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Command Pay/Personnel Administrator (CPPA) Pay
and Personnel (PAYPERS) Support Services

Attention CPPAs - Please check here for latest guidance and updates. 

Registration for the October classes
of the
Phase II CPPA Supervisor Course
Is now OPEN

23 - 27 Oct - Dam Neck, VA (registration ends 13 Oct*)
30 Oct - 3 Nov - San Diego, CA (registration ends 20 Oct*)
* - registration is a first with a seat verification email - first served.
- registration will close early if we have the class filled and 10 on the waitlist.
The waitlist is in case we have cancellations.

We hope to offer classes every month at various locations and plan to post a schedule here when we have date(s) and location(s) available.

If you are interested in attending the course in the future, send an email to for guidance on course registration (and to receive copies of the CO's Verification Letter and
Training Seat Request).

In order to be eligible to attend the course, you must have:
     1. CPPA NEC 791F
     2. CPPA designation letter for current UIC and your CO's Verification Letter
     3. Be an E-6 or above, (or an exceptional E-5 as evidenced by a CO's Verification Letter)
     4. 6 month of experience as a CPPA
     5. Current access and basic proficiency with the following systems (make sure you know your passwords):
                a. MMPA from DISA/MIAP
                b. CPPA NSIPS role user
                c. MNCC eCRM
     6. Complete the following Navy e-learning modules:
               a. PERS2-PAYPERS-CLERK-RECEIPTSPROC-V3.0 / PAYPERS Clerk Receipts Procedures
               b. PERS2-PAYPERS-CLERK-REENLEXTPROC-V9.0 / PAYPERS Clerk Reenlistments/Extensions Procedures
               c. PERS2-PAYPERS-CLERK-BAHPROC-V9.0 / PAYPERS Clerk Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Procedures v8.0
               d. PERS2-PAYPERS-CLERK-CSPANDCSPP-V14.0 / PAYPERS Clerk Career Sea Pay (CSP) and Career Sea Pay Premium (CSPP) Procedures
               e. PERS2-PAYPERS-CLERK-FSAPROC-V11.0 / PAYPERS Clerk Family Separation Allowance (FSA) Procedures v11.0
               f. PERS2-PAYPERS-CLERK-RIKMGMT-V16.0 / PAYPERS Clerk Meal Deductions/Rations in Kind (RIK) Management Procedures
               g. PERS2-PAYPERS-CLERK-REDDAPROC-V12.0 / PAYPERS Clerk Record of Emergency Data/Dependency Application (RED/DA) Procedures
               h. PERS2-PAYPERS-CLERK-COMRESPAYPROC-V6.0 / PAYPERS Clerk Command Responsibility Pay (CRP) Procedures
                i. PERS2-PAYPERS-CLERK-SDAPPROC-V4.0 / PAYPERS Clerk Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) Procedures

NOTE:  Do NOT proceed to the class until you have received a seat verification email.
The SOP -
1. You see the class registration is open for a date/location.
2. You ensure you have met the eligibility requirements and send an email to to show interest.
3. We reply with a 'confirmation' email, sending you the soft copies of the CO's Verification Letter and Training Seat Request.
4. You fill both out and attach them to your response.
5.a. If seats are still available we reply with a seat verification email along with other information for that class/location.
5.b. If you are placed on the waitlist we are trying our best to reach out to you as soon as we have a new class available.


*** All CPPAs MUST complete Refactor training ****:  

*** Attention CPPAs and PAYPERS Personnel ***
We now have an Interactive SOP SharePoint site through FlankSpeed Power Apps. Click here  


***MyPCS Travel Voucher Update***
*You must report completion to your RSC via email per PPIB 23-11 para. 6
There is a new Job Aid for Sailors and your reference for the completion of MyPCS Travel Vouchers. Please review these new recommended "tips for success" and ensure that your Sailors are completing their travel vouchers correctly. Click here Job Aid to access the Job Aid. 

                                            RSC SharePoint Information Center

RSC San Diego:                            RSC Guam:               
COMM (619) 556-1979                                                             COMM (671) 339-7311

RSC Everett:                                     RSC Norfolk:
COMM (425) 304-4700                                                             COMM (757) 445-6091

RSC Pearl Harbor:                     RSC New London:
COMM (808) 471-2371                                                             COMM (860) 694-2725

RSC Yokosuka:                               RSC Washington D.C.: 
COMM 011-81-46-816-5757                                                     COMM (202) 433-0377

RSC Bahrain:                                    RSC Pensacola: 
COMM 011-973-1785-4369                                                       COMM (850) 452-3448

RSC Great Lakes:                       RSC Naples:                       
COMM (847) 688-5550 EXT 311                                                COMM 011-39-314-626-5825

RSC Jacksonville:               
COMM (904) 542-4218

*** RSC Information and Training ***
                                                                                                            RSC Homepage     TSC RSC Map     Last Updated 19 Jan 23          
MNCC has updated the CPPA Receipts eLearning course to include the expanded process in NSIPS to include all four panels. The catalog code is PERS2-PAYPERS-CPPA-RECEIPTS-V2.0. If you have previously completed the V1.0 course, please enroll and complete V2.0
at your earliest convenience. Additionally, you will be given an opportunity to provide feedback to us about the viability of the content after the assessment is completed.   

The CPPA serves as the critical link between an individual Sailor, his or her command, and the supporting personnel support organization. CPPAs provide input to their Commanding Officer/Officer in Charge on issues related to Navy pay and personnel within the command; facilitate Navy pay and personnel transactions for command personnel on the behalf of the pay and personnel supporting organization; facilitate command level support to Billet Based Distribution (BBD) processes within the command; and provide guidance to command personnel on changes to Navy pay and personnel policies and procedures. CPPAs also perform Navy pay, personnel, and travel transactions at the appropriate level for both shore and afloat commands in accordance with policies, procedures, and system capabilities.

Prospective students of the CPPA C-School please take the time to read the letter from the Center for Service Support detailing the security requirements to attend the course. Please ensure you adhere to the requirements contained in the CANTRAC along with this 
letter to ensure you are able to secure a quota and attend the course. Click here to access letter
Scroll down for links to systems in the CPPA “Toolbox” and important PASS references.
CPPA Duties and Responsibilities

Obtain and maintain access to systems/software necessary to complete CPPA duties (i.e., OMPF, ESR, TOPS, etc.). The CPPA Toolbox information sheet -- updated 3 AUG 2018 and located in the box on the right -- provides steps required to request and obtain systems access.

Carefully review personnel documents and information routed between the PSD or FSC and supported Sailors to ensure all forms are properly completed, all required documentation and attachments are provided, and all information appears to be sufficient to resolve the transaction in a timely manner.

Attend all scheduled CPPA Training provided by the PSD/CSD or NOSC. If unable to attend, arrange to receive information provided via alternate means.

In every action, always protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of command personnel. If at any time PII is compromised, report the spillage as soon as it is discovered.

Use the left navigation bar to locate information and resources supporting specific CPPA tasks.

Use Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to perform Pay, Personnel, and Travel tasks.

IMPORTANT Policy Documents

CPPA duties and responsibilities are defined in MILPERSMAN 1000-021 (Updates are coming)
MILPERSMAN 1070-271 (RED) Emergency data information is no longer recorded on NAVPERS 1070/602 Dependency Application. DD 93 is used for both officer and enlisted Service members to provide information on family members and elect various beneficiaries. See MILPERSMAN 1070-271 (RED) to complete and file an updated DD 93.
Removal of RED/DA (Page 2) as KSD for Travel Claim Processing (Ops Alert Ser 003-19) . Effective 01 May 2019, the RED/DA (Page 2) is no longer required as a key supporting document (KSD) to process travel claims. All Travel Claims signed May 1st, 2019 and after.
NAVADMIN 043/15 directs all Navy commands [includes Sailor, CPPA, CCC, PSD, CSD, etc.] to use Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) when performing pay and personnel transactions.
NAVADMIN 065/17 directs designated CPPAs to complete mandatory training to obtain NEC A16A. Submit required documents to Address questions or concerns to
NAVADMIN 231/17 updates Career Management System-Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID) processes and Career Waypoints-Reenlistment timelines.
PPIB 17/10 clarifies the extension process and specifies pay and personnel systems that require the CPPA A16A NEC for access. 
PPIB 17/06 indicates that the Navy eLearning course, PERS2-PAYPERS-CPPA-CPPATRAINING-V1.0, is updated to align CPPA training with NEC A16A requirements.

All of the NPPSC email OPS ALERTS  are archived here.
  • Complete required training in accordance with PPIB 17/06.
Note:  Earlier this year the CPPA Overview Course was pulled down due to Adobe Flash issues and we took that opportunity to take a hard look at the content.  Although we are working as quickly as we can to update content on the CPPA Overview Course to align with the actual CPPA C-School, we need to move forward with an interim solution for the OJT/non C-School option for awarding the NEC.  In accordance with MILPERSMAN 1000-021; CPPAs must be designated in writing, complete the CPPA C-School or CPPA Overview course, complete 2 TWMS eLearning courses on PII and Records Management, and submit a NAVPERS 1221/6 to PERS-4013.  The current change is for CPPAs who cannot attend the CPPA C-School and require the NEC, completion of the required PII and Records Management courses in addition to the following 25 Navy eLearning courses in lieu of the CPPA Overview Course. See CPPA Handbook or PPIB 21-17.
Additional online tools
Although the CPPA is not expected to be an expert in all areas of pay and personnel administration, familiarity with directives and manuals will increase CPPA awareness and effectiveness.
Supporting information on the NPC website: 

NAVADMIN 129/22 - Mandatory use of the Navy Personnel and Pay (NP2) MYPCS Travel Voucher Submission Tool and Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) during Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Travel
NAVADMIN 188/18 - This NAVADMIN announces the launch of a formal 2 week course to  train Command Pay and Personnel Administrators (CPPA) as part of the Sailor 2025 focus to improve the quality and timeliness of pay and personnel  services across the Navy.
22-25 NOV 2019 - NSIPS update was released expanded CPPA Panel 1 capability to include all Accounting Category Codes (ACCs):
  • Previously CPPAs were unable to process the Activity Report (Panel 1) for ACCs other than ACC 100, but now CPPAs can process Panel 1 for all ACCs.
  • CPPAs shall verify the correct ACC according to member’s orders ensuring the correct ACC is utilized.
  • PSDs shall ensure that the CPPA is utilizing the Activity Report function in NSIPS to process the Activity Report (Panel 1).
 29-30 Jul 2017 - NSIPS release changes CPPA Activity Report role:
  • No longer be allowed to submit an Activity Report if the detaching command did not complete an Activity Loss. If an attempt is made to submit the Activity Report without the corresponding Activity Loss, the following error will be received, "THIS ACTIVITY REPORT MUST BE PERFORMED BY THE PSD DUE TO NO EXISTING DETACHING (SH) DATA."
  • Accounting Disbursing Station Number (ADSN) Indicator on Activity Report has been relocated from Panel 1 to Panel 2.
  • Activity Reports will have to be routed to a specific OPERID at the Personnel Support Detachment (PSD – Supporting ADSN) instead of being routed into the NSIPS TASKS and NOTIFICATIONS box, which goes to all Personnel Clerk(s)/Supervisor(s).
28 JAN 2017 – NSIPS release expands CPPA capability:
  • Create Extensions
  • Create re-enlistment contracts
  • Create retirement requests 
  • Make an extension operative (effective)
  • Cancel an extension
  • Create certain entitlements
  • Create a Record of Unauthorized absence
  • Create a Court Memorandum
  • Create an Enlisted or Officer strength loss
  • Start/Stop/Report Combat Zone Tax Exclusion (CZTE)
  • Create Honors and Awards, Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS), and Administrative Remarks (temporary or permanent). Note: These three components are electronically routed to all Personnel Supervisors within a servicing PSD for verification.
  • Update and save member Address and Phone and Member Screening data to record whether a member’s Family Care Plan information is on file. These two components may be updated without PSD/CSD verification.
  • Print the following NSIPS Standard Reports for your Unit Identification Code (UIC):
    • Enlisted Distribution and Verification Report
    • Projected Loss Report
    • Prospective Gain Report
    • Advancement Eligibility Report
    • Alpha Locator
    • Awards Eligibility Report
    • Unit Commanders Financial Report
    • Family Care Plan Report
Find a consolidated list of NSIPS news products HERE.

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