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4311 - Officer Headgear

SECTION 3 PART 1 Article
1. CAP DEVICE 4311.1
3. CHIN STRAPS 4311.3
4. HEADGEAR 4311.4


1.  Cap Device

a.  Commissioned Officers, Commissioned Warrant Officers, and Warrant Officers.  Consists of two gold crossed fouled anchors with burnished silver shield surmounted by a burnished silver spread eagle facing to wearer's right.  It may be embroidered or made of metal (standard or high relief).  The device is attached to the mount of the combination cap band.  Miniature cap devices have the same design but the overall size is reduced by one-half.

2. Visor Ornamentation

a.  Male and female flag officers' cap visors are covered with dark blue cloth, embroidered with two rows of gold oak leaves and acorns.

 b.  For Captains and Commanders the visor ornamentation is one vice two rows of the same ornamentation as for Flag Officers.

c.  For Officers of the rank of Lieutenant Commander and below the visor is plain.


3.  Chin Straps 
a.  For all commissioned officers and commissioned warrant officers, chin straps shall be ½ inch wide, faced with gold lace, and shall be secured at each side of the cap by a navy eagle, gilt button.
b.  For warrant officers, W-1, chin straps shall be 1/4 inch wide, faced with gold lace, and shall be secured at each side of the cap by a navy eagle, gilt button. 

4.  Headgear 
a.  Combination Cap.  Insignia on combination caps consists of an officer cap device, chin strap, and retaining buttons. An embroidered visor is worn by officers of the rank of Commander and above.
  b.  Garrison Cap.  Insignia on the garrison cap consists of metal collar size grade insignia and miniature cap device.
(1) Miniature Cap Device
(a) Commissioned Officers Commissioned Warrant Officers and Warrant Officers.  Metal insignia officer cap device for combination caps reduced by one-half.


 (2) Position.  Miniature officer cap devices and rank devices, for garrison caps, are worn on the left and right side, respectively. The center of the devices will be 2 inches from the front crease of the garrison cover and 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of the cover as shown in the figure below.

 c.  Navy/Command Ball Cap.  Miniature grade insignia as described in article  4104.5 may be worn on the navy/command ball cap by WO1-O10 Personnel.  Center the device on the front of the ball cap, and 1-1/4 inches above the visor as shown in the figure below.
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