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Aviation Ratings


AE/AO/AZ E1 - E7 TAR Detailer

Notes from the Detailer:
Communicate EARLY, OFTEN and CLEARLY before and during the detailing process!
Read NAVADMIN 231/17.
Update your personal information on MY NAVY ASSIGNMENT.

*AZ Community.  There have been many conversions into the rate.  If you are new conversion, please contact me directly to discuss your next set of orders. 
*AE Community.  If you are entering your PRD window talk to your CCC and contact me.
*AO Community.  There are multiple sea and shore duty jobs available, please make sure you are applying for jobs.

 *Apply for jobs in My Navy Assignments, be flexible.

AM/AS E1 - E7 TAR Detailer

Notes from the Detailer:
General note: Please understand that NAVADMIN 226/12 requires all detailers to fill all advertised jobs each month; that means if you are anywhere from 12 months to six months within your PRD, we can cut you orders. Another note is concerning extensions, if you plan on extending at your current command, you have to route a 1306 request at least 12 months prior to your PRD. You are considered in excess if you are within 12 months of your PRD and you have to negotiate orders. Also, the minimum requirements to transfer are found in MILPERSMAN 1306-106, i.e. minimum of 12 months needed until EAOS for sea duty, 24 months to shore duty.  If you are retiring or separating within two years
you may transfer and if you have been in a location for more than two tours you will be most likely moving to a new location. Ensure your EFM statuses are updated as required before negotiating orders as well. If you need a rental car
for a school in route to your gaining command you will need to request one. Detailers ARE NOT able to modify orders to include a rental car, detailers can provide guidance on how to request a rental car. Remember detailers are here for
the Sailors and will help you the best we can following our directives and guidance.

AS TAR Community:  Currently this rate has very limited jobs. I continue to try different avenues to help everyone’s career out the best I can. Please be open to all possibilities especially spouse colocations.

AM TAR Community:  Jobs have been very limited lately because we are at 100% manned and standing up new commands. Currently there is a need for C-130 and C40 experience but I have very limited billets at these commands. I am trying to keep the talent with the platforms the best I can.


AD/AWF E1 - E7 TAR Detailer

Notes from the Detailer:
AWF TAR Community: Currently the most undermanned NEC’s in our community is G25A (C-130FE) and G16A (C-40 CC).  If an already qualified FE or CC wishes to retour (with TRIAD approval, of course) route a 1306 requesting a retour.  The 1306 must be received before you enter your negotiation window (13-15 months prior to PRD).  This only applies to FE’s and CC’s; NOT LM’s at this time.  If you wish to request an extension at your current command, route a 1306 requesting it before you enter your negotiation window.  In order to be eligible for an extension (12 months ONLY) you must be in a valid billet, not in your negotiation window, and have not previously received an extension.  All 1306’s must be routed through your Chain of Command and submitted through ePAR’s to be accepted.  To submit a 1306, log into MyNavyPortal and scroll down to ePAR/1306 and submit from there.  You should be doing this with guidance from your CCC to ensure accuracy, as incorrectly submitted 1306’s will be returned which will then cause a delay in submission and receipt.

SDIP has been approved for AWF E-6/E-7's with the NEC G25a.  In order to be eligible a 1306 shall be submitted 14-16 months prior to your current PRD.  There are currently two types of SDIP (SDIP-E and SDIP-B).  SDIP-E (Extension) and SDIP-B (Back to Back Sea Duty) can be submitted up to a max of 48 months.  Payouts will be paid in lump sum the month after your current PRD for SDIP-E and the month after you check into your next command for SDIP-B.

Failure to OBLISERV for orders will result in a DIFCREW Revocation IAW BUPERSINST 1326.4.

General Comment:  All 1306 request should be submitted 13-15 months prior to your current PRD.  If you’re submitting a 1306 for back to back Sea duty, then the request shall be submitted before entering your negotiating window.  PRD extensions will only be approved for 12 months.

AME/AT/PR E1 - E7 TAR Detailer

Notes from the Detailer:
AME Community:  AME billets are very limited.  Most AME billets are NEC specific so expect to plan for schools in route to your next command. Continue to monitor My Navy Assignment (MNA) cycles for available billets.  Please call or email me with any questions or concerns.
PR Community:  The PR Community is very small and there are several billets that need to be filled.  Please keep in mind when bidding on My Navy Assignment (MNA) cycles, the jobs that are advertised need to be filled before new jobs will populate.  Please call or email me with any questions or concerns.
AT Community:  Most AT billets are NEC specific so expect to plan for schools in route to your next command.
Continue to monitor My Navy Assignment (MNA) cycles and bid on any billets within your pay grade that may interest you. Please call or email me with any questions or concerns

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