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Command Career Counselors

Below are frequently asked questions and concerns by Command Career Counselors (CCC) regarding the transition process from the Active Duty Component to the Reserve Component (AC2RC), and the process to affiliate service members into the Selected Reserve (SELRES). If you require additional assistance after viewing this information, please contact MNCC at 833-330-MNCC (6622).
Q:  What role does the Career Transition Office (CTO) facilitate in the Enlisted AC2RC transition process?
Answer:   The CTO facilitates the transition of enlisted service members approved through Career Waypoints (C-Way), NAVPERS 1306/7, and Reserve Recruiting. CTO serves as a conduit between the active separation authority and the Navy Reserve Center (NRC). The CTO will make the transition as smooth as possible by streamlining the transition process.
Q:  What instruction governs the Enlisted AC2RC process?
Answer:   Please reference MILPERSMAN 1306-1501, the governing instruction on Enlisted Active Component to Reserve Component (AC2RC) transition procedures.
Q:  What do I need to do to start the process?

1. E-6 and below Sailors desiring to apply for the AC2RC Programs should utilize the C-WAY System under the C-WAY transition module.
Sailors in pay grades E-7 or above, with special circumstances, and having greater than 14 years of service or in remote locations without access to C-WAY will apply as follows:
Submit a completed NAVPERS 1306/7 Electronic Personnel Action Request with command endorsement to the BUPERS, Reserve Enlisted Community Manager (Technical Advisor) (BUPERS-352) via the MyNavy Career Center Portal for the rating in which they are applying.
Sailors who do not have a C-WAY-REEN application quota, with less than 90 days prior to their SEAOS, and desire direct transition to the RC as a SELRES Sailor are required to have their command career counselor (CCC) contact the MyNavy Career Center to request a SELRES quota via NAVPERS 1306/7. BUPERS-352 will either approve or disapprove the request based on needs of the Navy.
Sailors who do not receive an RC quota prior to leaving Active Duty must contact a Navy Reserve Recruiter if they desire to affiliate with the RC as a SELRES Sailor.
2. Upon notification of C-WAY-REEN application quota approval to affiliate with SELRES, assist the Sailor with completing NAVPERS 1306/97 Reserve Affiliation Screening Checklist and Contact Information Sheet. Submit NAVPERS 1306/97 and the Sailor’s C-WAY approval letter to the Service member’s Transition Assistant (TA) at the CTO at 
If required, assist Sailors with the execution of a Reserve reenlistment contract provided by the CTO.  The contract must be sworn and signed prior to the Sailor executing any terminal leave. The effective date of the Reserve contract must be the day after the Sailor’s SEAOS.
The CTO will prepare and provide all affiliation documents to Sailors, via their CCC, to review, sign, and return to their CTO TA prior to Service members’ EAOS or terminal leave start date.
NOTE: If the Sailor does not desire to utilize the C-WAY-REEN application quota for SELRES affiliation, you must rescind the Sailor’s approved SELRES quota utilizing the C-WAY module.  The CCC must rescind the Service member’s approved SELRES quota via the C-WAY module, and contact CTO if the Sailor subsequently becomes ineligible to affiliate in the Navy Reserve (non-judicial punishment, medical reasons, etc.) after
NAVPERS 1306/97 has been sent to the CTO.
3.  Up to 31 days after the service member’s separation date, they will receive orders and transition package via their Transition Assistant (TA), carbon copying their new command.

4.  Once the service member receives orders, they are directed to contact their NOSC via e-mail to confirm their first drill date.
Q:  How does the service member apply for a SELRES quota if they currently have an approved Active Duty quota?
Answer:  Refer to MILPERSMAN 1160-140 for information on returning an Active Duty quota to apply for a SELRES quota.
Q:  When does the SELRES C-Way Reenlistment quota expire? 
Answer:  As determined by the ECM.
Q:  Will the service member be able to stay in their current rate when they transition into the Navy Reserve?
Answer:  C-WAY-REEN can be used to transition from AC/FTS to SELRES for Sailors who request to apply for in-rate, or who are eligible for direct conversion based on Navy manning.
Q:  How do I find out if the service member qualifies for an affiliation bonus?
Answer:      Bonus eligibility will be determined based on the latest guidance from NRFC, Enlisted and Officer Incentives (N112), and bonus requests for eligible Sailors must be submitted per the current enlisted Reserve bonus policy available on the Navy Reserve Homeport.     
Q:  What Reserve benefits are available to the service member when they transition from AC2RC?
Answer:   Click the following link for more information regarding Reserve Affiliation Benefits, which provides in-depth information about Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP), financial incentives, Reserve Retirement, education, and Post 9/11 GI-Bill utilization and transferability:

Q:  What website can I reference to get more information about the SELRES community?
Answer:   Follow these links for information about the SELRES. These links provide information regarding the organizational categories that further define commitment status and responsibilities associated with joining the Navy Reserve:

Q:  How can I get in contact with the Career Waypoints Helpdesk?
Answer:   C-WAY Help Desk: (901) 874-2102; DSN 882-2102 or 882-5672; or
          My Navy Call Center: (833) 330-MNCC or (901) 874-MNCC; or 

Q:  How can I get in contact with a SELRES Enlisted Community Manager or a Technical Advisor?
Answer:  Information and POCs for the Selected Reserve Community can be found at:
                      Contact MNCC at 833-330-MNCC (6622)
Q:  Must Sailors being separated under involuntary conditions affiliate as a drilling reservists to receive Involuntary Separation Pay (ISP)?
Answer:   No.  Affiliating in the IRR and/or SELRES satisfies a member's reserve obligation requirement for ISP IAW MPM 1910-050.
Q:  How does a Sailor apply for ISP?
Separation pay will be paid to members involuntarily separated from active service and to those not accepted for an additional tour of active duty for which they volunteered. Refer to MILPERSMAN 1910-050 Enlisted Involuntary Separation Pay-Reserve Requirements and Obligations as well as the link below:

  Veterans Crisis Line - Dial 988  Safe Helpline  NCIS Tips  Sexual Assault Prevention & Response  NFAAS

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