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4221 - E1-E6 Rate Insignia

SECTION 2 PART 2 Article
1.  Description
 a.  Rating badges with Navy blue backgrounds are worn on Navy blue uniforms.  There are two background materials:
(1)  100% serge wool used for pea coats and service dress blue jumpers
(2)  Matching fabric used for dinner dress blue uniform jacket, slacks and skirt.
b.  Rating badges with white background match the fabric of uniforms on which they are sewn-on. Rating badges for E-6 and below Dinner Dress Blue Jacket is made of the same material as the uniform component.  


c.  Colors of the eagle, specialty mark, chev­rons, and service stripes for prescribed uniforms and components are mandatory as indi­cated on the following chart:



2.  Position              
a.  Rating badges are sewn on the left sleeve centered between the shoulder seam and the elbow as shown for the uniforms listed below.  
Maternity Blue/White
Service Dress Jumpers
Dinner Dress Coats

1.  General.  Consists of two or three short diagonal stripes which, alone, or in combination with specialty marks, indicate E-2 and E-3 paygrades.  Personnel in paygrade E-1 do not wear group rate mark.  Men and women wear the same size.

2.  Proper Wear and Positioning.  Group rate marks are placed on a rectangular background and worn on the left sleeve of all Service Dress uniforms.  They are worn in the same relative position as that of rating badges.  Group rate marks are not worn on any outer garment.

3.  Description.  The stripes are 3 inches long and placed at an angle of 30 degrees from the horizontal line on a rectangular background of a color that matches the uniform on which it is worn.  For fabric of group rate marks refer to article 4221.1b/c.  The lower end of the stripes is to the front.  E-2 personnel wear two stripes and E-3 personnel wear three stripes.

a.  Seaman and Apprentices.  Seamen and seamen apprentices wear white stripes on blue uniforms a navy blue stripes on white uniforms.

b.  Fireman and Apprentices.  Firemen and Firemen Apprentices wear Red stripes on Blue and White uniforms.

c.  Constructionman and Apprentices.  Constructionman and construction apprentices wear light blue stripes on blue and white uniforms.

d.  Airman and Apprentices.  Airmen and airmen apprentices wear emerald green stripes on blue and white uniforms.

e.  Hospitalman and Apprentices.  Hospitalman and hospitalman apprentices wear white stripes and specialty marks on blue uniform and navy blue stripes and specialty marks on white uniforms.

1.  General.  E1-E3 personnel who are qualified, and have been designated following instructions issued by Naval Military Personnel Command, wear the specialty mark of the rating for which they have qualified.

2.  Position.  E-1's wear the striker mark only, centered 2 inches above the midway point between shoulder and elbow on the left sleeve of all Service Dress uniforms, in the same position relative to the center line of the sleeve as prescribed for rating badges.  E-2's and E-3's wear the striker mark centered immediately above the background of the group rate marks on the left sleeve, or striker's mark and group rate mark may be one piece.  They are only worn on Service Dress uniforms.  Men and women wear the same size.


Striker's Mark (Personnel Specialist)
4224.  APPRENTICE TRAINING GRADUATES.  Apprentice training graduates wear the devices as shown below, in the same relative position as the striker marks.  Wear apprentice devices until designated a striker then replace apprentice devices with an appropriate striker mark.





1.  E1-E6 personnel assigned for permanent duty (not in transit), including Navy Reserve Personnel, are required to wear UIMs on the right sleeve of Dress Jumper uniforms, Dress Blue maternity coat, and Dress/Summer White maternity shirt.  Exemptions to required wear may be granted by the prescribing authority (Area Coordinators) to meet security requirements.  Commands will submit UIM wear exemption requests to their prescribing authority for approval.  UIMs have 1/4 inch white block letters, embroidered on a black background 1/2 inch wide, and are worn with the top edge parallel to and 3/8 inch below lower row of shoulder sleeve stitching.  Center them on the outer face of the sleeve and sew them on with colorfast blue thread.  UIMs are authorized in two lengths, 5 inch and 5-3/4 inch.  The UIMs are lettered with the approved short title/Plain Language Address (PLA) of the command, as contained in OPNAVINST 5400.45, Standard Navy Distribution List (SNDL).  Wear the UIM of the parent command unless one of the following exists:  (1) Have own UIC; (2) Tenant command non-collocated with parent command.  Upon reporting for duty, men and women will be issued enough UIMs for each required uniform (but no less than four UIMs).  Organizations are authorized to purchase UIMs from O&MN funds.  Any ship/unit that is decommissioned/dises­tablished or transferred to reserve status should forward ten UIMs for historical purposes, to the Naval Historical Center, Curator for the Navy, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC, 20374-0571.

2.  This information is provided for commands ordering UIMs.  Use DD Form 1155 or any authorized ordering forms.  Order from:  J&S Finishing Inc., 443 62nd Street, West New York, NJ 07093.  Please submit completed requisition to  For assistance with your order and payment call: (201) 854-0338.  Use of IMPAC government purchase card authorized.  For technical assistance please contact Susan Krantz at (215) 737-7954 or DSN 444-7954.  Each order shall contain the following information:

 a.  Date of order.
 b.  Contract number: SP0100-03-D-4099.
 c.  Accounting and appropriation data.
 d.  Item description.
(1) Quantity ordered (minimum quantity per order: 50 and a +/-5% variation in quantity must be considered).
(2) Destination.
(3) Pricing is dependent on quantity and will be provided on a J& S Finishing quote.
(4) Delivery, invoice, and payment provisions to the extent not covered by the basic contract.

 e.  Authorized short title/PLA (Per OPNAVINST 5400.45, SNDL).

4226.  SPECIALTY MARKS.  Center a Specialty mark, indicating the Rating, between the Eagle's talons and the upper Chevrons.  Specialty marks are as follows:

1.   Aerographer's Mate (AG). A winged circle with vertical, feathered arrow through it.  One-half of the circle is filled in and to the front.

2.  Air Traffic Controller (AC).  A winged microphone.

3.  Aircrew Survival Equip­mentman (PR).  A winged parachute.
4.  Aviation Boatwain's Mate (AB).  Crossed winged Anchors, crowns down.

5.  Aviation Electrician's Mate (AE).  A winged globe, with five embroidered latitudinal lines and five embroidered longitudinal lines.

6.  Aviation Electronics Technician (AT).  Winged helium atom, surrounded by the revolving electrons, one horizontal and one vertical.

7.  Aviation Machinist's Mate (AD).  A winged two-bladed propeller.

8.  Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ).  A winged two-bladed propeller centered on an open book.

9.  Aviation Ordnanceman (AO).  A winged flaming spherical shell.

10. Aviation Structural Mechanic (AM).  Winged crossed mauls; heads of mauls up.

11.  Aviation Support Equipment Technician (AS). A winged maul and spark, head of maul up; spark points down and to the front.

12.  Aviation Warfare Sys­tems Operator (AW).  Winged crossed electron orbits, canted with a lightning bolt passing through toward waves.

13.  Boatswain's Mate (BM). Crossed Anchors; crowns down.

14.  Builder (BU).  Carpen­ter's square, points up, superimposed on plumb bob.

15.  Command Master Chief. One inch silver star; one ray down.

16. Construction Electrician (CE).  A spark superimposed, at an angle, on a telephone pole; lower end of spark to the front.   

17.  Construction Mechanic (CM).  Double-headed wrench superimposed on a nut.

18.  Cryptologic Technician (CT).  Crossed quill and spark, both pointing down; pen on top with nib to the front.

19.  Culinary Specialist (CS).  Crossed keys and quill superimposed upon an open ledger.

20.  Damage Controlman (DC).  A crossed ax and maul. 

21.  Dental Technician (DT).  A caduceus, with a block letter "D" midway on the staff.  (Disestablished and converted to HM, 1 Oct 05.)

22.  Disbursing Clerk (DK).  A check with a key in it at an angle; web and pin of key down and to the front.  (Disestablished and converted to PS, 1 Oct 05.)

23.  Electrician's Mate (EM).  A globe, with five latitudinal and five longi­tudinal lines.

24.  Electronics Technician (ET).  A helium atom.

25.  Engineering Aid (EA). A leveling rod with the measuring scale to the front.

26.  Engineman (EN).  A gear.

27.  Equipment Operator (EO).  A bulldozer, blade to the front.

28.  Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).  Contact mine superimposed on a crossed torpedo and aircraft bomb.

29.  Fire Control Technician (FT).  A range finder.  

30.  Fire Controlman (FC). A range finder with spark on each side that faces inward.

31.  Gas Turbine System  Technician (GS).  A turbine with an impeller.

32.  Gunner's Mate (GM).  Crossed gun barrels; muz­zles up.

33.  Hospital Corpsman (HM).  A caduceus.  

34.  Hull Maintenance  Technician (HT).  Crossed fire axe and maul, handles down; fire axe blade to front, on a carpenter's square that points down.  

35.  Illustrator Draftsman (DM). A triangle with  draftsman's compass on it; the right angle of triangle points down.  (Disestablished and converted to MC, 1 Jul 06.)

36.  Information Systems Technician (IT).  Four sparks; points to the front.

37.  Intelligence Specialist (IS).  Magnifying glass and quill.

38.  Interior Communica­tions Electrician (IC).  Electrician Mate's device with a French-style tele­phone above it.   

39.  Journalist (JO).  Scroll and quill; pen up­permost, nib of pen down and to the front.   (Disestablished and converted to MC, 1 Jul 06.)

40.  Legalman (LN).  A vertical mill rinde over a quill; nib of pen down and to the left.

41.  Lithographer (LI).  Crossed litho crayon holder and scraper uppermost, blade to the front.  (Disestablished and converted to MC, 1 Jul 06.)

42.  Logistics Specialist (LS).  Crossed keys, stems down, webs outward.  

43.  Machinery Repairman (MR). Micrometer and gear; handle of micrometer to the rear, open parts of jaws holding gear.  The device is worn with the handle parallel to the upper edge of the left arm of the chevron.

44.  Machinist's Mate (MM). Three-bladed propeller; one blade pointing down.

45.  Mass Communications Specialist (MC).  Globe with a satellite in orbit and four superimposed lightning bolts.

46.  Master-at-Arms (MA).  A star pointing up in a cir­cle, within a shield.  

47.  MCPON, Fleet Force Master Chief.  One inch gold Star; one ray down.

48.  Mineman (MN).  A floating mine.   

49.  Missile Technician (MT).  A guided missile surrounded by an electronic wave.   

50.  Musician (MU).  A lyre.

51. Navy Counselor (NC).  An Anchor crossed with a quill.

52.  Navy Diver (ND). A U.S. Navy Mark-V diving helmet and breastplate.

53.  Operations Specialist (OS). An A-cope on an arrow; arrow pointing diagonally upward and to the front.  

54.  Personnel Specialist (PS).  Crossed manual and quill; manual upper most; pen nib down and to the front.   (The Personnelman (PN) rate has been disestablished and converted to PS 1 Oct 05)

55. Photographer's Mate (PH). Winged graphic solution of photographic problem.  (Disestablished and converted to MC, 1 Jul 06.)   

56.  Postal Clerk (PC).  A postal cancellation mark.  (Disestablished and converted to LS, 1 Oct 09.) 

57.  Quartermaster (QM).  A ship's helm.  

58.  Religious/Program  Specialist (RP).  A rose compass, a globe, and an Anchor.

59.  Retail Services Specialist (RS).  Crossed key and quill; stem of key and pen nib down; pen to be upper­most; web and pin of key to the front.  (Rating name changed from Ship's Serviceman (SH), 1 Oct 19).

60.  Special Warfare Operator (SO).  Flintlock pistol superimposed onto an Anchor and trident.

61.  Special Warfare Boat Operator (SB).  Crossed cutlass and cocked flintlock pistol superimposed onto an anchor.

62.  Sonar Technician (ST). Earphones with arrow in horizontal position, point to the front.   

63.  Steelworker (SW).  An I-beam suspended from a hook; open side of hook to the front.

64.  Storekeeper (SK).  Crossed keys, stems down, webs outward.   (Disestablished and converted to LS, 1 Oct 09.)

65.  Torpedoman's Mate (TM).  A torpedo, head to the front.
(Re-established to replace Machinist's Mate, Non-Nuclear, Weapons (Submarines) (MMW), 1 Oct 19.)


66.  Utilities Man (UT).  A valve with flange to the front.

67.  Yeoman (YN).  Crossed quills, nibs down.

1.  Outergarment Insignia
a.  All Weather Coat and Black Relax Fit Jacket On the double-breasted all-weather coat and black relaxed fit jacket, wear regular size metal rank insignia (article 4331.2c) on each epaulet centered from side to side with the bottom edge of the device approximately 3/4 inch from the squared end of the epaulet.  Personnel who qualify for gold service stripes outlined in articles  4232 and 4233 may optionally wear gold chevrons on the epaulets of the black relax fit jacket.

b.  Cold Weather Parka.  Rank insignia may be metal or matching black fabric.  E4-E6 personnel wear the regular size insignia ( article 4331.2c) ce
ntered on the chest rank tab. 

c.  NWU Type III Parka and Black Fleece Liner.  
 E4 through E6 personnel will wear the black cold weather parka (CWP) slip-on rank insignia.  The only exception to this policy is when personnel are actively performing tactical operations requiring the wear of fully camouflaged components.  In such cases, the rank insignia worn will match the color and pattern of the uniform it is attached.  
The NWU Type III rank insignia is embroidered in black thread on fabric matching the NWU camouflage pattern with the exception that the pattern will not contain black pixels, unless otherwise authorized. The CWP rank insignia consists of solid black fabric with color thread (gold, silver, scarlet) denoting the wearers rank.
2.  Service Uniform (SU) InsigniaRate specialty marks (e.g. caduceus, cross quills, ship’s helm, etc.) are not authorized to be worn on the collar of the SU khaki shirt or khaki overblouse.
a.  E2-E3 Personnel wearing the SU Khaki Shirt or female Overblouse wear anodized (highly polished) miniature rank/collar devices as shown in Figure 4227.2a-1.

       E3 Collar Device                 5/8”
     E2 Collar Device                 5/8”
                               Figure 4227.2a-1      
b.  E4-E6 Personnel wearing the male SU Khaki Shirt or female Overblouse will wear anodized (highly polished) miniature rank/collar devices (Figure 4227.2a-2) on both shirt collar points as prescribed below (eagle faces inward).
PO1 Miniature
Collar Device
    PO2 Miniature
  Collar Device
         PO3 Miniature
       Collar Device
  ​Figure 4227.2a-2
c.  PlacementCenter the collar devices 1 inch from the front and lower edges of the collar with the vertical axis of the insignia along an imaginary line bisecting the angle of the collar point.  Eagles face toward the front (inward).  See Figures 4227.2a-3 through 4227.2a-6.


Figure 4227.2a-3
Measurement of PO, E3, and E2 Collar Devices Placement on the Service Uniform

Figure 4227.2a-4
PO Collar Device Placement on the Service Uniform

Figure 4227.2a-5
E3 Collar Device Placement on the Service Uniform

Figure 4227.2a-6
E2 Collar Device Placement on the Service Uniform
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