact PERS-95 and PERS-462 if an ADOS member experiences a service-connected injury or illness while attached to their supported command.  The supported command must submit a medical package to PERS-95 for review and determination if MEDHOLD is warranted.

In cases that the medical condition or MEDHOLD status is not resolved by the end of the current ADOS orders, the member may remain on Active Duty orders through the treatment period (via either follow-on orders beginning immediately in the next FY or by specially approved extensions from OPNAV N10 for cross-FY funding).  Any delay in contacting PERS-95 could result in creating a gap in orders.

PERS-95 is the responsible office for MEDHOLD policy and process.  Please contact them directly for questions or concerns at or 833-330-6688.

22. I was approved for ADOS orders; how do I find out the status?

When an RPD fills an approved requirement, they will forward the package to PERS-46 for adjudication.  From package receipt to orders issuance, PERS-46 requires 30 days.  Please contact your RPD if it has been longer than 30 days.

23. PERS-46 returned my ADOS package with no action, but listed discrepancies. Why?

Sailors can avoid discrepancies with their ADOS orders by completing the ADOS checklist.  The checklist is required to be completed by the NRA. It is enclosure (3) of the ADOS Instruction, OPNAVINST 1001.20D.


The most common discrepancies are: 

  • MAS codes (Medical MAS codes must have a waiver);

  • EREN/EAOS issues (Sailors contract date must extend past the end of the ADOS orders);

  • Packages having missing or incomplete items (to include any required waivers) 

​​24. Can I telework while on ADOS orders?

Yes. Please note, in the absence of official Remote and Telework guidance, PERS-462 distinguishes between the two as follows:

  • Remote Work: the member remains at the Primary Residence and performs support digitally.

  • Telework: the member travels to the UDS and may work from housing/lodging near the duty station.

If the member chooses to take leave while on ADOS orders, then any used leave must be taken prior to the end of your orders. PERS-46 will not extend any orders for the sole purpose of leave. If the member chooses to sell back the accrued leave, then that request is made through the processing PSD.

ADOS orders are issued based on the approved requirement from the RPD.  The requirement is normally associated to the UIC of the Ultimate Duty Station.  PERS-46 issues orders from the Sailor’s Primary Residence to the Ultimate Duty Station and back to the Sailor’s Home of Record.

Any telework agreement is between the Sailor and the Supported Command, per DOD Directive 1035.1. Completion and record keeping of the DD Form 2946 (Telework Agreement) is between the Sailor and Supported Command.

PERS-46 only issues ADOS orders to a Sailor’s primary residence if Remote Working. The Supported Command must identify a hosting entity (NRA, detachment, unit, etc…) by UIC that is local to the Reservist’s telework location/primary residence to which the Reservist will be physically assigned. Remote Work agreements are between the Supported Command, the member, and the ‘hosting’ command.

Starting in FY23, RPDs must annotate on the BNR if a Reservist will be teleworking for the duration of the ADOS period. Appropriate verbiage administratively assigning the member to the supported command and allotting entitlements to the primary residence will be included in the orders. It is highly recommended these host arrangements are made well in advance of generating the ADOS orders.

25. Can ADOS orders include I-Stops?

No.  ADOS orders are not Mobilization orders.  There are no I-stops en-route.  ADOS orders are issued from the Sailor’s Home of Record to the Ultimate Duty Station and back to the Sailor’s Home of Record (unless teleworking, see item 24 above).

26. I need a waiver to be approved for my orders. How long does that take?

The turnaround time from receipt of a completed waiver package with no errors is 60 days (up to 30 days for the waiver + up to 30 days for the ADOS orders).  ADOS waivers are ultimately approved or disapproved by OPNAV N13.

27. When is ADOS funding released?

PERS-46 receives initial FY funding between late August and early September.  Upon an approved Budget or Continuing Resolution, PERS-46 will manage any remaining balance of funds for ADOS through Mid Year (between late February and early March).

28. My ADOS orders state they are not in support of a contingency operation.  Can this be modified?

According to policy, any ADOS contingency orders must be vetted and approved through OPNAV N312 before submission to PERS-46. PERS-46 does not modify orders to change entitlements. If the ADOS requirement is in accordance with contingency qualifications, the RPD must provide PERS-46 with OPNAV N312’s approval before the issuance of the orders.

29. Are my orders considered PCS or Per-Diem?

ADOS orders entitle the member to a PCS when the initial orders, or the initial orders are modified to, keep the member at one location for 181 days or more.
Note: Travel time is not included in the 181 day requirement. 

Per JTR chapter 3, orders scheduled for 180 days or fewer are per-diem orders. If the initial per-diem orders are modified and result in the member serving 181 days or more at one location, they become PCS orders effective the day the modification is released. Additionally, if per-diem orders were issued up until September 30th and a back-to-back set of orders starting October 1st are issued resulting in the member serving 181 days or more at one location, they become PCS orders as of October 1st.  

RESFOR ADOS Pilot Program FAQs

1. What is the ADOS FY24 Pilot Program requested by CNRF N15?

According to CNRF, the intent of the exception to policy (ETP) is to allow a Pilot Program in FY24 to add in a virtual I-stop to ADOS orders requiring the member to coordinate with their NRA. The purpose of this I-Stop is to transfer the responsibility of pay package review and submission to the member’s NRA. In accordance with OPNAVINST 1001.10D, ADOS Instruction, this responsibility lies with the member’s ultimate duty station (ULDUSTA).

2. How long will the ADOS Pilot Program last?

The Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy (N13), endorsed the exception to policy (ETP) for FY23 and FY24. Note: No ADOS orders were released in FY23 for the Pilot Program.

3. As a SELRES member going on ADOS in FY24, how does the ADOS Pilot Program impact me?

During FY24, CNRF N15 has shifted responsibility of SELRES activation and deactivation transaction support to Echelons IV/V commanders under Commander, Navy Reserve Force (COMNAVRESFOR) to initiate and submit required key supporting documents (KSDs) to Transaction Service Center Norfolk, Reserve Center of Excellence (RCOE) in support of ADOS orders.

4. As a SELRES member going on ADOS in FY24, can I report to my NRA to execute the virtual I-stop?

Yes, the NRA I-Stop is virtual, however, a member may report to the NRA in person if no travel or lodging expenses are incurred.  CNRF recommends coordinating with NRA for processing.

5. As an NRA Manpower clerk/supervisor, what is my responsibility to my SELRES going on ADOS orders in FY24?

According to CNRF N15, the NRA will coordinate virtual checkout on start date, endorse orders, verify pay packet, and complete SalesForce eCRM transaction for member’s strength gain to active duty.

6. As an NRA Manpower clerk/supervisor, who do I contact with questions about a SELRES member going on ADOS orders in FY24?

Direct all questions to CNRF N15:

7. As an ultimate duty station (ULDUSTA) receiving a SELRES on ADOS orders, who do I coordinate my member’s arrival with?

CNRF recommends contacting the NRA on the orders or CNRF N15.

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