Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The following questions and answers may resolve your issue.

1. Can we still bring the prisoner in if she is pregnant?

2. Does the confinement order have to be the original?
Yes. No exceptions.

3. For out of state confinements - If we don’t have the uniforms, how long do we have to bring them in? 
The confining command is responsible for bringing any missing items within 72 hours of confinement.  

4. If there was no victim/witness in the case, do we need to bring a DD 2704? 
Yes, if the confinement is post-trial.  Brig legal must have a record of it.

5. What time can I drop off a new confinement?
Anytime. The brig is open 24 hours a day.

6. Who can do a command visit and when?
E-6 and above may conduct Command Visits Monday through Friday from 0800-1600.  They must be in uniform.  

7. What paperwork do we need to check out a prisoner for an appointment?
A temporary release memorandum is required (either signed by the commanding officer or acting commanding officer) and faxed or hand-carried to Receiving and Release.

8. What is the brig phone number and address?
Quarter Deck:  858-307-7000
Command Address:
P.O. Box 452135
San Diego, CA 92145-2135

Prisoner Address:
Full Name
P.O. Box 452136
San Diego, CA 92145-2136

Do you have to be brig chaser certified to bring someone in?
No. However, for any type of temporary release, brig chaser qualification is required.  A permanent release escort must be the same rank or above, non-brig chaser.

10. Who is authorized to sign the medical certificate on the confinement order?
Only a medical officer, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant (PA) is authorized.

Does the prisoner really need a full sea bag?
No, prisoners (pre/post trial) will wear the Standardized Prisoner Uniform(SPU). SPU information can be found on the additional resources page. However, undergarments, PT gear, and other items are still required.  Pre-trial prisoners must bring a complete Dress Uniform for court appearances, w/shirt stays and appropriate rank insignia.

12. Can we bring in a prisoner without the physical signed by an officer, and then get it done later?
No. The prisoner must have a complete confinement physical. However, in exigent circumstances when a physical cannot be signed by proper authority, we will accept an SF 600 signed by a corpsman. The parent command or escorts (including civilians) are responsible for making sure the physical is properly completed within 24 hours of the time the corpsman signed it. That means ensuring it is signed by the Medical Officer or Physician's Assistant (PA).

13. What else does a new arrival need upon confinement?
Money, phone numbers and addresses of family and friends, PT gear and tennis shoes.

14. What paperwork is required for new confinements?
For Post-Trial Prisoners:
-Original Confinement Order (DD 2707 Mar 2013)
-Victim/Witness Notification (DD 2704 Mar 2013)
-Results of Trial
-Charge Sheet (DD 458 May 2000)
For Pre-Trial Prisoners:
-Original Confinement Order (DD 2707 Mar 2013)

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