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Monthly Flight Pay


Be advised: PERS-43/46 does not have access to Enlisted Records and PERS-404 does not have access to Officer Records. 
For Career Enlisted Flight Incentive Pay (CEFIP), please email the PERS-404 coordinator at 



Did your Milestone Rate Drop to Baseline?

This is a known DFAS glitch that is being corrected monthly. Please allow one month for account correction. If your account hasn't been corrected by two months, please reach out to PERS-435A, LT Reyes


Each AvIP rate is associated with a unique accounting code. A LES note with "STOP PAY (XX)" during a month when you are changing pay rates is not indicative that your entire AvIP is suspended, only that the previous pay rate is transitioning to a new one. If you do not see any flight pay associated with this note, contact PERS-435.

High pay transition/recoupment amounts may be associated with an ADVANCE DEBT on your LES. This will initially be processed as a credit under your Entitlements section of your LES to preclude a negative or minimal pay period. If your FLIGHT PAY credit is a negative and is accompanied by an ADVANCE DEBT amount as both an entitlement and deduction, this is an accounting balance function and this is a correct statement. The end result from DFAS is a net zero financial impact. If the ADVANCE DEBT is only a credit or the amount is only a deduction without prior notice, contact PERS-435 for review.

Notes on your LES remarking on the need for a FLIGHT PHYSICAL are auto generated and are not linked to your actual aviation flight physical, medical status, or even necessarily your birth month. You do not need to call NPC or Aviation Medicine regarding these reminders if they do not apply to you. 


Continuous AvIP

Continuous AvIP means that you will receive AvIP entitlements regardless of whether you are on DIFOPS (Duty in a Flying Status Involving Flying) or DIFDEN (Duty in a Flying Status Not Involving Flying) orders. 

131X and 132X aviators will begin their AvIP entitlement effective their official gain in Primary Flight Training. This date will start your Years of Aviation Service or "YAS" counter, not years of active service. Viewing the original 2018 NAVADMIN will display a typo for Years of Active Service. This is incorrect and Years of Aviation Service as cited in the OPNAVINST 7220.18A is the correct measure of your rate changes. All 131X and 132X aviators will start on the BASELINE pay scale and rates will adjust automatically according to your YAS. If you believe your pay rate has not moved up or down accordingly, please review your Aviation Data on your Officer Data Card (ODC) on BOL and contact PERS-435. If your YAS anniversary if within two weeks of the end of the month, expect to be prorated the difference on the following month's LES. 

Note: AVO Officers (737X) have been approved for Continuous AvIP eff April 2022. See N13 Memo, April 2022

The Aviation Career Incentive Pay (ACIP) program is the archived name for the transition to the MILESTONE pay scale that will occur with selection to Aviation DH (OP or OP-T). Once on MILESTONE pay, Active Duty 1310/1320 aviators must continue with selection of the next administrative milestone (Commander Command, Major Command) to stay on MILESTONE pay. (TAR/SELRES see additional notes below). Effective the 1st of the month following the board results release date for a 2x FOS to the next milestone, Active Duty 1310/1320 aviators will be transitioned to the BASELINE pay scale unless they are still in their current milestone billet. Your selection and failure to select for milestone is manually directed by PERS-435 to DFAS after multiple review screenings from your PERS-43 Detailer and Placement teams. Declinations of milestone after PERS-43 deadlines or post-slate issues can complicate this process. Please send us notice if you believe you are being under or overpaid after 60 days following an Aviation Administrative Milestone Screen Board.   


A 131X/132X's Continuous AvIP eligibility for any pay rate must meet two "Flight Gates" through their career. These gates at 12 and 18YAS require a specified MOF (Months of Flying). To receive credit for MOF, an aviator must check-out from a DIFOPS tour after the 16th of any month or check-in to DIFOPS on or before the 15th of any month . You can view your current MOF on your Officer Data Card (ODC) on BOL, Block 28. To view your NSIPS History of Assignments (NSIPS Main > Professional History >History of Assignments) can show you the official gain and loss date for each of your orders. 

12 YAS = 96 MOF Required to continue AvIP entitlements to the 18YAS Gate.
​18 YAS Low = 120 MOF required to continue AvIP entitlements to 22YAS.
18 YAS High = 144 MOF required to continue AvIP entitlements to 25YAS.

Your accumulation of MOF over the course of your Aviation career are validated at 12 and 18YAS this will determine whether you receive continuous AvIP or you need to explore the conditional AvIP route. Your Aviation Career Milestone Progress - starting with selection for DH, will determine whether you receive BASELINE or MILESTONE AvIP. Bottom line: Depending on their MOF at 12, 18, 22 or 25YAS, a 131X/132X has completed their AvIP regardless of their milestone status. These Flight Gates are singular snapshots in time and accumulation of the required MOF at a later date does not place you back on an entitlement. For example, if an aviator has 140 MOF at their 18YAS date, they will only remain on the continuous AvIP program to 22YAS even if they acquire 144 MOF before their 22YAS date. 

Failure of a Flight Gate

If you have failed a Flight Gate and wish to pursue a waiver with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (DASN)(MM&P), see SECNAVINST 7220.88 and utilize the template here to submit your request with PERS-435
You will need a minimum of 72 MOF to be eligible for review and can expect that full adjudication from PERS-43 to DASN will take up to 12 months. 
An officer must submit their request within a 3-year window, up to 1 year before the Gate Failure and no later than 2 years after the same Flight Gate. 


If you believe your Flight Gate failure is an administrative error, review your NSIPS History of Assignments (see MOF discussion above and Gate Waiver Instructions) and all orders for explicit DIFOPS status verbiage; DIFDEN orders do not accumulate MOF. If you still believe your record is in error, submit your NSIPS History of Assignments and copies of any orders you believe are missing from your record/MOF count to PERS-435. PERS-435 cannot adjust your MOF for a past DIFDEN tour that you believe should have been DIFOPS if no ORDMOD was issued. DIFDEN Waivers to Fly do not confer approval for MOF accumulation, IAW CNAF M-3710.7. 

Conditional AvIP

Conditional AvIP is the Flight Pay Program for those 131X/132X aviators who have completed their continuous program or have failed a Flight Gate, and for 210X/230X Aeromedical Officers on DIFOPS Orders. Subject officers are required to be on DIFOPS Orders in a DIFOPS Billet (both requirements must be met).
The process for Conditional AvIP is entirely manual for starts and stops, payments are essentially an advance to the earner, and annual verification is required without exception. 
The Conditional AvIP program, IAW OPNAVINST 7220.18A requires that officers fly 4 hours/mo or 24hrs/6 consecutive months. This is not to be conflated with CNAF M-3710.7 annual minimums. Flying heavy in 2-3months to get 48hrs for a 12mo period will not earn you a year's worth of conditional AvIP.
Additionally, the program does not pro-rate; flying 2.0hrs in 1 month will not earn you half of the entitlement, PERS-435 cannot waive any failure to meet the program requirements. COs are the only waiver authority for all conditional earners and are only authorized to the extent outlined in SECNAVINST 7220.88; inclusion of any other items (i.e. PCS) will not be honored and the earner will face recoupment accordingly.


Bottom Line: the Conditional AvIP program requires consistent flight hours in exchange for consistent flight pay.


A qualifying officer must request to start the entitlement and must manually notify PERS-435 when they are approaching the end of their qualifying tour. All earners on Conditional AvIP will be required to sign an acknowledgement of the policies found in OPNAVINST 7220.18A prior to an entitlement being opened. Moreover, they will be required to validate every dollar that is paid by submitting their documents for each FY (Fiscal year) NLT 31-Dec of the CY (Calendar Year) following the FY they were paid. Earners who depart their DIFOPS tour in the middle of the FY are required to submit their documents concurrent with their departure to prevent overpayment. Earners who are departing one DIFOPS tour for another DIFOPS tour are required to submit their documents concurrent with their departure to provide the appropriate endorsement from their current command.


To start your conditional AvIP entitlement, submit the following to PERS-435:

  • A copy of your Current Up-Chit (DD Form 2992)

  • A Conditional AvIP Start Request Form (signed by you)

  • Stamped orders indicating that you are in a DIFOPS billet

To verify your conditional AvIP earnings, submit the following to PERS-435:

  • A Flight Hour Verification Memo (signed by you)

  • ​A Command Endorsement (from CO or ISIC).

**Do not submit Flight Logs, NAVFLIRs, or any other supporting documentation. The Endorsement is the administrative coverage that these items have been reviewed and were generates as a complete record. Submitting additional items is not necessary and significantly increases the processing time.  Proof-read your submissions.**

Flying and Flight Pay on DIFDEN Orders

Aviators slated to T/M/S Wings or Disassociated tours who are on DIFDEN orders are not eligible for Conditional AvIP entitlements if they have completed or fallen from the Continuous AvIP program. If yyou have the opportunity to fly regularly and wish to receive Conditional AvIP payments, a CNAF approval to fly on DIFDEN orders must be acquired. IAW the guidance from CNAF M-3710.7, approval to fly on DIFDEN will not provide accumulation of MOF and does not automatically relay clearance to receive Flight Pay. Requests to fly on DIFDEN orders must be submitted via your chain of command to COMNAVAIRFOR (N455) and are not processed by PERS-435. 

To start the conditional AvIP entitlement once a DIFDEN waiver is granted, please submit the following to PERS-435:

  • A copy of the approved DIFDEN Waiver from CNAF (submit to CNAF N455, PERS-435 does not process)

  • A copy of your Current Up-Chit (DD Form 2992)

  • A Conditional AvIP Start Request Form (signed by you)

SELRES Mobilized or ADOS Aviators

SELRES Aviators who have been mobilized or are placed on ADOS orders need to contact PERS-435 to have their AvIP started for the duration of their mobilization/activated duty. Officer records do not automatically populate in-full when a SELRES officer is mobilized/gained on ADOS. Please be patient as we coordinate with you, PERS-91, and CNAFR to build complete understanding of your status; it is significantly helpful to package emails completely with your awareness of your current status and any pertinent details. SELRES aviators are still subject to the Flight Gates outlined in OPNAVINST 7220.18A and failure to have met these gates will make a subject SELRES officer beholden to the requirements of the Conditional AvIP program if they wish to receive flight pay.   

To begin the conversation, please see this CNAFR N1B SELRES AvIP Guide and submit the following to PERS-435:


  • A copy of your stamped Mobilization or ADOS Orders

  • A copy of your Current Up-Chit (DD Form 2992) 

  • A copy of your Aviation data record screenshot, retrievable via NSIPS (see guide), and

  • A copy of your NSIPS History of Assignments (NSIPS Main > Professional History > History of Assignments).

PERS-435 has no review access or pay authority over AvIP for SELRES Officers needing to correct their Drill Pay or otherwise not in a mobilized/ADOS status. You will need to work through your command admin, Wing, and/or NOSC for any drill period concerns.  Please contact PERS-435 with the other information you do have and we will help you work from there. If you are having difficulty contacting PERS-911 and are missing your Aviation data record screenshot (commonly referred to as a Flight Gate Letter, but is not a Flight Gate Waiver).


TAR Aviators (formerly FTS)

PERS-46 is your primary POC for all AvIP and AvB related issues, though PERS-435 does support PERS-46 as needed and is also available to answer questions. Please contact your detailer first with questions or concerns.

TAR Aviators are eligible for MILESTONE AvIP rates, subject to adjustment per follow-on administrative screening results, Flight Gate requirements, and medical status changes. Selection for NOSC Command is not the equivalent to Aviation Administrative Screen Board Milestone. If you have recently been selected for TAR and have not yet begun receiving your Milestone AvIP rate, double check that you have >10 years of aviation service by reviewing your Officer Data Card (ODC) on BuPers Online (BOL), Block 27. Ten years from that date is when you can expect to see the pay increase. 

For late Aviation Bonus (AvB) payments (>30DAYS) or questions regarding your AvB contract, please contact your detailer PERS-46C. 


Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer (AEDO) Milestone Pay

AEDOs who have completed their APM are eligible for MILESTONE AvIP rates effective their qualification date. Notification must be routed through the AEDO Detailer to validate your AQD and qualification date. 
Please contact the AEDO/AMDO Deputy Assignment Officer at (301)-200-2496 if you have completed your APM AQD. They can verify your qualification is places on your PERS record correctly and PERS_435 is notified with the appropriate effective date to adjust you to the Milestone AvIP Rate. 
See Helpful links on the side bar for the AEDO AvIP Increase. 


ON RAMP/OFF RAMP is the following:

ON-RAMP to Higher Flight Pay (or, not and):

–Fleet DH screen (must complete DH tour prior to lateral transfer to the 1510 community)
–Acquisition Corp Membership (required to screen for any acquisition command or promotion to O-6)
OFF-RAMP from Higher Flight Pay (or, not and):

–2X FOS for a promotion (subsequent Above Zone selection results in Higher AvIP being reinstated)
–Turning down command (does not encompass "Don't pick me letters" and Higher AvIP will never be reinstated)
–Failure to select for MAJ CMD within 3 years Time-in-Grade as an O-6
*Failure to screen for O-5 command will not remove you from the higher AvIP.


Medical Incapacitation and LIMDU status

Aviation officers who are medically incapacitated will be considered qualified for aviation service unless such incapacitation continues for more than 12 months or at such time that PERS-43, PERS-46 or PERS-91 determines the medical incapacitation to be permanent as recommended by the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute (NAVAEROMEDINST) whichever is earlier. Bottom Line: If you are med down, as prescribed by the flight doc, longer than 12 months then you will be disqualified from aviation service on the first day following a period of 365 days that commences on the date of initial incapacitation. 
If you are in a LIMDU status this does not start your counter. The counter begins when you are officially medically down. 
For additional information, please refer to OPNAVINST 7220.18A. 



Active Duty or SELRES/ADOS Officer Flight Pay questions

AvIP/AvB Program Manager
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TAR AvIP/AvB Officer Flight Pay Questions

LCDR Aaron Howell 

SELRES AvIP Gate Waiver Requests




AvIP Policy Guidance

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