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AvB Program Managers


FAQs for the Aviation Bonus Program 

This page contains information on the Aviation Bonus (AvB) program. AvB is also known as the aviation bonus - not to be confused with Aviation Incentive Pay (AvIP), commonly referred to as "flight pay". (See links on the left side of the screen for more information on AvIP.) Below are links to program information for current and historical Navy (active component) AvB programs. Currently there are two AvB programs in the active component: the Aviation Department Head Retention Bonus (ADHRB) and the Aviation Command Retention Bonus (ACRB). 

FY-24 Aviation Department Head Retention (ADHRB) Program

This program is available to those selected on the FY25 ADHSB. The FY24 ADHRB Early 5/7YR Contract is only available until the FY25 ADHSB results are published. The standard 7, 5, and 3 year contracts are available below. Digital submissions are preferred. Send scanned copies of your signed contract and command endorsement to Ms. Melinda Weeden (PERS-432V) at the email above. The program information document below contains significant information about the contractual obligations you will be obliged to. Review this document and contact your detailer with any additional questions.  You do not 'opt-in' for location incentive.  It is applied post-slate upon check-in to your command.  

Payment expectations: 
1.  If your MSR is complete or you are within one year of your MSR expiring:  Expect one week for manual processing and approval of your contract at PERS-43 followed by and additional two weeks for DFAS to process the payment.
2.  If your MSR is greater than one year:  your payment will be held until you reach the one year prior date to your MSR.

FY-24 ADHRB Program Information
FY-24 ADHRB Contract
ADHRB CO Endorsement Example Template

NFO-to-Pilot (as of Nov 2022)

1.  An NFO-to-Pilot transition officer who has an MSR beyond their DH tour PRD is allowed to apply for the ADHRB during their year of eligibility.  Their contract will be held in abeyance upon contract approval by PERS-432. 
2.  An NFO-to-Pilot transition officer who has an approved ADHRB contract that is being held in abeyance due to their pilot MSR will be paid their first ADHRB installment one year prior to their MSR expiration provided they are currently serving in or successfully completed a DH tour.

FY-23 Aviation Command Retention (ACRB) Program

Key ACRB takeaways:
Two options
o            2 year option - $35k total ($17.5k/year); obligation ending at 21 YCS
o            3 year option - $105k total ($35k/year); obligation ending at 22 YCS
The obligation shall include a full post command commander (PCC) tour and will end at the officer's 21st or 22nd YCS for those who signed a contract on or before 19 YCS or PCC tour projected rotation date (PRD), whichever is later.
Eligibility was widened this year to the following:
From ACSB selection to command seat = 100% approved.
ACRB applicants must be Active Duty unrestricted line aviators with a 1310 or 1320 designator, who screened for command during the Aviation Command Selection Board (ACSB) and must not have completed their aviation command tour.

SITTING CO'S SUBJECT TO ETP; for extra scrutiny - to ensure they haven't started orders negotiation process and/or aware of highwater fitrep tipper!  
Can I ETP to get the $5k difference?
No.  The official guidance for contract renegotiations is from the DOD FMR:
Upon acceptance of the written AvB agreement by the Secretary of the Military Department concerned, the period of obligated service and the total amount of AvB the Department will pay pursuant to the agreement will be fixed, unless otherwise renegotiated for a higher bonus amount in return for additional obligated service.
The three year contracts are the exact same, save the rates.  There is no 'additional obligated service' to provide inside the confines of the contracts. 

FY-23 ACRB Contract 2 Year Option
FY-23 ACRB Contract 3 Year Option
FY-23 ACRB Program Information

AVB (& ACCP) Program Archives

These documents are for historical reference only.  The AvB/ACCP programs listed below are no longer accepting applications.
Any discussion regarding breaching or early termination of a contract should reference the applicable Program Information below.
Per that guidance, PERS-43 is the final adjudicating authority for any alteration; speak with your detailer regarding any ETP request. 

FY-23 ADHRB Program Information

FY-22 ADHRB Program Information

FY-21 ADHRB Program Information
FY-20 ADHRB Program Information
FY-19 ADHRB Program Information

FY-21 ACRB Program Information 
FY-20 ACRB Program Information 
FY-19 ACRB Program Information 

FY-18 AvB Program Information
FY-17 ACCP Program Information
FY-16 ACCP Program Information


AvB/AvIP Program Policy Manager 
LCDR Lindsay "Mandles" McCammond
TAR AvB/AvIP Program Policy Manager 
LCDR Aaron Howell 
AvB Program Execution
Melinda Weeden 


Paul Boundy

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