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Fire Controlman (FC)
Fire Controlman Aegis (FCA)


Notes from the FC / FCA Detailing Team:

- Log in to MNA 12-15 months from your PRD and update your contact information and set your preferences. You can bookmark any billet in MNA that you are interested in, but keep in mind that we can only detail to the billets that advertise as OPEN in the application windows. 
- If you aren’t sure when your application window is, there is a link on the login page of MNA for ACTIVE/FTS negotiation windows based on PRD that will tell you what month you should make applications
- The schedule for CMS-ID is available under the help drop down menu. This will tell you the exact days you can make applications and when detailers are making selections. 
- If you previously signed a PG13 to mark your record as undecided and your PRD was matched to your EAOS IAW NAVADMIN 307/17, Please contact your detailer if you plan to stay Navy and negotiate for orders. Your PRD will be readjusted back to your original PST and you will negotiate based on that PRD.
- IAW NAVADMIN 231/17, The MCA and TYCOM identify billets to advertise as OPEN in order to optimize fleet manning. These are the only jobs available for detailing outside of sea special programs (RECREW, LCS or PRECOM) and shore special programs (RDC and Recruiting). Just because a command has a vacant billet does not mean the detailer can place you in it if the billet is not advertising. Detailers will attempt to find a match using the desired selections of the sailor first. However, Fleet readiness will ultimately be the guiding factor and detailers may have to select sailors who have not applied for an assignment or are early in their orders negotiation window, if they are the best fit. 
- The schedule for CMS-ID is available under the help drop down menu. This will tell you when you can make applications, and when detailers are making selections. 
- Due to the fact that the Navy is expanding, the priority for shore duty is Recruiting and RDC. If you are up for shore duty and screenable for these programs, you may be required to fill these billets. We post the available recruiting locations on the FC FCA Detailer Facebook page or you can email your detailer for them. All districts are first come first served so if you are interested in a district, let your detailer know ASAP. These billets will not advertise in CMS-ID so contact your detailer if you are interested. 
- Detailers only detail to the Recruiting district. We do not decide on your specific location within district. The location is decided after you are given orders by the chief recruiter of the district. All listed as an NRD can be assigned anywhere within a district. A TAOC will be in the general area of the specific location listed.
- If you are married MIL-MIL, colocation is based on the member who is going to sea. The Sea going member will negotiate through CMS-ID as normal. After a billet is posted, the detailer of the shore going member will attempt to find a shore billet in that location. Please reference MILPERSMAN 1300-1000 for colocation.
- An OTIEP or extension request will not be approved if there is not a valid billet on board for you to fill. These requests should be submitted prior to entering your negotiation window. 
- Paygrade substitutions are no longer authorized unless there is an extreme circumstance. Please keep this in mind while making your applications and try to apply for billets within your paygrade.
- Detailers are always available to answer questions, but be sure to direct questions to your Chain of Command and CCC prior to directing your questions to NPC. 
- Try to keep an open mind!!! Only wanting a specific platform in a specific location will greatly limit your options. Know what your priority is.
- You can apply for billets outside of your NEC for sea. You will be considered if there is not another applicant that qualifies for the billet. 
- Stay within your sea/shore rotation!! If you are not up for shore duty and are making applications for shore commands, your applications WILL NOT be considered. If you are wanting to do back to back sea, make sure you reach out to your detailer to convey that.
- If applying for SDIP, That must be done prior to your negotiation window. If you submit the request after you have entered your window, your request will not be approved.

Special Programs
- What are sea special programs? Sea special programs are billets that PERS-409 distributes to detailers such as Pre-commissioning ships, Fleet Modernizations, or various LCS ships.
- What are shore special programs? Shore special programs for the FC and FCA community are recruiting and RDC billets, coordinated through PERS-4010.
- When to apply? You can apply as early as 15 months out from your PRD but no later than a Sailor’s last window for orders application. 
- What happens? When a Sailor requests to apply for a special programs billet, their detailer will take their nomination and send it to either PERS 409 or PERS 4010. This means that if a Sailor was in their window for orders but wishes to be nominated to a special program, they ARE NOT able to apply for orders in their community until the nomination is either accepted or denied. Something to keep in mind, when a nomination takes place they are assigned a new detailer from PERS 409 or PERS 4010, whichever the nomination was for. 
- Qualified female Sailors are needed as Recruit Division Commanders (RDC)! 
- Recruiting duty and service as a RDC offer great opportunities for top performing surface combat systems Sailors.  Benefits include extra pay, command advancement opportunities and college attendance while in uniform during working hours.  
- You MUST be released to Shore Special Programs by your rating detailer.

Other Topics
- We do not currently allow one up/one down for sea.  If you are a frocked FC2, apply for FC2 billets. Some billets also have additional requirements listed their MILPERSMAN (i.e. minimum PFA scores for certain expeditionary commands).
- A secret security clearance is required for all special program assignments (sea and shore).  Start yours today!! 
- Overseas screening must be completed promptly.  Sailors are allowed 30 days, while family members have 60 days, to complete screening requirements.   
- Spouse Collocation does not guarantee a specific geographic area.  Refer to MILPERSMAN 1306-1000 in verifying your eligibility. 
- Email is best, but when leaving a phone message for your detailer, speak clearly and slowly, and don’t forget to leave a contact number! 
- Use your Career Counselors for assistance.  If there are questions they cannot answer, call your detailer. 
- We are a mobile force!  The Navy needs flexible sailors to tackle unique challenges throughout the world.  Plan on moving and changing geographical locations during your career! 
- If you do not intend on re-enlisting, Submit a 1306 to match your PRD to EAOS with intent to separate (if PRD/EAOS do not match) or a 1306 requesting to flag your record for separation (if PRD/EAOS match).  You may have submitted a Voluntary Separation C-WAY, but in the detailing realm a record flagged for separation is the best way to ensure you are not issued follow on orders.
- If you are submitting a 1306 to apply for a program (Co-location, SDIP, OTEIP) ensure you have read the governing MILPERSMAN before submission to ensure that you qualify. Many require submission based on a timeline based on your PRD.  

Please share this page with fellow FCs and FCAs. Detailers will post updates with billets, Special Programs and general information for negotiations. Correspondence with detailers will still be done through official Navy emails and phones. The detailers are listed below. 

FCA/FC Lead Detailer E-7 and Senior
FC E-5 and Junior -
FC E-6 -
FCA E-6 and Junior-


If you have not received a return email within five business days, contact FCACM Klave for follow-up.

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