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Cryptologic Technician Interpretive 



     •  The Detailers are the advocates for everyone’s distribution. We are best able to serve your needs when you communicate with us directly. We want to hear from you! Call or email at any time, and be sure to leave a callback number when leaving a voicemail. We strive to respond to all correspondence within 72 business hours/3 business days.

     •  Keep your MNA preferences, resume, and contact information up to date at all times. If you know you are deploying before the application cycle opens, contact your Detailer.

     •  Sample Detailer topics: preferences, career development, special duties, relanguage, Officer Programs, spouse colocation, OTEIP, sea duty extensions, LIMDU, pregnancy orders, NEC discrepancies, separation plans, etc.

MNA Selections

     •  Member preferences, command requirements, and career progression are holistically considered when matching the best candidates to open jobs. You are encouraged to make as many applications as possible each MNA cycle to provide us with the most information regarding your preferences from the available options. When making applications, you will have the option to leave a comment, and this is the best means to convey your interest or lack of interest in a particular billet to both the detailer and the gaining command.

     •  Do not select billets outside of your paygrade or language group unless given specific direction to do so.

     •  You are not guaranteed all three looks. You may be selected or directed to orders before your third look when billet fill requirements necessitate it. Making zero applications conveys a failure to communicate with the Detailer, and you will be directed without consideration for your preferences.

     •  Our community does not hold a traditional sea/shore flow. However, we will make every effort to place Sailors into the appropriate duty type so as to emulate such a flow when possible.

Significant Language Training Event (SLTE) PRD Extensions

     •  CTIs completing an intermediate/advanced SLTE may be granted a month for month PRD extension to provide that time back to the command.

     •  PRD extensions will only be granted when requested directly from the CLPM after the class officially convenes.

     •  Extensions for Sailors who have entered their negotiation windows will be evaluated on a case by case basis and rarely granted. Sailors who have been posted to orders will not receive a PRD adjustment.

     •  CTIs are highly recommended to pursue SLTEs early/mid tour to facilitate PRD payback to command.

OPNAV N13F CLPM Point of Contact

     •  While serving at a non-IW/non-CTI command without an established language program, the OPNAV N13F Senior Language Authority (SLA) serves as your CLPM point of contact.
     •  You are still required to meet all rating requirements when away from a language program (DLPT, language training, study hours, eval documentation, etc.).
     •  OPNAV will provide waivers in writing as applicable. Do not make assumptions about your status!
     •  Contact email:

Relanguage Opportunities

     •  Review the CTI community health slides (linked on the right) for relanguage opportunities.

     •  To relanguage, submit an ePAR/1306 request via your Chain of Command requesting to relanguage. It will be reviewed by the Detailer for distribution issues and routed to the CTI TECHAD (ECM), who will approve/deny your request based on community health at the time of request. If approved, you will be sent back to DLI at or near your PRD based on seat availability. In limited cases, you may be sent earlier if your command concurs with an early departure and billet alignment permits. You must have a DLAB 110 or higher (Waivers are available). The required OBLISERV upon receipt of relanguage orders is five years from the class start date. Requests received after you have entered your 12 month PRD window are unlikely to be approved.

     •  Your ePAR/1306 should read: “Respectfully request to relanguage from 9### to 9###.” Your CCC team will be able to walk you through the ePAR/1306 preparation and command-specific routing instructions.

     •  Consult your CCC team and Detailer to discuss potential SRB benefits you may be entitled to under the OBLISERV-To-Train (OTT) program when returning to DLI for an SRB-granting NEC.


     •  When given orders to a school that grants an NEC eligible for SRB, you may be entitled to defer reenlistment until NEC acquisition following graduation for monetary benefits under the OTT program. 

     •  This is common for CTIs going to relanguage, SRT, and DTRA. you may only receive an SRB for one NEC.

     •  You must route a 1306/ePAR after you have received orders and before you have incurred additional contract time. Below is sample verbiage:

     •  If your EAOS is before the school graduation: "Respectfully request OBLISERV to Train (OTT) extension for BUPERS Order #### for SRB purposes. CDP: #### / Graduation: DDMMMYYYY / ENEC: ####." If approved, you will be permitted to extend up to the graduation date and reenlist with SRB afterwards.

     •  If your EAOS is after the school graduation: "Respectfully request NAVPERS 1070/613 in lieu of hard OBLISERV for BUPERS Order #### for SRB purposes. CDP: #### / Graduation: DDMMMYYYY / ENEC: ####". If approved, you will be permitted to defer reenlistment until after the graduation date.

Special Programs Release

     •  Contact your Detailer at least 15 months prior to your PRD if you wish to screen for special programs or work outside of the rating (RDC, MLAP, DTRA, WHCA, TIO, etc.). Do not reach out to any special program recruiters before you seek release to screen from your Detailer.

     •  Release outside of the language/IW community is carefully managed while we focus on making sure we are using our language professionals for language/IW missions. The second tour is still very early in a CTI’s career, and our emphasis is on making sure you are gaining experience between strategic, tactical, direct support, cyber, etc.

     •  Sailors requesting release to special programs will be holistically evaluated for career history, physical readiness, evaluation progression, language readiness/periodicity, etc. If you do not have a strong and consistent DLPT history at/near the 2+/2+ level in your primary language, release away from the language community is unlikely.

Intent to Separate (ITS) / Refusal to OBLISERV (RTO)

     •  You are required to flag your record for separation via ePar/1306 and return your CWAY quota in preparation for separation at EAOS. You are encouraged to CDB with your Chain of Command, CCC Team, and mentors prior to making a final decision. Reach out to the Detailers to discuss distribution resolution prior to separation.

     •  Flagging your record for separation or refusing to OBLISERV does not guarantee you will/will not receive new orders, stay in the same geographic location, stay on shore/sea duty, have current orders cancelled or modified, or have your PRD moved to your EAOS. Each Sailor's situation and billet alignment are different and will ultimately determine what action the Detailer takes.

     •  The Detailers do not manage separation orders or SkillBridge. Discuss these items with your local admin and chain of command.

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