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 Interior Communications Electrician (IC)


Notes from the IC Detailing Team:

MNA Process

- Take a look at the Sea/Shore Flow to determine if you are set to rotate to sea or shore ( Sea/Shore Flow )
- Verify when you are eligible to negotiate for orders (Negotiating Windows) and check MNA Schedule for various Phases ( MNA Information )
- Consider options for Sea/Shore Special Programs 13-15 months out from PRD to ensure there is enough time to submit package/complete required screening ( Shore Special Programs )  ( Sea Special Programs )
- If you are interested in a Special Program, contact your detailer before starting the process
Going into a negotiating window (after Precheck)
- Ensure MNA contact information is up to date
- Update resume with applicable information
- Inform your detailer of any special circumstances/requests
Submitting applications
- For IC2/1 currently not accpecting pay substitutions. ICSN/IC3 up for shore duty contact E5 and junior detailer to discuss options
- Frocked Sailors apply for billets in the paygrade they will be advanced to
- You have seven applications that can be submitted, but not all applications have to be used
  * Apply for billets you are interested in filling, but keep in mind that ALL Open Must Fill billets MUST be filled
- If you are in your window and unable to apply in MNA, contact your CCC to submit applications on your behalf
- If the CCC is not available/unable to make submissions, reach out to your detailer for assistance
  * At a minimum, include Preference #, Command, and Billet Sequence Code (BSC) to ensure the correct application is submitted
- If curious about a particular billet, reach out on the IC Facebook Page to see if anyone has additional information on the command
- Look over the MILPERSMAN that governs the command (if applicable) you are applying for to ensure all requirements are met
- We do not pay attention to the color code listed for preference matches, as that is not always accurate.  We look at your preference number for the application, so apply for billets you are interested in filling.  Not having the NEC, being in a different location, etc. does not disqualify you from being considered.

**Some considerations during application phase** 
- Not making any applications can tell you detailer you are open to any billet and could lead to be direct detailed IAW NAVADMIN 231/17
- Applying for billets outside of your paygrade is a missed opportunity/application for a billet
After applications are submitted
- If there is a billet you are REALLY interested in, reach out to get in contact with someone at the command
  * Command comments are not the end all be all, but being the #1 pick can help
- Take a look at the MNA schedule above for an idea of when selections will be completed
- Monitor the status of your applications to determine if selected for a billet
- If contact information is up to date as mentioned, you will receive an e-mail once selected
After selections are finished
- Inform your detailer of any special requests/circumstances
- If selected for a billet, be patient as it takes a bit longer for orders to be released due to things like funding/school availability
- If not selected for a billet, determine how many negotiation cycles you have remaining
- We recommend considering a Special Program if location/platform has a major impact on your preferences
While waiting on orders
- While NAVADMIN 169/20 was superseded, Detailers are still required to adjust EDDs +/- 6 months to limit gaps at sea.  If you are going from sea to shore and your billet does not have a relief identified, your EDD (not PRD) will be adjusted +6 months.
- If you are unsure of when you will be detaching due to pending orders, please follow up with Detailers and we can provide an update on any EDD shifts.

Common Issues

Extension Requests
Extensions should be submitted >13 months out to ensure your billet does not have a Prospective Gain/Tentative Gain (PG/TG).  If a relief has been identified or your billet is set to be advertised in MNA, we CANNOT recommend approval for extensions.  If you are looking to extend at your current command, submit a 1306 with applicable information (i.e. for deployment, minimal manning, etc.).  There HAS to be a reason for the extension and just hearing that your command wants to extend you does not mean the request has made it to us.

Applying for Shore with Remaining Sea Time
Refer to sea/shore flow.  If you owe sea time (i.e. completed 24 months of 2nd sea tour and have 24 months remaining), you should apply for sea duty.  Sailors coming off a 24 month shore tour are eligible to apply for shore (12 month follow on orders).  Typically we detail for 12 months or greater, so if you have six months of sea time remaining at your PRD you are able to rotate to shore.


Q.  What are the odds that I am selected for ______ billet?
A.  Any percentage aside from zero (ineligible) or 100% (only application) would be just another made up percentage.  MNA lists the number of applications submitted for each billet, which can give you an idea, but that doesn’t mean each application is a valid submission.

Q.  When should I request to be released to screen for a special program?
A.  Screening requirements vary, but 15 months from your PRD should provide enough time to complete the process and determine if you are selected or not.  Requesting to be released at 12 months is a possibility, but you run the risk of not getting looks through MNA if you are not selected for the program.

Q.  I’m up for shore duty and I do not like the options, can I apply for sea billets?
A.  Sea and Shore Rollers are counted before billets are advertised, so back to back sea requests need to be submitted before you go into your looks (no later than 12 months from PRD).  See MILPERSMAN 1306-141 for more information.

Q.  I requested back to back sea and got selected for a billet through MNA, am I eligible for SDIP-B?
A.  No.  Approval for SDIP-B is a different process and must be specifically requested.  The billets offered will vary, but they will generally be high priority billets (i.e. ships deploying) that come from our Rating Specialist and not something selected on MNA.  Once you are posted to a billet, it is too late to request SDIP.  ( SDIP Page )

Q.  What makes special programs “special?”
A.  Special programs are not advertised on MNA and are things like PRECOM, LCAC, and ship modernization re-crews.  They fall under PERS-409 (Sea) / PERS-4010 (Shore) and their detailers write orders for Sailors selected for those billets.

Q.  I was selected for _____ sea/shore special program, who do I contact about orders?
A.  As an IC you can always reach out to us with any questions that you might have, but please take a look at the Sea/Shore Special Program Links listed above for detailer contact information.

Q.  Am I eligible to receive _____ entitlement?
A.  As detailers we are not authorized to speak on entitlements and must refer Sailors to the applicable PERS code, which will vary depending on the request.

Q.  I am getting close to my EAOS and intend on separating, what do you need?
A.  Submit a 1306 to match your PRD to EAOS with intent to separate (if PRD/EAOS do not match) or a 1306 requesting to flag your record for separation (if PRD/EAOS match).  You may have submitted a Voluntary Separation C-WAY, but in the detailing realm a record flagged for separation is the best way to ensure you are not issued follow on orders.

Q.  I was selected for follow on orders but decided to separate, what do you need?
A.  If selected for orders, a Refusal to OBLISERV (RTO) message can be released stating you do not intend on executing orders or a 1306 can be submitted to flag your record for separation.  One of these are needed to unpost a Sailor from a billet/submit ORDCAN Request.  If an RTO message is released, please ensure a copy is forwarded to the detailing team.

Q.  I was selected to a billet but now the application says “void,” what happened?
A.  This usually means a realignment was done through MNA.  This could be a result of the billet being removed, a Sailor extending at the command, or something else outside of our control.  If this happens, contact us and we will investigate the issue.  Note that Detailers will not randomly cancel your orders and have no control over command placement.

Q.  My command wants to send me to school, how do I get a seat?
A.  You need to be aligned to a billet that calls for that NEC.  Your command needs to work with Placement to verify that you are in a billet that requires the NEC.  Once that is done, they can reach out to us and request a seat.

Q.  I was selected for Chief, what’s next?
A.  As Detailers we are the last (in Millington) to know what shifts are planned and our response to emails/phone calls will not change.  These requests start with the Placement Coordinators/TYCOM and make it to us once the Personnel Manning Action Request (PMAR) has been submitted in MNA.  If a PMAR is received, we will follow up with the member for feedback on the Crossdeck/Divert.

Q.  I logged into MNA and got ___ message, what does that mean?
A.  Various triggers are utilized by MNA to provide information based on timelines (usually from PRD).  If you get past three cycles, a flag may prevent you from applying.  You may have been selected for orders and still receive messages that state you are out of your window, which you can disregard.  We do not control those messages in MNA, but follow up if you have any specific questions.

IC Detailer Contact Information

E6 and Above IC Detailer:
E5 and Below IC Detailer:

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